Ellie Hopley

Ellie Hopley is the local artist literally wearing her heart on her sleeve with a clothing line dedicated to showcasing real life, and all the emotions that go along with it, through her amusing illustrations.

She’s built up quite the following of online admirers too. We sat down for a chat with Ellie about her brand shuturp’s quirky Instagram feed and why she’s hoping to help people feel less alone through her work.

How long have you been a Gold Coast local?
I moved here from England when I was 11! I’m now 25. I don’t have a calculator with me but I’m guessing 43 years.

What do you love most about living here?
Firstly the weather (obviously) closely followed by the laidback lifestyle, the BEACH, OMG the beach, the cafes, I could go on for a while…

Tell us about what you create with shuturp?
I basically just draw how I feel so it’s really just a funny/ emotional feed that hopefully makes people laugh but also makes them feel less alone during the harder times in life. Then there are the clothes; it just blows my mind people actually wear stuff with my art on it.

How did the business come about, have you always been an artist?
No I never thought I’d be an artist. It’s weird actually, a clairvoyant told me about five years ago that I would be an artist and I left feeling like I had just wasted my money but I guess she was right. I drew a face on a plank of wood about three years ago and thought it actually looked cool, then I made an Instagram account to post random stuff on and here I am!

Is there a message you want to share through your creative work?
Everyone struggles at some point in their lives no matter who they are. I think people think sadness is weakness but it’s not, we all feel it so that’s why I like to share my bad days as well. People are so fake, especially on social media so I’m just trying to be honest over here.

You’re also a musician; do you plan on performing around the Coast?
I was! I’m only a musician in my bedroom now but I am planning on changing that in the near future. The stresses of gigging got the better of me in the past but I think I am ready to give it another go. Keep your eyeballs peeled.

What’s the plan for the rest of 2018?
Just keep going, keep growing, bring out heaps of fun clothes and just enjoy my life 🙂

Best piece of life advice you’ve ever received?
Everything ALWAYS works out (it’s true).

Tell us your favourites on the Coast…
Beach: From Broadbeach all the way to Burleigh and beyond
Cafe: Daark in Chirn Park is pretty great
Restaurant: Lucky Bao, Sparrow Eating House and Balboa Italian
How does your weekend usually look? You’ll probably find me on the couch eating pizza if I’m being honest OR sitting on Burleigh hill eating pizza. Anything with pizza. That reminds me, Justin Lane is another yum place to eat.



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