The 10 best things to do at the Gold Coast Show

For a whopping 113 years the Gold Coast Show has been a favourite local event.

From traditional wood chopping to prize cattle, there are plenty of reasons to head the show from August 30th to September 1st but, in the interest of keeping things short and sweet, here are the top 10.

Camel rides
If you have yet to experience the absolutely hilarious thrill that is riding a camel, you’ve been missing out. But miss out no longer because you can now do exactly that at the Gold Coast Show. On the beach no less. How good.

Go on rides all day long
Guys, all day rides. HELLO. Spend the day on as many spinning, dropping and stomach curdling rides as you like, what could be better? Hot tip: don’t eat show food before said stomach curdling rides.

Buy all the showbags
One of the highlights of childhood was undoubtedly choosing a showbag (or five) from the great hall of goodies and participating in a mass sugar high. As is the case with many of the best things in the world (wine), showbags have only improved with age so get in early to nab the best ones.

Container Bar and Rooftop
Because it’s got beer and wine, what more do you need. Maybe after you’ve tested out the rides though.

Watch the pig racing
They may not be fast, but they sure are cute, especially when the little squealers are racing through an obstacle course. Thanks to Noah’s Farm, all proceeds raised will go to Variety.

Eat tasty foods
There’s a HUGE array of food on offer at the show every year but 2019 has upped it’s game. There’s pulled pork burgers and crazy doughnuts to name a few. Arrive hungry.

Try your luck at sideshow alley
You haven’t visited the show unless you’ve attempted to throw a ball into the mouth of a clown to win a giant stuffed toy you definitely don’t need. There’s even more games to try this year so make sure you schedule enough time to try them all.

Marvel at the fireworks
No celebration is complete without them. Watch as the night sky is lit up with one of the Gold Coast’s most impressive firework displays of the year.

Keep an eye out for deep fried lasagne
So word on the street is, there was a competition for best deep fried foods and the prize was the opportunity to sell at the show. The winner, amongst MANY worthy contenders was good old deep fried lasagne (on a stick no less). Let us know how that goes.

Alpacas display
Hilarious little creatures Alpacas aren’t they. Not usually seen so much around these parts but on display for you to ogle over the show weekend. Cute.



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