The very best time of year is almost upon us and that time is called summer holidays. Think bulk sunshine, frosty cold beverages and days spent in as many far flung places as one can possibly fit into their schedule. Bring. It. On.

With that exciting news, we bring you something to make your summer holidays even brighter (seems tough but bear with us).

What if, instead of probably-smudged-lens iPhone holiday photos with far too much sun glare, you could have a professional photographer follow you around for a while taking absolute bomb snaps of you and your family (slash pals)?

SURPRISE you can thanks to a Gold Coast business we (and they) like to call Travelshoot. The absolute geniuses who came up with the idea have collated photographers around the world so we fine folks can frock up in our finest and pretend we always look very stylish, clean and carefree on holidays.

Genius see.

The best part is, besides getting epic holiday photos of course, all you need to do is show up looking smokin’ and the photographer will do the rest.

Oh wait, the other best part is, if you’re travelling solo (DO IT) they’re pretty much your built in Insta-boyfriend except happy to follow you around taking copious snaps with zero complaining.

How it works is that you, the holiday-goer, plans an epic adventure, then you contact Travelshoot to let them know the city in which you want photos taken and they connect you to a photographer who fits the brief. You meet the pro snapper at the prettiest location/s around and they take relaxed, beautiful pics of you that you get to admire for the rest of your days.

Good deal no?

Of course, the Travelshoot crew knows all the best looking locations across the world so whether you’re after shots in front of famous landmarks or you simply want some local-style snaps; they’ve got you covered. However, you may also liaise with them if you’ve got somewhere specific in mind.

Perhaps you’d like an early morning shoot under the Eiffel Tower or at a local a café sipping café lattes and nibbling croissants. Who doesn’t right? It can definitely be done.

If you’re with other people, you can have some images with them and a few solo ones if you wish too (which you do because, Instagram).


We recommend getting your hair and makeup done beforehand if that’s possible for you and coordinate your outfits with your crew so there are no activewear and black tie combos.

The photographers are pros so you’ll feel super comfortable and they are obviously locals too so for the time you’re together you can pick their brains about local eats, bars and any unique spots you may not have thought of visiting. Winning.

Packages start from one location, one hour and 20 edited photos then there’s two hours, three locations and 50 edited photos and four hours, four locations and 70 edited photos. The more the merrier we say (Insta-content for six months – yes we’re obsessed).

ALSO because you’re an avid reader of Inside Gold Coast, we’ve got a treat. Use the code VIPINSIDEGC for $100 off your shoot.

What are you waiting for, go book right now!

Words by Kirra Smith



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