A frothy, summer beer festival is coming to the Gold Coast

GABS Paddle (image supplied)

Summer is here and although it looks like it might be a wet one, there is absolutely nothing that will stop us from getting involved in every single fun thing the season throws at us.

One of which is a festival of beer and we’re fairly sure there is absolutely nothing that could be better than that to get the party (please God) of 2021 started.

GABS Summer Craft Beer Tour will hit the Gold Coast on Saturday 9th January and with it comes the opportunity to sample some of Australia’s most beloved brews.

So what exactly can we expect from a day celebrating the beautiful thing that is a frosty cold beer? Well, plenty it turns out.

A fun feature at the festival will be two massive GABS Invitational Bars; 40-foot container bars with 120 serving taps on each.

There’ll also be a New Zealand Festival Bar where 10 breweries will pour unique beers brewed specifically for the festivals, bringing together the very best of New Zealand creativity, quality and diversity of styles.

GABS Festival (image supplied)

While the extensive range of beer is the star of the show, GABS is just as well known for putting on a very good time.

The summer events come complete with giant Ferris wheel, jazz and soul performers, panel discussions with industry leaders, a champagne and wine bar, fun activations and local foodies serving up tasty treats.

The two stunning outdoor sites, which will be brought to life with some of the country’s most loved craft breweries along with a stunning champagne and wine lawn, will ensure a day you and the crew will absolutely love.

And let’s be honest, you (we) deserve a good time filled with beer and frolicking.

Tickets are on sale now, get in quick.

LOCATION: Great Lawn, Broadwater Parklands, Gold Coast
WHEN: Saturday 9th January, 11.30am-4pm and 5:30pm-10pm

GABS Freshly poured paddles (image supplied)



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