Sea Jellies Illuminated

Magic has arrived on the Gold Coast friends and it comes in the form of hundreds of illuminated jellyfish just casually doing their thing.

How can jellyfish be magical you ask? Well, through said illumination of their tiny, transparent bodies by changing coloured lights, put simply.

The experience goes a little something like this. You walk into a dark little area and follow the “oh wows” coming from around the corner. Once there you’ll see what all the fuss is about.

Hundreds of Moon Jelly’s (the most common type of jellyfish) of all shapes and sizes are moving about in a huge tank that changes colour every second or so. Because they’re transparent, it seems as though the jellies themselves change colour, and because they move so slowly, it’s like they’re performing a graceful little Moon Jelly dance just for you.

In a word, mesmerizing.

The incredible creatures have made themselves at home at Seaworld in Main Beach recently as part of a brand new exhibition that will both delight your eyeballs and teach you a thing or two thanks to the first-of-its-kind research laboratory on site.

The Griffith Sea Jellies Research Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility, placing Griffith University at the forefront of jellyfish research internationally. The jellies exhibit allows you to catch a glimpse of leading research being undertaken into the world of sea jellies, right there at Seaworld. How good!

Not only Moon Jelly’s though, there is an incredible little tank literally pulsing with Upside-down Jelly’s (the greatest name for any animal ever), who live down low in the coral and actually look a little bit like coral themselves. Because, camouflage.

The Mauve Stingers are all spindly arms (legs?) and though they GLOW IN THE DARK, they will also inflict quite the painful sting should you get too close.

Last but not least, is a corridor type situation with cylindrical tanks filled with bigger jellyfish that also change colour but at different times so you are surrounded by colourful creatures and it’s like you’re under the sea but there’s pretty lights and it’s really something else. Long sentence but all of the excitement over here.

Obviously, we’re quite the fans of magical, animal adventures and no doubt you will be too.

Gather the gang and make a day of it, those little jellies will light up your life for real.

LOCATION: Seaworld, Seaworld Drive, Main Beach
HOURS: 9.30am until 5pm daily

Words and photos by Kirra Smith



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