Killarney Glen

This Valentines Day fall in love at the Killarney Glen heart shaped waterfall!

Though it is a beautiful site which I wish all could see, this date idea is better suited for the more fit and adventurous couple!

I drove about an hour inland before parking my car and heading down the mountain.

A slim switchback trail led me though the woods and to the bottom of the mountain.

I came to a creepy rundown shack and had to choose whether to go left or right.

I chose left. I made my way further down the trail until I reached the waters edge. A large flat rock face made a lovely spot for a picnic, but there was only a tiny waterfall in this area so I knew I must not have gone far enough. As the trail ended I went a few more meters down stream over wobbly rocks before I realised I must be going the wrong way. There were plenty of cars along the road where the trail started so I knew there must be people at the fall, but where I was they were no where to be found.

I headed back and took another trail. I found another beautiful spot to sit and have a romantic moment. Quietly the water tricked over the rocks, as I sat enjoying the serenity. However, I still hadn’t found the big waterfall I was looking for so I continued on. I found someone on the trail and asked or directions. I was almost at the fall but needed to go a little further.

Note to anyone going TAKE A RIGHT AT THE CREEPY SHACK.

Right for waterfall. Left for quiet spot to sit by the river.

As I got closer to the waterfall I started to hear the sounds of people and the roar of the fall.

I made my way down the trail then bam, there it was, and there the people were.

Towels and picnics were scattered over the rocks and people were all standing on the edge of the rocks.

I eased my way to the edge of the rock which was quite high to watch what everyone was doing.

They would count each other down then one by one jump into the emerald green river about 7 meters below. Smiles and hesitation covered the faces of everyone at the top of the rock, smiles and laughter covered the faces of everyone below that had already jumped.

I went up and down the rocks checking out the waterfall from every angle. Not an inch of it was unattractive.

On the opposite side of the trail was the vantage point for the heart. I crossed the river and sat on the edge admiring the heart and still watching as everyone fell through the air into the cool water.

I had enough watching and decided it was time to take the plunge myself.

Shoes off, I hung my toes over the ledge. Though I was by myself, the people around the rocks started to count me down. 3,2,1. A little squeak and I didn’t go. One more time. 3,2,1, I jumped. I screamed the whole way down until I was submerged in the river. I came back up laughing. It was so much fun! Seeing the waterfall from the bottom was fantastic compared to the top. To get out of the way for the next jumper I swam down the river to the spot where you can pull yourself out. It’s a bit of a slippery climb over the wet rocks back to the top, but its not too bad.

When it was time to go, I made my way back up the mountain. It was a bit of a struggle, I was huffing and puffing and a sweaty mess when I got back to the car park.

Totally worth it, but not sexy. (You will need a shower before heading off to Valentines dinner!)

Killarney Falls is located off of Beechmont Road in Witheren.

By Marleigh Kelly


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