Mouthwatering Italian eats move into Burleigh Heads

How cosy and loved and generally absolutely stoked to be alive does a good Italian feast make you feel? Hint: very.

As you’d know, having no doubt tried to whip up a pasta-filled feast in your time, it’s an absolute art and one that few people perfect.

Except Italians that is and guess who just moved into Burleigh Heads? Fabio Rocco Ricciardi and his wife Frederica Scalambra and as you can see, they are not only bonafide Italians, they are also exceptionally talented when it comes to the art of Italian eats.

Belvedere Stonemill

The pair opened their new venue, Belvedere Stonemill in recent weeks, beneath Swell Resort (where Buffalo Sears once lived) bringing the traditional tastes of northern Italy to Burleigh Heads.

The space offers a cosy (tick), homestyle vibe with lights strung overhead, an open kitchen led by Fabio himself and plenty of that everyone-is-family Italian charm.

Pizza and pasta are the stars of the menu and everything is crafted fresh in-house daily from unbleached, organic grains. Love that.

Now while every single dish is something you simply must sample, there is one in particular that’ll rock your world.

It is the Gnocchi Cacio Pepe e Tartufo which roughly translates to heaven in a wheel of cheese. It doesn’t but it also does. The dish is Gnocchi made with parmigiano and nutmeg and served with mixed mushrooms in Porcini sauce inside a baby wheel of Pecorini cheese. Yes, that’s a real thing.

Not only that magical creation though, there is Spaghetti alla Chitarra alla Scoglio which is an absolutely incredible seafood pasta dish filled with king prawns, mussels, calamari, scallops, crab, barramundi, garlic, fresh basil and chilli.

There are roasted whole baby squids, soft veal meatballs, mushroom arancini and homemade focaccia, all of which are must-trys so good luck with that.

Pizza-wise, there are a few flavours you may never have come across before including the Salsicca – a cheese-based pizza with think sliced roast potatoes, garlic and pepper pork sausage and rosemary. One of the tastiest we’ve tried.

We’re also quite partial to the Nettuno (a seafood pizza with whole mussels) and the Pizza alle Verdure di Stagione with seasonal grilled vegetables. Such a treat.

To accompany your feast, a glass of Prosecco on tap perhaps? Or a myriad of wines and cocktails just made for Italian feasting.

So there you have it. Belvedere Stonemill, the perfect addition to Burleigh Heads at the perfect time of year for eating all the pasta.


LOCATION: 1638 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads
HOURS: 11.30am until 9pm Tuesday to Sunday

Words and photos by Kirra Smith


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