Burleigh Baker opens second venue in Paradise Point

We come bearing baked goods news, which is of course the very best kind. It involves Burleigh Baker, speaking of the very best kind of things and the fact that they now have two Gold Coast venues, so you can eat double the amount of their exceptional baked goods.

As you’ve probably figured out, the newbie can be found on Bruce Avenue in Paradise Point. The outdoor seating area will give you plenty of warming sunshine or you can grab some goodies to go and wander across the road to the waterfront park. Burleigh Baker 2.0 looks pretty similar to the OG version except that the cabinet filled with cakes and sweet treats is bigger, and that is a-okay by us.

On offer are all the same things you can find down south and if you haven’t yet had the chance to visit, allow us to explain what you’ve been missing out on.

Burleigh Baker are magicians when it comes to sourdough, theirs is the best there is hands down and not only is it stocked in their own spaces, but in other venues all across the Coast.

The fermentation process is a minimum of 18 hours and there are MANY flavours of the sourdough loaf you’ll want to try. Our fave is the Olive Sourdough which is only available on Friday’s and Saturday’s and we will fight you for it. There’s also a Pumpkin Sourdough with pieces of roast pumpkin throughout, a Orchard Loaf with figs and dates in there (also amazing), the Burleigh Special which is the original version and a 100% Spelt Sourdough to name a few.

All of them, and yes we’ve tried every single one, is a taste sensation AND not only delicious, the extended fermentation process means it’s good for your gut health too. So guilt-free.

Not only loaves of sourdough though, the team also whip up semi-sourdough croissants (crispy on the outside and soft inside) which are heavenly, custard tarts unlike any you’ve ever tasted and yes, sweet treats too.

Said sweet treats are either made with sourdough or are gluten-free and they are all made with a very reduced amount of sugar. None of them have refined sugar, they’re all made with varieties like coconut and yep, they’re still absolutely incredible. Better in fact, than those laden with sugar.

We’re talking treats like Sticky Date puddings, Chocolate and Beetroot Brownies, Apple Tarts, all of the things.

Not only those though, you can also order warm things like the Burleigh Baker Breaky Bun with egg, bacon, cheese and smoked tomato relish, Free Range eggs cooked your way and a Herb and Cheese Omelette, soup of the day, sandwiches and rolls.

To drink, there is the very good Handsome Coffee, Kombucha, Chai, a variety of teas and orange juices too.

Burleigh Baker also do epic cakes to order, so if you need something special but absolutely cannot make it yourself, get the best in the biz to do it for you.

So it’s pretty much the best place ever. Get on up there to try it all for yourself. And yes, we mean all of it.

LOCATION: 6 Bruce Avenue, Paradise Point

Words and photos by Kirra Smith


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