Take a roadtrip to Burringbars’ cosy community-inspired café

Weekend road trips to laidback, peaceful little villages that aren’t too far away but are just far away enough to escape the Gold Coast hustle are our favourite thing.

Especially if those laidback, peaceful little villages are also very pretty and boast exceptional coffee-slinging cafes you’ll definitely lose a few hours in.

Which, if you haven’t already guessed, is exactly what is happening at Burringbar, a leafy little spot just a short half hour drive from the Coast and a sweet new space we (and owners Jack and Soph) like to call Elwood.

After a beautiful drive that winds through mountains and tree-lined streets you’ll arrive on The Broadway at Burringbar, a road reminiscent of a time when all anyone needed was a general store, a coffee shop and a solid sense of community – the simple (most delightful) things.

And that friends, is exactly what Elwood is all about – strangers becoming friends and the simple pleasure of a perfectly brewed cup of coffee with said strangers who become friends.

It’s the very picture of cosy, vintage good vibes with stools pulled up to windows set with flowers that catch the morning light, corner armchairs placed under hats hung on the wall and shelves stacked with perfectly imperfect ceramics you can add to your own collection. Put simply, it’s the lounge room we wish we could just throw together but absolutely don’t have the eye to create.

We’re kind of in love, give us a minute.

Okay. As mentioned it’s the work of the lovely Soph and Jack who met while working in Bangalow, had a dream to build something of their own together where people in the community could come and hang out, and so they set about doing exactly that.

Jack spent considerable time with coffee roasting connoisseurs Moonshine (from Federal) who brew an exceptional cuppa (one of our favourites just quietly) and can also be found at Burleigh newbie Next Door Espresso.

Soph has a foodie background including having worked at St Elmos in Byron Bay and grown up in a family who cooked direct from the veggie garden (jealous), and together they’re the perfect pair to bring a stunning new venue to the people.

Food-wise everything is locally sourced with all pastries and breads made in-house. As of right now, the menu is made up of simple treats like croissants and brownies and the like but within the next little while there’ll be a full offering of fresh, tasty goodies of the breakfast and lunch varieties.

In summary, you must gather your crew and prep for a weekend road trip to Burringbar. We bet you fall a little bit in love too.

LOCATION: 33 The Broadway, Burringbar
HOURS: 7.30am until 2.30pm Wednesday to Sunday

Words and photos by Kirra Smith



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