Ash and Dean Butt

The local creative scene has completely taken off over the last couple of years with cult brands popping up all over the Coast.

One such brand is Cort Jewellery, created by talented husband and wide duo Ash and Dean Butt. Together, the pair design and hand make bold, eye-catching pieces that have made their mark worldwide.

We chat with Ash and Dean about their signature jewellery style and keeping the tourism industry thriving.

What do you love most about Gold Coast life?
Dean: The warm weather, the coastline is picture perfect and ridiculous! Being able to pop down to the beach before or after a days work is pretty amazing, especially now we have a daughter to share it all with, making it even more special. Oh and lets not forgot all the ridiculous cafes and restaurants we have to choose from! We are huge foodies!

How do you guys feel about the Coast’s rapidly growing creative scene?
Dean: I think its amazing to see so many creative people on the Coast getting out there and making a name for themselves whether it be in fashion, art, hospitality or even behind the scenes stuff like PR and event promotion. It’s all super important for our development and the Coasts tourism, which is what keeps our city thriving.

Where do you come up with ideas for your designs?
We are very much influenced by our surroundings and originality but tend to lean towards a traditional tattoo style influence too. It’s great having each other to bounce ideas back and forward until the final design takes shape.

How did the idea for the business come about, what was your biggest motivation?
Ashley: Jewellery was always a passion of mine growing up. After I finished school I worked in retail with costume jewellery then moved onto high-end jewellery and soon realised I wanted to be more hands on in the design and creation side of things. I started making pieces for myself and it wasn’t long before other people started showing interest in what I was creating so I thought I would come up with a brand name to sell the pieces under.

My biggest motivation is doing what I love…creating!

How did you become known when you first started out?
Dean: I would have to say that social media was the best thing for us to get our name and product out there. A friend of mine pushed me onto Instagram and I feel like that was the best tool to share our story and our creations.

In three words describe Cort Jewellery…
Handmade, personal, lifestyle.  

How does it feel when people ask to have your pieces in store?
Dean: It’s an amazing feeling and defiantly a compliment to all our hard work. It’s nice knowing that successful storeowners are confident enough in our product to stock in on their shelves.

You’ve been creating for a few years, do you have a favourite piece?
Ashley: Our Palm Tree Signet ring for sure! It was pretty much the first signet ring I made which Dean designed. This piece took us in a certain direction that evolved Cort into becoming known for our signet style rings.

What’s in the pipeline for Cort Jewellery?
Dean: We are just going to keep pushing what we do and keep having fun while doing it! We will be in a few more stores locally and interstate this year too which is pretty cool!

Your favourite piece of life advice?
Dean: Don’t chase money, chase happiness.

Being a local business we have to ask for your favourites…
Beaches: Mermaid, Burleigh, and Kingscliff
Restaurants:  Sparrow Eating House
Pubs: North Burleigh Surf Club
Coffee Shop: Elk! Hands down best on the coast!
Baby friendly hang out: Beaches, Laguna Park, Robina Kitchens



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