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The Loft

Paddock Bakery's new indoor space. 

Paddock Bakery could well be the best thing that’s ever happened to the Gold Coast. Next level sweet treats, dippy eggs and a farmhouse-style, garden wonderland are just a few of the delights that ensure lines out the door and squeals of joy when eyes alight upon the donut cabinet (love you Gaytime guy).

Excitingly, you now get to spend even more time at your favourite local destination thanks to the opening of The Loft – an event and wet weather dining space decked out with exactly as much perfection as you’d expect.

Ever wondered what could be found up those stairs in the second building onsite? Previously it was someone’s residence (imagine living next door to the donuts) and now, you guessed it, it’s The Loft. An intimate space filled with hand selected antique furniture and statement pieces bound to incite a hectic rush for event bookings.

Antique chairs were made in Hungary and shipped in from France, a set of alchemist drawers still holds labels from potions concocted long ago and a 19th century clock from a tower in rural France takes pride of place. Hand selected sheets of marble were cut specifically for each table and wide windows open to a thick canopy of trees within arms reach. It’s a little bit magical guys.

The Loft was dreamed up and brought into reality by Chloe Watts, sister of Paddock Bakery creators Ben and Ursula Watts. Chloe recently returned from London to take over from her siblings, who are now concentrating their absolutely ridiculous treat creation expertise on sister venue Bam Bam Bakehouse (and a little secret project they have in the works).

The Loft was years in the making with the family always intending to expand on the bakery by bringing the 1950s built factory building back to life.

In other news, a milk bar is set to open up in the garden area underneath The Loft, bringing you milkshakes and smoothies that you know are going to rival anything you’ve ever slurped before.

Thanksgiving has been and gone but let us all take a moment to be grateful for the happiness the Paddock Bakery crew have brought to our lives.

LOCATION: 20 Hibiscus Haven, Miami
HOURS: 6.30am to 3pm daily

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.

Doughnut vs Donut


Doughnut Day Friday June 3, 2016

On the first Friday of June every year we celebrate National Doughnut Day, hands down our favourite holiday. Not that we need an excuse, but who doesn’t love to over-indulge in doughnuts? But what is National Doughnut Day, and why are we celebrating it (besides the obvious reasons)?

National Doughnut Day was created by The Salvation Army during the Great Depression in 1938 to honour the women (also known as Dough Lassies) who volunteered in serving doughnuts to soldiers in World War I and to help raise funds for the needy. Since then, doughnuts have come a long way and are to this day a crowd-pleaser and morale booster.

To make sure you get your doughnut fix this Friday here is our top ten list of best doughnuts on the Gold Coast:

1.     Paddock Bakery, Burleigh Heads

When you think of Paddock Bakery, doughnuts will cross your mind at some point. No wonder why, they definitely make some of the best doughnuts on the Coast!

This Friday make your way over to Paddock Bakery located in Burleigh Heads and choose between baby Nutella bots (tiny doughnuts filled with Nutella), vanilla malt milkshake doughnuts or their signature doughnut filled with salted caramel and topped with a pretzel cookie crumble!

2.     Blackboard Coffee, Varsity Lakes

The guys at Blackboard Coffee got behind the doughnut craze early on in the game and brought us the injectable doughnut, a syringe filled with a delicious salted caramel sauce stuck in a doughnut – yum! And the best thing about it? You get to inject the gooey caramel sauce yourself. But be warned, they usually sell out early in the day!

3.     Doughnut Time, Mermaid Beach/ Surfers Paradise

It’s always a good time for doughnuts and it would be a crime not to visit one of the Doughnut Time stores this Friday.

Doughnut Time specialise in hand-dipped doughnuts created in small batches for a big following.

This Friday only Doughnut Time will make it rain golden doughnuts with their limited edition ‘Gold Digger’.

Go check out their website for further Doughnut Day promotions.

4.     Lush Coffee Lounge, Mermaid Beach

Lush Coffee Lounge, adjacent to Lush Hair and Beauty in Mermaid Beach, has great coffee and most importantly, fresh donuts!

Have a doughnut topped with sweet butter cream icing and choose between toppings like smarties, caramel popcorn, Oreos and Malteser. Just to name a few… The perfect treat for Doughnut Day, however, is their ‘Doughnut Paddle’, THREE doughnuts of your choice and a large coffee for only $15!

5.     All-Time Coffee Co., Mermaid Beach

This little gem, tucked away along the Gold Coast Highway in Mermaid Beach, is every vegan’s paradise. Make it a thing this Doughnut Day and go visit Elle and Ben for some VEGAN Doughnuts like the Nutella doughnut, a vegan alternative to Nutella, the Fairy bread doughnut or *drumroll* the Tiramisu doughnut, a fried dough ball with a layer of espresso infused chocolate in the middle then topped with creamy frosting and cocoa!!

All-Time Coffee Co. is open daily from 6am but doughnuts usually sell out way before lunchtime. Check out their Instagram to stay up to date with their newest creations!

6.     Skull and Bones, Mermaid Beach

It  really seems like Mermaid Beach is doughnut heaven and to make your decision even harder we introduce you to Skull and Bones’ take on the humble doughnut – bronut , a mix between a brioche and a doughnut. Those scrumptious treats are filled with a variety of different fillings like Nutella or caramel.

Our recommendation, however, is the Bronut Sundae, a fluffy bronut filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with Nutella, a must try this Doughnut Day!!

Skull And Bones is open for you Mo-Fr 6am to 3pm and Sundays 7am – 2pm.

7.     Gluten Free Donuts, local markets

The guys from Gluten Free Donuts started off at the farmers markets in Palm Beach every Saturday, with delicious gluten free donuts and can now be found at most Gold Coast markets like the Village Markets in Burleigh Heads every second Sunday and Miami Marketta every Friday. There is no more excuse to not indulge in some fried fluffy doughnuts!

8.     Krispy Kreme, Pacific Fair

It’s fairly safe to say that anyone who loves doughnuts had a Krispy Kreme before, after all, they are the top dogs amongst the doughnuts. To celebrate International Doughnut Day in style, Krispy Kreme Pacific fair is giving away one free original glazed doughnut to everyone who comes in store on the day! Yes, you heard right FREE Doughnuts! Do-nut be late, they’re only available until stocks last.

9.     Spanish Doughnuts, Surfers Paradise

Spanish Doughnut a.k.a churros may look slightly different than the traditional doughnut but taste just as good (if not better!). All churros are made to order, using 100% Australian made products, proudly supporting local produce and suppliers. No preservatives, artificial colour or sweeteners are added.

Even customers with Halal or restricted diets are safely able to enjoy a delicious churro snack!

Fresh is best – viva! Spanish Doughnuts.

10.  Providore, Marina Mirage

The team at Providore Marina Mirage have won best breakfast on the Gold Coast for the second year in a row and we like to think that their mouth-watering selection of freshly baked doughnuts is the reason why. The deli is stocked with fresh pastries baked onsite daily including Nutella filled cronuts, a mix between a croissant and a doughnut, the original doughnut and twisted doughnuts.

If you call yourself a true doughnut lover then celebrate Doughnut Day at Providore Marina Mirage this Friday open from 7am.

Byron Coathup

Byron Coathup is a passionate Cooly artist who has lived in the southern beachside suburb most of his life. 

His colourful portfolio boasts the likes of Bleach* Festival, the creation of a local community arts space and a recent collaboration with Gold Coast fashion label The Undercurrent.

We chat with Byron about his love for Coolangatta and the exciting international project he’s got in the works.

How did you get to where you are today?

I have no idea! I just started out knowing I wanted to be an artist.  I think if you believe you are something you’ll become whatever you believe. You tend to attract the right people and projects when you have that seed implanted.

I studied at Gold Coast Queensland College of Art and did a short city stint in Melbourne studying design at RMIT. Upon my return home to Coolangatta I started working with Bleach* Festival from its very first year.

I think as long as you’re dedicated to learning and updating your skills and mindset you will get somewhere you want to be.  I do still have a long way to go though.

You co-own and curate an arts space, Maverick Hair and Art in Coolangatta, how did that come about?

My partner, Hayley and I just dreamt it up one day after a night out on the town. We both wanted to run our own lives and work for ourselves.  We sat out the front of a rundown Art Deco style shop on McLean Street and just closed our eyes and believed we would move into that very shop.  Three months later it was still available so we faced our fears and opened shop!

It’s now been running for four years and we just moved to a much large premise up the road. It feels so good! From our first inception we have had this idea of it being a ‘community space’ where anyone can come and just expand their true selves – become their inner maverick.

I always think of it like this: everyone has hair and everyone always needs to get the odd chop so why not make this transformation more exciting.  We have a really supportive clientele.

What will people see when they visit the space?

We have a loft style shop that looks over Coolangatta’s main street.  The front half of the shop is our hair salon and the back half is the Art Space.  You’ll find a new art exhibition on here every three weeks. We also sell awesome alternative art books and design wares that you won’t find anywhere else on the Gold Coast.

What do you love most about the local arts scene?

We are all connected in some weird way or another.  Everyone just hangs out and we are all quite close knit.  There is always room for improvement and we are always reinventing ourselves consistently.

The Gold Coast is now the 6th largest city in Australia! That’s huge! I still wonder why we only have a small arts scene still but we are growing!  I feel it has something to do with our parallel design of the city – we have to jump on the Gold Coast Highway and head north or south.  It’s a one-way strip and we all drive A LOT to get to each others events, happenings and exhibitions.

I just love that even though its not the easiest city to get around, everyone still turns up and supports each other. That’s the main thing; we have to keep turning up and keeping the vibe alive!

How have you seen it grow since you’ve been involved? 

We have a killer bunch of emerging artists coming out of the woodwork now.  These kids are our future and they will go on to do even better things than we are accomplishing now.

I can see way more opportunities arising down the track for both generations. I think we are at a stage where we are generating our identity and mapping our culture while other cities are watching.

The next decade is just going to be full tilt and I think it’s our duty to support those younger artists by providing them with opportunities and space to exhibit work and make art.

What else are you working on at the moment?

A collaborative project I dubbed, Super Souvenir. It’s an informative website and collaboration with local artists and craft businesses designing quirky souvenir products in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games. I’m also hoping to travel to Miami (Florida) in July for a project and exhibition I am working on with Rebecca Ross from The Walls Art Space in Miami.

It’s an inaugural international exchange called MIAMI/MIAMI and will initiate a new collaboration between myself and artist-run space ‘Dimensions Variable’, from the US Miami. Aside from this, I will continue to run and curate a great bunch of exhibitions and events at Maverick Hair & Art Space for the rest of the year! My mind never settles.

Tell us about your collaboration with the Coast’s new fashion label The Undercurrent?

Exciting stuff really.  I am really into souvenirs and the Gold Coast should have a really great range.  We have a huge history and tradition of souvenirs and it’s best not to see them as a ‘corny’ and ‘tacky’ tourist purchases but for locals to start to wear such designs with pride.

We are proud to be Gold Coasters and we have a lot of potential to map each suburb with its individual style and feel.

My t-shirt design for Coolangatta is a collection of heroic iconography that I have drawn to best create an image of how I see this town.  We are essentially a small surf town that thankfully still hasn’t been over taken by the northern urban sprawl.

It’s quiet and humbling to live here inside a fibro surf shack with amazing beaches and waves right there!  We have heaps of beautiful Norfolk Pines lining the beaches and the odd humorous Brush Turkey kicking by.

It’s the original ‘Old’ Gold Coast and I hope it stays that way!

10 Gold Coast spots to get your Nutella fix

Nutella Bots, Paddock Bakery (image supplied)
Nutella Bots, Paddock Bakery (image supplied)

Indulging in the gooey, nutty godsend that is Nutella is a guilty pleasure that knows no bounds. Fortunately for Gold Coasters, there’s no shortage of spots across our sunny shores offering tantalising Nutella treats to satisfy those sweet cravings.

There’s no denying the joy it brings to enthusiasts, so here are 10 spots offering delectable Nutella creations (listed North to South).

D Point 10 –  Nutella Doughnut
The Nutella Doughnuts (filled with lashings of the good stuff) are some the very best things in the entire world and you (and should) can eat them by the dozen at D Point 10. So soft, so fluffy, so great.
Where: 201 Varsity Parade, Varsity Lakes

Rosé Gelateria
In addition to serving up delicious gelato this pastel-infused beauty is a veritable fountain (literally) of nutella goodness. They have Nutella Cheesecake Dessert Jars, Nutella stuffed Cinnamon Cruffins, Nutella Shakes and the pièce de résistance, Nutella on tap! You are guaranteed to walk out of here in a sugar coma.
Where: Sanctuary Cove, Shop/39A Masthead Way, Hope Island and Shop 6/19-21 Tedder Ave, Main Beach.

Nutella drizzle on Nutella Gelato, Rosé Gelateria (image supplied)
Nutella on Nutella, Rosé Gelateria (image supplied)

Cheeky Waffles
The naughtiest kid on the block, Cheeky Waffles offer a nutella “love injection” into their genitalia-themed desserts. Perfect for those who like their waffles extra saucy! 
Where: 3189 Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise

Paradox Coffee Roasters – Iced Nuttellate
So it’s an Iced Latte but with Nutella which, as far as we’re concerned, makes it one of the best things in the world. Need we say more.
Where: The 4217, 7/10 Beach Road, Surfers Paradise

Iced Nuttellate, Paradox Coffee Roasters (image supplied)
Iced Nuttellate, Paradox Coffee Roasters (image supplied)

Elk Espresso –  Nutella Thick Shake
Elk Espresso are famous for their insane Nutella Thick Shake, which is one of the most delicious things you’ll ever taste. Maybe order two.
Where: Shop G044, Oasis Shopping Centre, 12 Victoria Ave, Broadbeach

Two Tone Hollywood cheesecake, Joe's Deli (image supplied)
Two Tone Hollywood cheesecake, Joe's Deli (image supplied)

Joe’s Deli – Two Tone Hollywood cheesecake
This traditional Italian style deli is known for its killer sandwiches, but its sweets are equally spesh. Next time you’re shopping up a storm at Pac Fair refuel with a slice of Joe’s Famous Two Tone Hollywood cheesecake. This is a true crowd-pleaser, served with a decadent drizzle of liquid Nutella and a perfectly torched marshmallow brulee topping.
Where: Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, Hooker Boulevard, Broadbeach

Bam Bam Bakehouse's Nutella Cruffin (image supplied)
Bam Bam Bakehouse's Nutella Cruffin (image supplied)

Bam Bam Bakehouse – Nutella Cronuts
Bam Bam’s Nutella Cronuts are the best way to start every day. The nutty spread is wrapped up in a soft buttery and sugar-coated flaky croissant dough and honestly who even needs an explanation, just go eat some.
Where: 2519 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach

Paddock Bakery Milk bar (image supplied)
Paddock Bakery Milk bar including the Coco Pops Milkshake (image supplied)

Paddock Bakery – Nutella Bots & Coco Pops Milkshake
Paddock is the queen of OTT sweet treats but we just can’t go past their sweet little Nutella Bots. Lashings of Nutella inside their soft sourdhou cinnamon doughnuts. Bite-size and so very excellent. If you prefer your Nutella in liquid form order a Coco Pops Milkshake and thank us later. Coco Pop flavoured milk finished with Nutella & fresh Coco Pops – crack it & let the fun begin!
Where: Hibiscus Haven, Miami

Oreogazm. Image supplied by Ze Pickle
Oreogazm. Image supplied by Ze Pickle

Ze Pickle – Oreogazm
Deep fried Oreos in doughnut batter with ice cream and Nutella drizzled on top. The dream.
Where: 1/37 Connor Street, Burleigh Heads

Double Choc Brownie Cookie, Custard Canteen (image supplied)
Double Choc Brownie Cookie, Custard Canteen (image supplied)

Custard Canteen – Double Choc Brownie Cookie
Chunks of epic choc brownie, Lindt milk and dark chocolates, topped with Nutella. Is it hyperbole to call a cookie life-changing?
Where: 1525 Gold Coast Hwy, Tallebudgera Creek

Words by Belinda Symons

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