AW Space

The standard of artistic talent on the Gold Coast right now is absolutely giving us life. We’ve got epic exhibitions on constant rotation, theatrical productions, all of the cabaret, live music, the works. It’s quite the time to be a lover of all things cultural in our sweet city.

Which brings us to the subject of this tale, a brand new art slash workshop slash event space showcasing the work of a team of folks whose names you’ve no doubt heard uttered once or twice.

The crew at Art-Work Agency, lead by artistic genius (and one of our faves) Claudio Kirac and his equally impressive partners in crime Paul Bow and Laura Strange, recently opened a new creative space and it’s an absolute delight.

AW Space opened on Friday night (March 22nd) with their debut exhibition Outside, made up of photographic and sculptural works by the Art-Works team, exploring themes of travel, friendship and connected places.

Which are, of course, some of our favourite things.

The works examine how our surrounding environments (both natural and built) and past experiences form our notions of home and community, and why we are drawn to particular places.

It’s an absolutely beautiful collection of works showing in an equally beautiful new space that the (lucky and also very hard working) Art-Work Agency team now get to call their office.


In case you’re somehow unaware, Art-Work Agency is a multidisciplinary creative agency specialising in photography and videography, design, art and consultation. Their industry experience spans over 20 years, and has been seen across the Gold Coast in the form of branding for local businesses, imagery for large-scale events like *Bleach Festival, fashion campaigns and generally just creating good work for good people.

It’s the perfect ethos for a business filled with folks who are passionate about, and have made it their mission to enhance, the Gold Coast community and in particular our art and cultural scenes.

AW Space will open for a curated selection of events and workshops throughout the year so keep your eyes peeled because this is one space you’re going to want to spend some time in.

We might like to move our office in there also. Pray for us.

LOCATION: 2/53-55 Cronulla Ave, Mermaid Beach

Words by Kirra Smith



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