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Apres Surf

It’s impossible to pick one favourite dish at Apres Surf, quality and deliciousness run through everything. Good vibes and good eats!

Unfortunately, this restaurant has now closed – but you should stick around and check out these other restaurants!

Alright Alright Alright (with your best McConaughey impression please).

Mermaid Beach is takin’ it back to the old school with the new bar Apres Surf!

Although owners James and Richard have told us there is no theme at Apres Surf, just good food, good music and good times, we got a total 70’s vibe.

Walking past the giant David Bowie (R.I.P) mural on the front patio, I had a feeling that like Bowie, this place was going to rock!

Correct! Vintage decor, laid back staff and a ridiculously tasty fish burger to make you feel right at home.

I walked in to Apres Surf and the first thing I thought was, YES, BARSTOOLS! As I made my way over the checkered floor and past the vintage art hanging on timber panelled walls, I was happy to plop down on a barstool. Only a small handful of bar/restaurants on the coast give me that “at home” feeling where I would feel totally comfortable bellying up to the bar, alone. Apres is one of those bars. It’s cozy and gives off good vibes. Just your friendly neighbourhood bar thats always got a cold drink and a good meal.

Speaking of cold drinks and good meals, lets get to the good stuff.

I had their drink special, THE Apple Crumble Martini. Talk about a 2-for-1! This baby tasted exactly like a delicious apple crumble made with love by your mum, but had vanilla vodka in it 😉 Maybe I should call it a 3-for-1 because there is no way you would want to order a dessert instead of this. I mean, I’m sure the dessert is great, but that Martini……ooooh I’m in love!

As it was, I had “dessert” before my meal…I’m an adult I can do that 🙂 So after my martini, came Mini Cheese Kransy Dagwood dogs. Similar to a corn dog, tiny weenies were battered, fried and put on a stick.
These little dogs were divine! The outside was drizzled in smoky homemade tomato sauce, from there you bit into the soft, yet crunchy batter, then POP, the skin to the dog was crispy and the inside was juicy! Somewhere in the mix was the cheese hugging all those flavours together.  Little bits of heaven on a stick! Can I have these every day?!

For my main I was served the Asahi Beer Battered Cod Burger. Big ole bun slathered with citrus mayo, coleslaw and tomato topped with a cod fillet that was so large it spilled over the sides of the bun. The cod was hot and crunchy on the outside and flaky on the inside, the coleslaw was cool and chunky, and the citrus mayo bun perfectly wrapped it all together. This monster two-hander burger is one that you cant pass up! It was accompanied by chips flavoured with “secret seasoning” I tried to guess what was on them, but couldn’t get it. You’ll just have to try these for yourself to understand.

At Apres Surf it’s impossible to pick a favourite dish, quality and deliciousness run through everything! Good vibes and good eats are plenty! Head over ASAP and give it a try, I cant recommend it enough!

Alfred’s Diner

Did someone say happy hour!?

The Gold Coast Highways most renowned beach shack, you can’t miss the striped awning and white picket fence, everyone knows Alfred’s. But some exciting news about this all in one shop, diner and barber… It’s now open for dinner.

Perch your toosh on one of the signature park benches and admire the astro turf whilst waiting for one of your mouthwatering favourites such as the Pulled BBQ Pork Burrito or Alfred’s Royale with Cheese. Or wrap your lips around some of the new stuff like the Roasted Pumpkin & Haloumi Salad served with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, red onions, snow peas and a tangy herbed yoghurt dressing (add chicken if you’re after the protein), or Alfred’s Steak Sandwich with seasoned steak, caramalised onions, cos lettuce, wasabi aioli and cheese served on a french stick.

Waiting for the crew to arrive? Make the most  of Alfred’s happy hour, any beer, wine or basic spirit for $5 between 4pm and 5pm .. cheap as chips!

Open Thursday – Sunday

5.30pm – 9.30pm (Happy Hour 4pm – 5pm)

2389 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach

Vintage Espresso modernises coffee to go

Changes are afoot at Vintage Espresso, Mermaid’s much-loved neighbourhood café.

Very soon you’ll be able to order everything on the menu from the comfort of your lounge room and then pop in to pick it up yourself.

That’s right, Vintage is getting the Gold Coast’s first foodie app.

All the rage in Sydney, apps for specific cafes allow orders to be prepped and picked up while they’re still hot rather than waiting for delivery. The Vintage Espresso app is perfect for ordering brekky on your way to work or if you’ve only got a limited lunch hour. From hotcakes to chicken burgers, there’s plenty to tickle your takeaway fancy.

Want more? In happy news for coffee connoisseurs (everyone), the early bird certainly gets the worm at Vintage. From 6 to 7am every day small takeaway coffees are only $2. So really the only question left to answer is, how many coffees can you consume in one hour?

Chantelle and the team are also encouraging customers to embrace eco-friendly cups and plastic free July so if you’ve got a reusable cup take it along and you’ll get yourself a 10% discount. That means small coffees are only $1.80 until 7am!

Besides all this excitement, owner Chantelle Fields is about to revamp the Alfred Street space, she’s poached a couple of Chefs from Melbourne’s most foodie-centric suburbs and the team have added a few tasty new menu items including homemade baked goodies that are literally flying out the door.

In our ever-changing local foodie landscape Vintage Espresso remains tried and true. Order your brekky, pop in for your coffee and that’s your day made.

LOCATION: 1/43 Alfred Street, Mermaid Beach
HOURS: 6am to 3pm every day.

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.


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