Rachael Valentine

If you haven’t set foot inside the pretty white cottage on the highway in Palm Beach, you’ve been missing out.

The Craft Parlour, baby of local lass Rachael Valentine, offers an array of arty workshops from macramé to mandala drawing, with the intention of bringing the community together to celebrate creativity.

We chat with Rach about the stunning studio space and her plans to make the world a little bit more sparkly.

How long have you lived on the beautiful Gold Coast?
I moved here briefly in 2001, then went overseas for three years and ended up settling back here permanently after my adventures.

What do you love most about our seaside city?
It’s relaxed vibes, the small town feels and accessibility to everything and of course the sunshine and beaches.

What’s The Craft Parlour all about?
Community vibes, connecting to yourself and others, stepping outside your comfort zone to try new things that might be on your creative wish list or to try something new that you may have never heard of before like Kokedamas (which are cute plants covered in a moss ball). It’s a place for coming together unleashing your creativity and also a place for celebrations with your girl gang at things like crafty bridal showers and baby showers.

What can people expect when they visit?
Quality workshops in an uplifting inspiring studio space with epic teachers who are leaders in their craft. Homely welcoming vibes, making new friends while sipping on herbal tea and nibbling on Tim Tams and scones! We promise you will leave smiling and feeling more passionate about life!

Where did the idea come from?
I dreamt up the idea of The Craft Parlour about five years before we opened our doors. I wanted an outlet where creatives could share their passion and skills and inspire others to find their own and of course, so I could hang out with these types of people on the daily to fuel my own creativity.

Why is it important for the Coast to have something like this?
It’s not just the Coast that needs these types of studios, I think every state and every country around the world should have creative hubs just like ours, the more people crafting and connecting to their true authentic creative self the more exciting, sparkly and humble this world will be to live in.

What were you doing before you went into the craft biz?
I had a lot more time on my hands that’s for sure. I was sewing a lot, dreaming up opening The Craft Parlour, riding my bike in the sunshine by the ocean and running my other business Hattie.

What exciting things have you got happening for the rest of the year?
We are working on a lot of new concepts and have just started offering pop up bridal and baby showers outside of the studio plus there is another overseas craft tour in the pipeline! It’s all very exciting times in our crafty world right now.

Best piece of life advice you’ve ever received?
Fill your life with good people that bring out the best version of yourself. Go on adventures and try new experiences. These are the real nuggets in life that will bring you happiness and keep you feeling young and free.

Being a Gold Coast local we have to ask your favourites…
Beach: Greenmount and Kirra
Café: Little Mali for epic take away salads and avo toast to eat by the seaside.
Restaurant: Tupe Aloha is always fun times and delicious cocktails.
Weekend hangout: The Craft Parlour all weekend, every weekend is my weekly ritual