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A dessert shop thinking outside the ‘box’

Open your mind and your mouth at Cheeky Waffles

Sugar Daddy, Cheeky Waffles, Surfers Paradise (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
Sugar Daddy, Cheeky Waffles, Surfers Paradise (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

Ok let’s start this piece with a disclaimer to our dads; just sorry. And to everyone else, you’re welcome, coz this brand spanking new dessert shop gets a hard yes from us! Encouraging the GC community to open our minds and our mouths, the aptly named Cheeky Waffles invites one and all to get off (their backsides), strap-on (a smile), and enter a whole new world of naughty nosh.

The bold name is just the tip of the iceberg here, treating both the taste buds and the eyeballs to a spread of finger-licking-good genitalia-themed desserts. Pumping out the goods from its Surfers Paradise digs, Cheeky Waffles is set to become a firm fave for locals and visitors alike, and we’re srsly suckers for its stick, ah, schtick.

Amanda Machado and Joshua Luna, Cheeky Waffles, Surfers Paradise (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
Amanda Machado and Joshua Luna, Cheeky Waffles, Surfers Paradise (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

So, what’s the back-story you ask and here’s the long and the short of it.

Cheeky Waffles is a boner fide stroke of genius from founders (and lovers) Amanda Machado and Joshua Luna. Amanda, a Brazilian bae with an infectious smile and her pastry pro partner Joshua, came up with the juicy concept during quarantine in 2020.

Determined not to let Covid shaft their dream, one year later this dynamic duo set about erecting their first shop in Brisbane. With a passion for decadent desserts and a desire to thrust sexual wellness, inclusion, and acceptance into the spotlight, the Cheeky Waffles concept was a hit.

Cheeky Waffles, Surfers Paradise (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
Cheeky Waffles, Surfers Paradise (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

Growing rapidly thanks to word of mouth, they smashed it out of the park in BrisVegas and decided to open a second takeaway shop here on the GC.

Being the heart of an ever-evolving city and home to unique culinary experiences, culture and art, fun, and adrenalin-fueled adventures, it was a natural fit for their waffles…and saucy, spunky swagger.

Cheeky Waffles, Surfers Paradise (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
Cheeky Waffles, Surfers Paradise (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

The multi-talented Joshua is also the Head Chef cum Interior Designer and dads if you’re still there, that IS how it’s spelt in this context #HowCouldWeResist?! With lots of pink (obvs), neon lighting, cute accents, and some token naughty merch, it’s everything you’d want from a pecker and cha-cha slinging waffle house.

Created using only the very highest quality ingredients, we have big love for the goodies they put out. Plus they don’t source their chocolates from any Tom, Dick or Harry, but from the finest chocolatiers in Belgium guaranteeing an orgasmic flavour.

Cheeky Waffles, Surfers Paradise (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
Cheeky Waffles, Surfers Paradise (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

First base is picking your private part; a budgie smuggler (minus the smuggler…) or a lady garden, and we are equal parts giggly and impressed by the attention to life-like detail. Then, choose your waffle from milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel, strawberry, or rainbow coz k’noath #LoveIsLove.

Next, said waffle will be dipped in smooth, wet chocolate before the climax; your choice of topping for the ultimate happy ending.

And, because they know people like to watch, Amanda and Josh encourage you to film your Cheeky Waffle experience and bonus, it’s a guaranteed ‘like’ generator on your socials #UltimateFoodPorn.

Cheeky Waffles, Surfers Paradise (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
Cheeky Waffles, Surfers Paradise (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

Collaborating with like-minded brands and events sharing their vision of an equal and empowered society, this is certainly a concept we can all get behind. From the absolutely d-lish signature waffles to the equally popular dick shots, you honestly can’t help but love the energy, originality and fun factor of Cheeky Waffles.

And LBH, Amanda and Josh had some serious, well, balls, bringing their vision to reality #respect. So stimulate your senses and swing in for a nibble and lots of laughs. It’s the full package.

Where: 3189 Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise
When: 10am – 10pm Monday to Thursday, 10am – late Friday & Saturday, 10am – 10pm Sunday

Words by Bianca Trathen.
Images by Brittany Kreskas.

Exterior shot of Cheeky Waffles, Surfers Paradise (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
Exterior shot of Cheeky Waffles, Surfers Paradise (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

15 irresistible Gold Coast chocolate desserts

Ze Pickle's dessert selection including the Twix Tacos (image supplied)
Ze Pickle's dessert selection including the Twix Tacos (image supplied)

There is one word that sends 99.9% of us to our happy place and for once, we’re not talking about wine or cocktails. We’re referring to that other guilty pleasure that unites us all….chocolate! It may be enemy #1 to our waistline but whatevs, it’s so good that most of us are happy to have a little more junk in our trunk if it means we can indulge, like, daily.

Because we want it for brekky, lunch and dinner, we’ve put together a list of the most drool-worthy choco dishes on the GC. There are 15 so that means you have 2 weeks and 1 days’ worth of your choccy hit sorted. If you cap yourself to one indulgence per day – but honestly that’s conservative. No judgement here!

Custard Canteen
A few sandy footsteps from Tally Creek, Custard Canteen – little sis of Bam Bam Bakehouse and Cubby Bakehouse – whips up pastry goodies like a boss. Their cookie cakes are legend-ary and let’s talk about the Quad Choc Cookie because mind=blown. When you pull apart this bad boy you’ll have heavenly choccy goodness oozing here there and everywhere – just the way it should be.
Where: Tallebudgera Recreation Centre, Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach

Quad Choc Cookie, Custard Canteen (image supplied)
Quad Choc Cookie, Custard Canteen (image supplied)

San Churro
Ahh Churros, a little slice of heaven…or Spain, but kinda the same thing. Sun Churro offer nine dip-cup sauces to keep you coming back again and again (which we do), but we’re going all-out and ordering a Choc Strawberry Churro Sundae with chocolate ice cream, chocolate fudge and strawberries drizzled in chocolate, topped with churros, choc whipped cream and choc curls.
Where: Biggera Waters or Surfers Paradise

Cowch is conveniently located in Broadbeach’s The Oracle Boulevard so that we swing in and eat our feelings. Get stuck into a Fudge Nut Sundae Bowl with chocolate, caramelised condensed milk (ohmygawd), and cookies & cream gelato, served on fudge sauce-soaked brownie pieces, topped with peanuts, whipped cream and dark chocolate sauce. We’re speechless.
Where: 1 Oracle Boulevard, Broadbeach

Fudge Nut Sundae Bowl, Cowch Dessert & Cocktail Bar (image supplied)
Fudge Nut Sundae Bowl, Cowch Dessert & Cocktail Bar (image supplied)

Poppy’s Chocolate Robina
When you’re wandering around The Kitchens at Robina, don’t tell us you haven’t picked up a little somethin-somethin from Poppy’s coz we know better. With chocolates and truffles galore, chocolate bark, rocky road (our pick – it’s all-time) and even humble chocolate buttons (we’re getting all nostalgic), the lovely Lynda has you covered. Fun fact: Lynda was even nominated for a Mumpreneur Award last year. Another local done good!
Where: The Kitchens, Ground Level, Shop 4252, Robina Town Centre Dr, Robina

Little Cocoa
Chocolatier extraordinaire Alicia knows her chocolate, and GC chocco superfans can’t get enough. If you’re after a gift or some seriously crowd-pleasing wedding favours, there are options galore guaranteed to please even the finest connoisseur. Her signature product is the Chocolate Pralines, fine shells of chocolate encasing soft and textured fillings like caramels and ganaches. It’s death by chocolate for us.
Where: 7/10 Bailey Cres, Southport

Little Cocoa (image supplied)
Little Cocoa (image supplied)

Ze Pickle
So imagine if Twix Tacos existed with 2 deep fried Twix bars in a red velvet pancake taco with icecream, brownie salsa and shaved milky bar. Umm they do, and you can wrap your laughing gear around them at Ze Pickle. Famous for its bangin burgers, founding trio Nathan, Aaron and JD do the sweet end of the scale just as masterfully – and originally – as the savoury stuff.
Where: 1/37 Connor St, Burleigh Heads

Paddock Bakery
I mean, who doesn’t heart this place right? With seating in their cottage, garden, rooftop, loft and barn, Paddock is a GC institution. From the milkbar, order a frozen hot chocolate, made with five different types of choc, blended with ice and topped with Nutella, vanilla bean cream and Paddock brownie pieces. Why not pair it with a Raw Snickers Slice and guarantee a chocolate hangover (worth it).
Where: 20 Hibiscus Haven, Burleigh Heads

Paddock Bakery Milk bar (image supplied)
Paddock Bakery Milk bar including the Coco Pops Milkshake (image supplied)

Kylie’s Cupcakery
Kylie’s amazing themed cakes (girlfriend got some skills) and cupcakes are seriously all-time! Her signature black chocolate cupcakes will knock your socks off and with the option to request any theme within reason, you know where to go next when you’re catering for a party. Her pull-apart cakes are something special and your kiddos will go bonkers for anything from this place. Just yes!
Where: 56 Nerang St, Nerang

Rosé Gelateria
This place is as delicious to look at as its sweet goodies are to devour. From the beautifully self-branded bottled Nuttellattes to their to-die-for baked treats, coffee and locally made artisan goods, we give it a big thumbs up. With gram-worthy charm from pillar to post, choose from a mouth-watering array of 24 gelato flavours and we’re going with the choc hazelnut. Mmmm.
Where: Sanctuary Cove Marine Village, Shop/39A Masthead Way, Hope Island

The Caramilk Doughnut, D Point 10, Varsity Lakes (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)
The Caramilk Doughnut, D Point 10, Varsity Lakes (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)

D Point Ten
Doughnuts….oh how we love thee! These circles of fried yumminess never fail to a put a smile on our dials and D Point Ten has upped the game. There’s something here for everyone (good luck choosing….) but for the chocoholics among us (hi), let’s go a Reese’s Donut. Or wait, maybe a Gaytime Donut (what a pairing!). Or perhaps a Caramilk?! Oh bugger it, we’re ordering them all.
Where: Southport, Broadbeach, Varsity LakesHope Island

Waffle & Bean Dessert Bar and Patisserie
It’s a new local fave and we can see (and taste) precisely why! Chocolate lovers, you can get your fix and then some, starting with their new Donut Cakes stuffed with Nutella. For those who prefer a gluten free, flour free treat, you’re in luck coz their Chocolate Mud Cake with Caramilk Frosting and Cadbury Flake is so spesh, it makes us gluten-embracing-folk consider jumping the fence.
Where: Shop 11/118 Griffith St, Coolangatta

My French Pastries (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)
My French Pastries (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)

My French Pastries
An award-winning French bakery that even delivers? Hells yeah! With sweet delicacies for days, Pasty Chef Antonio Marchesi keeps pastries real, authentic and made according to French tradition. That means only the finest French flour, quality butter and it’s all made from scratch. Do yourself a favour and try the Nutella-filled beignets, or their chocolate eclairs but be sure to order a couple because one is never enough.
Where: Shop 5, 4226/361 Robina Pkwy, Robina

Tarte Bakery & Café
In addition to a stellar all day brekky menu (note to self: order the Babka French Toast, a brioche filled with Nutella and chocolate chips, balsamic strawberries and whipped cream), the Tarte crew give good tarte. It’s hard to go past their brownie and sea salt cookies with a gooey, soft centre and cookie-like outside. A staple since the start which has stood the test of time.
Where: 1748 Gold Coast Hwy, Burleigh Heads

Oh My, Waffle (image supplied)
Oh My, Waffle (image supplied)

Oh My, Waffle
Get your waffle on at this shut-up-good dessert bar. A must try is the Wafflenator and with a name like that, you know you’re in a for a bad ass sweet sensation. A golden waffle topped with crushed Tim Tams, Whittaker’s Creamy Milk Chocolate, ice cream and drizzled with salted caramel sauce…and need we really say anymore? For the next level addicts, add brownie pieces. Oooooooh yeahhhhh!
Where: Shop 6, 1837 Gold Coast Hwy, Burleigh Heads

Aux Fines Bouches
You might have guessed this place is French and LBH, the French do desserts like no-one else. Their cakes are absolute works of art (seriously, we can’t stop marvelling at their beauty), and taste equally next level. We’re giving special shout-outs to their ah-mazing croquembouches and chocolate macaroons which we could eat all day long. And maybe we did….
Where: Unit 2/43 Taree St, Burleigh Heads

Words by Bianca Trathen

Aux Fines Bouches (Image: © 2019 Inside Gold Coast)
Aux Fines Bouches (Image: © 2019 Inside Gold Coast)

Cowch Dessert Cocktail Bar mooves in Broadbeach

Cowch We Lava Chocolate + Peanut Butter Brownie Waffle (image supplied)
Cowch We Lava Chocolate + Peanut Butter Brownie Waffle (image supplied)

We all have love affairs in our lives. Some might be for a fleeting period, and others, well, last a lifetime. One such eternal romance we’re confident you can agree on is an undivided loyalty to all things sweet and chocolatey.

Well, my sweet tooth friends, today is your lucky day because Cowch Dessert Cocktail Bar has opened their brand spanking new shop in Broadbeach’s vibrant dining precinct: The Oracle Boulevard! And yes, you may be thinking, wasn’t there already one in Broadbeach? Well yes, the successful Brisbane chain were previously located at Pacific Fair, but have made the jump across the highway into the old Max Brenner shopfront and opposite long time local’s favourite, Social Eating House.

The spacious layout creates ample opportunity for anyone and everyone to come in and relax, whether it be for an afternoon delight or after dinner sweet treat, to kick back and enjoy something delectable. The fit-out includes some snazzy-looking neon signs and light instalments, which will make you look twice — as they are udders. Yes, cow udders. You’ll also notice a complete collection of light shades hanging from the ceiling, all in the shape of a cow’s milk-giving parts. We think it’s an udderly brilliant touch and is sure to spark up a few conversations.

Cowch Broadbeach interior (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
Cowch Broadbeach interior (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

For those unfamiliar with Cowch, let’s keep the explanation simple. They dish up the absolute goods when it comes to desserts and fantastical, sweet-orientated cocktails; known as the perfect place to drop in after a meal to finish things up — or anytime you fancy like an array of delicious desserts. Who said dessert can’t be dinner?

Catering for large groups, they look to continue the trend for your next birthday, hen’s, farewell, congratulations parties — not to forget baby showers either — are most welcome to book in and make some sweet memories.

Cowch Broadbeach‘s must-try sweet house desserts include the decadent Nutella Waffle Sandwich, the Crunchy S’mores Dessert Pizza, the Cookie Pancake Stack and the fan-favourite Naked Pops. If this little line-up has you salivating already, you’ll be thrilled to learn they also have a separate winter menu running concurrently. Warm favourites such as Apple Pie Pizza layered with caramelised white chocolate, cinnamon sugar base, topped with stewed apple, shortbread crumb, caramel sauce, and white chocolate drizzle will be a textbook choice for the cooler nights ahead.

Cowch Strawberry & Cream Pancakes + Lemon Meringue Crepes + Apple Pie Pizza (image supplied)
Cowch Strawberry & Cream Pancakes + Lemon Meringue Crepes + Apple Pie Pizza (image supplied)

With a completely stocked and functional bar, customers have an assortment of fun cocktails at their fingertips. The signature Cotton Candy cannot be missed, consisting of musk vodka, black raspberry liqueur, lemon and cranberry served with a pink sherbet rim, musk sticks and raspberry fairy floss.

Should you feel like something alcohol-free, there’s something for all types of sweet tooths, with an incredible range of mocktails and Super Shakes also on the menu.

Cowch Founder and Managing Director Arif Memis is excited to reopen on the Gold Coast, “We want to offer a fun and playful destination for people to let their hair down and create memories. Oracle Boulevard is a food lover’s paradise, and we’re thrilled to be joining the diverse range of culinary experiences on offer throughout the precinct”.

Cowch is offering a raft of special offers until Sunday 20th June 2021, including $9 mocktails, $15 cocktails and $15 dessert pizzas, while families and friends are invited to get in on the fun with face painting, balloons and chainsaw ice carving taking place on Saturday 19th June 2021. Because who doesn’t want to see some uber-cool chainsaw action?

Feeling like you deserve a sweet encounter of late? Well, you better get a moo-ve on down to the all-new Cowch Oracle Boulevard Broadbeach.

Where: 1 Oracle Boulevard, Broadbeach
When: 7 days 10 am — 10 pm (Sat & Sun 12 am)

Words by Alex Mitcheson.

Cowch Cotton Candy Cocktail (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
Cowch Cotton Candy Cocktail (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

Oh My, Waffle

If you’ve recently found yourself thinking, “there really aren’t enough bars purely dedicated to desserts in the world” you’re not alone and you’re also in luck.

This weekend Burleigh Heads will welcome, you guessed it, a bar purely dedicated to desserts and get out of our way, we’re first in line.

Oh My, Waffle will soon be dishing up the waffle desserts of your dreams thanks to the sweet, after-dinner-dish loving hearts of two local gals, Jessica and Courtney, who are now our favourite people on the whole Gold Coast (sorry everyone else).

The pair say they got their inspiration from decadent waffle creations in Belgium and wanted to bring the tasty treats to the Coast, with a unique little spin of course.

Plus, as you’d well know coffee lovers, it is a fact that there aren’t too many places to grab a cuppa after 2pm around here so the girls are changing that up too with coffees available from morning until night (seeya sleep).

Coupla favourites on the menu are certain to the be the Let’s Get Lit made up of a golden waffle, toasted marshmallows, crushed biscuits and Maltesers drizzled with Whittaker’s Creamy Milk Chocolate! Seriously, help us.

Also the Drop It Like It’s Hot because it’s red velvet hot chocolate, with red velvet cake crumbs and house-made cream cheese frosting and actual dessert dreams come true.

On the menu there’ll be eight types of waffles plus two vegan ones, six milkshakes, a range of gourmet hot chocolates and the option to build your own waffle. So yeah, you can eat two things every day for a week, rinse and repeat.

We hear the interior is the relaxed, good time atmosphere you’d imagine your happy place to be and it comes complete with sneaky artworks praising those who love a good cheat day (us, every day).

Oh My, Waffle coming to a Burleigh near you this weekend.

LOCATION: Underneath The Ambience Tower, 1837 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads

Words by Kirra Smith. Photos supplied.

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