Palmy is the talk of the town at the moment with stunning new spots popping open left, right and centre, much to the delight of hungry locals.

The latest love of our lives comes in the form of Highline, a sweet little café that opened recently in part of the space Barefoot Barista once called home.

It’s a compact venue all bright whites, a pretty peach feature wall and absolutely oozing good vibes, all overlooking Palm Beach Ave and just a short stroll to the golden sands of Palmy’s stretch of shore.

Inside, there are a few tables you can perch upon, watching the extremely talented baristas do their thing with Marvell St coffee (out of Byron Bay) and with vintage photographs depicting local Gold Coast scenes overhead or, choose a table outside and watch the laidback world of Palm Beach pass you by.

The vibe of Highline is one of the most delightful we’ve come across in awhile; those delivering your brewed-to-perfection cuppa are stoked to be there (unsurprisingly) and the colours of the space combined with the also quite chuffed clientele make for a really enjoyable time. Big fans.

The idea behind the fitout was to create somewhat of a mid-century feel reminiscent of local beach shacks from the 50s and 60s but with a modern spin and they have absolutely nailed it right down to the font of the Highline logo. It’s the work of Tim Casagrande and his wife Candice and if we didn’t already live in Palmy, we’d move to Palmy for this one.


The menu is all spray free and locally sourced and it’s simple, fresh food at it’s absolute finest.

We would (and did) opt for the Nourish Bowl, which is filled with cauliflower fritters, lentils, quinoa, cashew, ferments and greens and it’s both extremely delicious and it makes your insides feel lovely.

There’s also a jaffle that’ll change your life because inside there is Japanese pork curry and mozzarella and guys, do yourselves a favour.

Everything on the menu looks and tastes incredible so one visit simply will not suffice.

Highline is the low key, high vibe venue Palmy has been craving and we are all about it.

Summer never looked so sweet.

LOCATION: Shop 5, 1132 Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach
HOURS: Open daily from 6am until 2pm

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.



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