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Try hot ice cream to cure the winter blues

Get it now at Tango Gelato.

There are some things in life you never thought you’d see; a world taken down by a mystery virus, takeaway cocktails, Kanye running for president, the list is long.

The latest thing we can add is a Gold Coast addition, excitingly it is none other than hot ice cream.

The beloved dessert has crossed over to the warm side and is making all things winter that little bit more bearable.

The idea sprung from Burleigh Heads ice creamery Tango Gelato, a firm favourite amongst Gold Coast locals for their delightful array of mouthwatering ice cream flavours and close proximity to Burleigh Hill, where all the best ice cream eating is done.

So what is hot ice cream you ask?

Basically the premise is that the crew at Tango Gelato take your favourite flavour of hand-crafted gelato or sorbet and make into a hot drink style situation.

The opportunities are endless, choose from flavours like Hot Mars Bar, Hot Salted Caramel and Nutella, Hot Honeycomb Crunch, Hot Choc Mint and many many more.

If you’ve not yet had the pleasure of visiting Tango Gelato, let us tell you, they have more exceptional flavours than you could possibly imagine and have even won Queensland Dairy Product awards for their unique flavour sensation, the Licorice Mint Gelati.

Sounds like the perfect treat to us.

The crew are also slinging the tasty treat at their Palm Beach store so nobody will even know if you indulge twice a day.

Hot ice cream, the very best way to cure those winter blues.

LOCATION: 1726 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads and 1102 Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach (Pavilions Palm Beach)

Words by Kirra Smith

Photos by Brittani Johnson

12 places to get lick-worthy ice cream

Dark Chocolate gelato, lemon sorbet, and Pistachio gelato, La Macelleria, Mermaid Waters (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
Dark Chocolate gelato, lemon sorbet, and Pistachio gelato, La Macelleria, Mermaid Waters (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

Ah, ice cream, you dreamy, heaven-sent creation, you. A treat that transcends all ages, there’s no denying it is one of – if not *the* – most iconic summer foods going. And here on the GC, our (usually) balmy climate is more suited than most to indulge in (several) scoops of creamy, churned ice cream or gelato goodness any old time we please…

Which is just as well, with all of the fabulous Gelaterias and frozen dessert purveyors gracing our city. It’s a near full-time job trying to keep tabs on them all… and, side note – new dream profession unlocked.

Let’s dig in (y’know, with one of those adorably tiny, and mildly impractical ice cream spoons) to some of the best spots to cool off with a cup, cone, or even a fully-loaded sundae –stacked, sprinkled and swirled within an inch of its life. Who’s hungry?!

Rose Gelateria (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
Rose Gelateria (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

Rosé Gelateria
Artisanal gelato slinger, Rosé Gelateria dons its telltale blush accents across two lush GC locations – Tedder Ave and Sanctuary Cove – which in itself, is a pretty decent clue as to the boujee, boutique style approach at these pretty-in-pink creameries. Besides a delicious assortment of crafted ice creams, they pour some fantastic coffee, including an affogato that’ll knock your socks and/or crocks off (hopefully not ‘and’, though). The signature Rose flavour, which comes sprinkled in petals, is a treat for the peepers and the palette. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a prettier gelato fix on the Coast!
Where: Shop 39a, Masthead Way, Sanctuary Cove and Shop 6/19-21 Tedder Ave, Main Beach

Gelato at Shiro Gelato & Snack, Southport (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
Gelato at Shiro Gelato & Snack, Southport (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

Shiro Gelato & Snack
The concept of a friendly neighbourhood noshery specialising in snacks is one we can wholeheartedly get behind, and Shiro Gelato & Snack has your cravings covered with a Japanese take on all things to nibble, slurp, and lick. If it’s the lickable variety you’ve got your heart set on, house-made gelato flavours like Black Sesame, Matcha White Chocolate, Miso Caramel, and the vegan friendly Yuzu and Lemon flavour are all a common sight here. Take it to the next level and make it a Mochi-wrapped gelato scoop –served perfectly encased in the gelatinous Japanese dessert.
Where: 50 Nerang St, Southport

Gelato Messina (image supplied)
Gelato Messina, Paradise Centre (image supplied)

Gelato Messina
We’ve been living the ‘cream’ ever since Gelato Messina returned to our shores, now slinging their famed flavours out of Surfers’ slick new Paradise Centre precinct. The Messina name is one known for taking this gelato business seriously… everything from the dulce de leche to the gelato base – and even the chocolate – is made from scratch, down to their very own dairy farm to keep them plied with the creamiest jersey milk. There’s a reason that their… *checks notes* – literally every flavour – is what ice-cream dreams are made of.
Where: Paradise Centre, 2A Cavill Avenue, Surfers Paradise

Yo-Chi, Surfers Paradise (image supplied)
Yo-Chi, Surfers Paradise (image supplied)

With a line that stretches around the corner on the ‘reg (like, every single weekend) – locals have been going wild for Yo-Chi’s signature tangy and tantalising fro-yo goodness since the cult fave first swanned onto our scene in 2022. Now the proud owners of two GC locations in Broadbeach and Surfers, punters can get their probiotic fix in the most delicious of ways with a signature, soft serve style frozen yoghurt selection available on tap. The core range of year-round flavours are complemented by seasonal cameos, the majority of which are 98-percent fat-free.. and 100-percent mouth-watering.
Where: 11/3240 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise and 89 Surf Parade, Broadbeach

The Gelato Shop, Broadbeach (image supplied)
The Gelato Shop, Broadbeach (image supplied)

The Gelato Shop
Cup, cone, or even sundaes – no matter your preferred method of consumption, Broadbeach’s The Gelato Shop has got you covered when it comes to all things chilled, sweet and creamy. The legendairy lineup of award-winning flavours includes the likes of Chunky Chocolate Cheesecake and Snickers gelato, a slew of fruit-based sorbets and decadent vegan options like Coffee Crunch or Peanut Butter. For an all-out indulgence, there’s locally made Warm Cookies & Gelato, Waffles and an array of fully stacked Sundaes.
Where: Shop 8 Aria building, Cnr Surf Parade & Albert Ave, Broadbeach

Dark Chocolate Gelato and Lemon Sorbet, La Macelleria, Mermaid Waters (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
Dark chocolate gelato and lemon sorbet, La Macelleria, Mermaid Waters (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

La Macelleria
A spot that’s a stickler for tradition, La Macelleria is kitted out with all the best Italian gelato-making gear. You can watch on as the crew whips up their artisanal, chilled confections daily… *drooling intensifies*. Wrap your lips around stalwart flavours like Bacio and Salted Caramel, gelato shakes and out-of-this-world affogato – for those who prefer their desserts to come with a kick. One taste, and your love for this place will be un-cone-ditional.
Where: 90 Markeri Street, Mermaid Waters

The Oxley, Nobby Beach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
The Oxley, Nobby Beach (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

The Oxley 1823 Sub Station
Not only has the team at The Oxley brought us a gorg new Nobby Beach hangout spot, but they’re also keeping us cool with delicious gelato at the Sub Station. Along with juices and milkshakes that will def bring the boys to the yard, they’re dishing delicious gelato. Word to the wise, we highly recommend clocking early and ducking in for the $3 Happy Hour scoops. Surely the boss will understand.
Where: The Oxley, 2217 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach

Burleigh Gelato Co, Burleigh Heads (image supplied)
Burleigh Gelato Co, Burleigh Heads (image supplied)

Burleigh Gelato
Picture the scene: you find yourself in the southern end of town (wandering off of one of those world-class beaches, no doubt), when you’re hit with a hankering – not quite hunger – but you could most definitely eat. The answer is Burleigh Gelato! Now with a second location in Palm Beach, the array of flavours is enough to earn the affection of even the frostiest-at-heart. The cookie-inspired creations, such as M&M Cookie Dough gelato or Biscoff gelato are alone enough to get dessert fans swooning. They’re also handily available on major home delivery apps and open late — perfect for those late-night sugar cravings.
Where: 9 Connor Street, Burleigh Heads and 3/10 Palm Beach Ave, Palm Beach

Scoop Gelati
Here’s the scoop… if you’re in and around Burleigh and find yourself in the mood for gelato, sorbet or ice-cream shakes – do not pass go – head directly to Scoop Gelati. The hand-crafted, small-batch recipes include refreshing revelations like ANZAC Biscuit, Banana Honeycomb and Apple Crumble, all made fresh on-site. Got an ice cream connoisseur in your life? Their frozen cakes are a treat for the eyes and the tastebuds – perfect for every occasion, or ‘just because’ works too.
Where: 23 James Street, Burleigh Heads

Ice Cream (image via unsplash)
Ice Cream (image via unsplash)

Tango Gelato
Palm Beach’s turquoise sensation, Tango Gelato, serves up sweet scoops daily out of its Pavilions Shopping Centre location. The icy creations include inventive combos like Ginger & Dark Chocolate, Strawberry Cookies & Cream and Blackberry Sorbet – so if you think you’ve ‘been there, licked that’ when it comes to ice cream flavours, we’d suggest you pay them a visit to have your mind blown immediately. They also offer delivery, so if you’re lucky enough to live nearby, you can always opt to have the the ‘mind blown’ come to you (in your jim-jams, obvi).
Where: Pavilions Shopping Centre, 1102 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach

Ottimo Gelato (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)
Ottimo Gelato (Image: © 2021 Inside Gold Coast)

What do you have if you take yourself a devoted Italian and then send him to study a diploma from the Gelato University of Carpigiani in Italy? You have Davide, the owner of Ottimo, of course! Promising superior gelato and coffee – rest assured, whatever flavour you settle on taking from this premium iced-goods purveyor is going to be the goods — it’s all made fresh and on-site daily, after all. Stroll in after an afternoon on the beach and let him and his friendly staff scoop you happy. And their signature ‘Sicily’ flavour, made with Mandarin Custard with Pistachio and Almond Caramel, sure does just that.
Where: Shop 18/52 Marine Parade, Coolangatta

Tamborine Gelato, Mt Tamborine (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)
Tamborine Gelato, Mt Tamborine (Image: © 2023 Inside Gold Coast)

Tamborine Mountain Gelato Co
Serving only the most authentic Italian gelato – the rainforest-studded surrounds of Tamborine’s mountainside community are the only reminder that you are, in fact, not strolling the streets of Sicily whilst sampling your delicious scoop of choice. At Tamborine Gelato, the iced goods are served old school – hidden behind the lids of a traditional Pozzetti gelato cabinet in the name of freshness. Seasonal, house-made flavours are rejigged every couple of days, with the chance to catch creamy creations like Mint Stracciatella, Banana Custard or Lemon Myrtle and Honey. They recently teamed up with Franquette to bring us ‘The Gelaffin’… a freshly baked cruffin loaded with small-batch gelato – aka the most glorious ice cream sandwich you’ve ever laid eyes upon. Officially our new favourite franken-food obsession for summer.
Where: 4/15-17 Main Street, Tamborine Mountain

Words by Kellie Leader.

Burleigh Heads Bowls Club

11 of the sweetest Gold Coast bakeries

The Pastry Emporium

Oh baked goods, why do you taunt us so. Taste sensations, tick. Better with butter, tick. Comforting when cold, tick, tick, tick. They’re almost too good to be true but, as demonstrated below, they are true and there are Gold Coast bakeries galore which is just fine by us.

Here’s a list of the top 11 bakeries within which you’ll find said exceptional baked treats and happy carb loading Coasties.

Custard Canteen
By the insanely talented team also behind Bam Bam Bakehouse, Custard Canteen is the newest of the bunch, serving up absolutely next-level Portuguese custard tarts, almond croissant tarts, the gooiest of cookies and various breakfast and lunch goods. Find them down Talle Creek way and good luck floating gracefully once you’ve sampled a few (thousand) of those.
Where: Tallebudgera Recreation Centre, Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach

The Pastry Emporium
While it may be a slightly fancier version of the good old fashioned bakery, it is still in fact, a place where goods are baked and some of the most incredible goods you’ve ever tasted at that. Now with two convenient locations, The Pastry Emporium creates magical, almost other worldly cakes and desserts while also whipping up a croissant you would probably die for. They also do the breads and the coffees and if you moved in there, we wouldn’t judge you. Please invite us over.
Where: Shop 2, 90 Markeri St, Mermaid Waters and 4/28 Campbell St, Bundall

Bam Bam Bakehouse
Needing no introduction is Mermaid’s Bam Bam Bakehouse – creators of the most original baked treats the Gold Coast has ever seen and the absolute love of our lives if we’re honest. Known for creations such as Gaytime Eclairs and Ink Gin Choux Bomb, it’s another level of baked treat magic and everything tastes more delicious than you could possibly imagine.
Where: 2519 – 2521 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach

Paddock Bakery
Hidden amidst a little garden oasis is Paddock Bakery, a café/garden wonderland in Miami also cranking out insane baked goods. How about a Milo Milkshake donut? Yah. Wagon Wheel donuts are also a thing and baby Nutella bots are the real deal. The donut selection changes all the time but there is always something available to blow your dessert loving mind. And your other minds.
Where: 20 Hibiscus Haven, Miami

Fosters Bakery
A Nobby’s institution, Fosters has been serving up the baked goods dreams are made of, for many a year. Their pies are some of the best around and we may have been known to indulge for breakfast, lunch and dinner many days running. Classic pastries from Fosters are also always a good idea, there’s vanilla slice, custard tarts and donuts and you should absolutely get one of everything.
Where: 1/2227 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach

Burleigh Baker
For the love of sourdough, this place is the goods. We are quite partial to the olive sourdough, because olives are life but there are many varieties, all of which are the perfect addition to a warming soup and/or lathered with butter. Oh and all their sourdough is of the organic and artisan varieties AND they do incredible cakes like a Raspberry and Pistachio with honey frosting and honey caramel drizzle. Two please.
Where: 13/50 James Street, Burleigh Heads

Custard Canteen (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)
Custard Canteen (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)

Fuel Bakehouse
So many delicious things come out of this delightful place you guys. Some of the best doughnuts around, tasty delicious pies that are quite large and very filling, croissants, danishes, all of the very best things. There are two Fuel Bakehouse locations so you need not worry about missing out. And you absolutely don’t want to miss out.
Where: 44 Currumbin Creek Rd, Currumbin Waters and 39-45 Tweest Coast Rd, Cabarita 

Coolangatta Pie Shop
Pies are one of Gods greatest gifts to all of us, particularly at 3am after a night of tearing up the dance floor. Conveniently, the iconic Coolangatta Pie Shop is open 24 hours a day on the weekend for literally all of your late night/early morning baked good needs. It’s one of lifes greatest luxuries right on our doorstep. There’s also tasty sweet treats and we recommend the Macadamia Slice thingo because caramel.
Where: 50 Griffith St, Coolangatta

Gumnut Café/Bakery
Oh god there are donuts and they are A M A Z I N G. Cream filled and caramel topped, we have died and gone to donut heaven. Nothing else matters. Except there are also pies and they are so good and everything is made fresh on the premises and by people who care that you are happy with their baked goods. Which you will be. Did you know Mudgeeraba is also a heavenly, away-from-the-city paradise you should definitely visit ASAP? Yep.
Where: 25 Swan Lane, Mudgeeraba

Horner’s of Sorrento
Horner’s was born from a passion for the smell of freshly baked bread and that is something we can get behind. Their particular type of baked magic comes in the form of artisan breads, from pull aparts to French sticks, and some of the very best sweet treats around. We’re particularly partial to the Melting Moments and the Lemon Meringue Pie, oh yes. We could eat all of these things all of the days.
Where: Sorrento Shopping Centre, 20 Bundall Road, Bundall 

Flour of Life
People of the plants rejoice, these amazing folks make all the baked goods without all the gluten, meat, dairy and egg bits. That’s right friends, it’s a vegan bakery with all the incredible treats you’ve come to know and love. Think donuts, cakes, slices, pies, all the most delicious things. We have it on good authority (ours) that the donuts are absolutely next level and pretty as an Insta picture too.
Where: 22-32 Siganto Drive, Helensvale

Words by Kirra Smith

Fuel Bakehouse
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