10 local Instagrammers that’ll fill your feed with good vibes

Image c/o Kyle Hunter 2020

We love Instagram. So inspiring, so helpful for our online shopping addiction, so good to pass all of the time we seem to be spending at home right now. We also (quite obviously) love all things Gold Coast and happily, those two things go hand in hand.

If you, like us, are in need of good vibes right now, here’s the answer in the form of local Instagrammers who will indeed fill your feed with positivity.

Happy scrolling (but not too much because, life awaits).

Kyle Hunter
Kyle Hunter is one of our favourite local lads and he’s living the most enviable life imaginable as a travel photographer and videographer travelling the world (obvs on pause right now) and taking epic snaps. He’s a lovely dude too. Follow him here for some of the most beautiful travel pics you’ve ever seen and daydream about your next trip too.

Celeste Barber
She needs no introduction and we could not be more stoked to call funny lady Celeste Barber a Gold Coaster now. You probably already follow her but if not, get on that for daily laughs, chats about current issues and general life enhancing goodness.

Em Carey
One of the most incredible women in the world is one of our very own. If you’ve not yet heard the story of Em Carey “the walking paraplegic”, you need to read about her right now. In short, she defied the odds after experiencing a devastating accident and she’s here to tell the tale. She creates beautiful art too, follow her here.

Ellie Bullen
Also known as Elsa’s Wholesome Life, Ellie Bullen is a Nutrionist and Dietitian living a (very) wholesome plant-based lifestyle and sharing her journey along the way. Not only is her feed filled with beautiful dishes and stunning snaps, Ellie also shares information and advice and it’s all very lovely. Find her here.

Image c/o Ellie Bullen

Sean Scott
Gold Coast photographer and absolute legend Sean Scott has been wowing us with his work for many years. He’s the man behind some of the Coast’s (and Australia’s) most stunning images and you absolutely must follow him here to have your breath taken away. He also opened a sweet Burleigh boutique stocking clothing, his art and tons of amazing local brands.

Sam Webb
Co-founder of Livin, a not-for-profit that brings awareness to mental health and the need to start conversations around it, Sam Webb is another Gold Coaster we’re very proud to call our own. While he doesn’t live on our sparkly shores right now, he’s still a local and one guy you’re going to want to follow for inspirational words and information.

Eliza Landgren
Eliza is a Gold Coast local passionate about healthy living and we absolutely love her feed for advice on how we can live our very best lives too. After experiencing some health challenges in her early years, Eliza decided to fix the problems and now offers the rest of us the chance to do the same through Elle Fit Active. Check out her work here.

Lauren Bath
One of the world’s most renowned travel photographers is Lauren Bath, a Gold Coast local and co-founder of The Travel Bootcamp – a weekend program that teaches people how to become travel content creators. She’s absolutely incredible at what she does and her account is filled with magical travel images that will inspire you to get out and about into our world (ASAP hopefully).

Cleo Massey
Creator of Pass Around the Smiles, Cleo Massey is one local lass spreading good vibes everywhere she goes. Her website (and Insta page) is filled with info on self love, the law of attraction, positivity and plenty more and you can find blog posts, products, meditations and events to get involved in. She’s a bundle of joy and her Insta page is one that will bring you all the good vibes. Find it here.

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Words by Kirra Smith

Image c/o Eliza Landgren



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