Bondi Grill’e

Burleigh Heads is where it’s at this summer Gold Coasters with brand new eateries popping up in every spare inch of space and even more to come over the next few weeks.

The latest to hit the streets is Bondi Grill’e, fresh out of Coolangatta, and into our lives. The sleek new venue can be found underneath Ambience Burleigh and just down the way from Oh My, Waffle.

The newbie boasts a menu primarily focused on perfectly cooked meats that are a fusion of South African and modern Australian flavours, perfectly home in a moody, low-lit space dotted with a few select pieces of artwork and an industrial-style aesthetic.

There are tables both inside and out so you can choose from an intimate and a bulk people watching vibe and we particularly love the bench-style seating running along the side wall. It’s a sweet shade of olive green and the seats themselves are those old school steel folding kind of ones your Nan used to whip out at parties back in the day, bringing Bondi Grill’e both a sense of nostalgia and the cool, old-school vibe we dig.

As mentioned, the menu is packed full of tasty (m)eats with all your classic steakhouse faves including steaks, ribs and salads absolutely made to perfection.

In terms of ribs you may choose from beef, lamb or pork and these are all (of course) slow cooked and basted in a secret sauce (that will blow your mind) and served with chips or potatoes.

The menus’ steaks are the finest cuts of Australian prime beef around and are also basted in a secret sauce that we hope to somehow steal the recipe for someday. Don’t tell them that.

Of course there are chicken (the Portuguese is a winner) and seafood options and a stack of sides you won’t want to pass up.

We alluded to Coolangatta earlier and that is because the Bondi Grill’e dream began down south with a slightly more casual version that’s absolutely adored by locals.

The main difference between the two is that Burleigh boasts a share plate menu in case (and we know it is) that is your dining style of choice.

Options include Pork Belly that is slow roasted and served with roasted onion, dry grapes, toasted almonds, carrot puree and red wine jus (which is to die for) and a Pumpkin Salad that’ll tickle your tastebuds. There’s also a Charcuterie Board stacked with a selection of incredible dried meats, pickled vegetables and chutney. Oh how we adore you chutney.

The wine and cocktail menus are perfectly curated to match the food and we predict many an eve spent with loved ones at this classy space.

Bondi Grill’e 2.0 (and 1.0 for that matter) is the work of a few good folks who were set to open the store in another Burleigh space (where Mr Hizola’s now lives) about a year ago but circumstances beyond their control stopped it from happening.

In the spirit of never giving up though, the team finally made it a goer and we are certainly stoked they did. Pop down and give them some love, you might just discover your new favourite eating establishment.



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