Par-tee with boozy slushies at Putt Putt Mermaid Beach

If there is one thing we Aussies love to do (besides hoarding toilet paper), it is a good time group activity with a beverage in hand.

Cricket on the beach? Must also include beer. Going to a concert? Wines first please. You get the point, we love doing things that also involve drinking things.

Which is why we’re very excited to bring you the news that everyone’s favourite group activity can now be enjoyed while sipping a beverage. Yes, it’s mini golf and Putt Putt Mermaid Beach have just introduced drinking while golfing and that’s very great news.

If you’ve not yet experienced the good time that is Putt Putt Mermaid Beach, allow us to enlighten you. The mini golf courses are complete with a video game arcade, BBQ zone and now, a 19th hole for alcoholic refreshments (although you can drink while you play, yay!).

There are three courses including the Fun Run (18 holes undercover for those rainy days), Jungle Trail and Waterways and they all have quirky little things going on and look, we found some of them quite challenging honestly.

You know what might make them slightly less challenging though? Vodka slushies. Which if we’re honest, make everything slightly less challenging, do they not?

Putt Putt Mermaid Beach (image supplied)
Putt Putt Mermaid Beach (image supplied)

That’s right Gold Coasters Putt Putt Mermaid Beach are serving up vodka slushies and that’s pretty much a group activity (and general life) dream come true if you ask us.

There’s also beer, wine and spirits but those slushies are such a party vibe and we highly recommend you sink a few.

You can even take BBQ goodies, or snacks and make an entire night of it. Plus you get to whip your mates at mini golf (unless you’re us). What a time.

So, we’ve just sorted out next weekends’ group acitivity for you, please respond in kind with tips on how to be good at mini golf.

Enjoy those vodka slushies friends, we sure will.

LOCATION: 2492 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach
HOURS: Daily from 9am until 10pm

Words by Kirra Smith



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