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Infinity Attraction

You’re no doubt aware there’s a lot of fun to be had in Surfers Paradise but what you may not know is that the very best of that fun occurs inside a maze-like wonderland where illusion and special effects are the name of the game.

Infinity Attraction can be found in the Chevron Renaissance building and if your inner child (or your actual child) is crying out for a good time, get down there as soon as you are able.

Words won’t do the place justice but since we’ve begun, let’s roll with it.

So, you begin by entering a windy staircase type situation that will lead you to the first world of adventure. The only instruction you’ll receive is to keep your gloved hands in front of you at all times (because they glow in the dark, guys) and enjoy the trip.

Areas with mirrored floors and all of the colours will literally have you feeling as though you’re dancing on that rainbow level in Mario Kart. Millions of tiny dots of light come at you through walls and make it seem as though you’re floating in space, but also in a maze that you need to find your way out of.

Lasers pass right through you, floors move beneath you, nightclub-esque cubes are perfect for impromptu dance parties and a room filled with giant balls is all of your childhood dreams come true.

In truth, there’s a lot going on (with 20 areas in all) and the special effects are something that need to be experienced to be believed. Bulk laughs are inevitable and wandering around in wide-eyed wonder will also certainly happen.

You’ll also get yourself a souvenir photo and here’s a hot tip: don’t jump in the air before the numbers have finished counting down, that is not a face that needs to be frozen in time.

Seriously though, has there ever been a time when you’ve regretted doing a kid-like activity in your life? Besides maybe waterslides in barely-there bikinis (but that’s a story for never).

Experience Infinity Attraction, it’s a guaranteed laugh a minute with a little dancing thrown in for good measure.

GUESS WHAT: Because we love ya, here’s a treat.

Book online and get yourself 15% off adult and child standard admission prices. Use the code infoinsidegc here

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LOCATION: Chevron Renaissance, Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Gold Coast
HOURS: 10am to 10om Monday to Saturday and 9am to 10pm Sunday

Words by Kirra Smith

© 2022 All Rights Reserved.