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10 Pinterest-worthy Gold Coast homewares stores

From ocean-inspired to Moroccan magic, we’ve got you covered.

St Barts
St Barts

Homewares are equally the love of our lives and an unhealthy obsession we should probably nip in the bud. Won’t though, because pretty cushions are life and we’re home ALOT these days.

Not to mention the fact that the Gold Coast is home to an unfair amount of homewares stores filled with absolutely beautiful things we definitely need and will make us happy. You too? Thought so.

Here’s a list of ten local homewares stores to get in your life, next time a shopping spree is in order.

St Barts
From Mongolia to Morocco, Denmark to India and Asia to Africa, St Barts have travelled across the world collecting beautiful pieces designed to invoke a sense of wanderlust and adventure within the home. St Barts opened their Ferry Rd Markets store in May 2010 and expanded their empire to Burleigh in September 2019 (with the neat addition of Next Door Espresso attached) and since then, have delighted the good folks of the Gold Coast with their inspiring and perfectly on trend range. It’s a store you could spend the rest of your days gushing over (and spending up a storm in).
Where: The Brickworks, 107 Ferry Road, Southport and 24 Junction Road, West Burleigh

The Beach Furniture
Unique, handmade pieces in raw, natural colours, perfect for anyone who’s keen on the beautiful, laidback things in life is how we feel about The Beach Furniture’s collection of goodies. Unpolished wooden tables, whitewashed cabinets and consoles and an array of homewares in the prettiest of pastel shades are the perfect match for any home, particularly on the Gold Coast (lucky). No matter what you may need for your abode, you’ll find it at The Beach Furniture and it will be oh so beautiful.
Where: 48 Bundall Road, Bundall and 74 Kortum Drive, Burleigh 

Village Stores
One of the original and the best, Village Stores have been around for quite some time and it’s not hard to see why. Their collection of perfectly Pinterest-worthy pieces will make your space absolutely pop (and be the envy of all your friends). From furniture to photographs and everything in between, Village Stores offer an eclectic range of homewares including tribal-inspired pieces and stunning rattan pendant lights. Oh, and their rugs are some of the most beautiful around too.
Where: Shop 1/54 Bundall Road, Bundall

Three Balls Red
The ladies at Three Balls Red know what’s up when it comes to absolutely stunning homewares, you won’t find anywhere else. What began as a beautiful lighting and tile store in Bundall, not long ago became a homewares store stocking primarily local brands and we are absolutely obsessed. From linen bedding to award-winning leather chairs, art, rugs, cushion, everything, you will no doubt find at least 35 things you want for your home. If you’re not sure what you need, the gals are very knowledgeable so they can point you in the right direction. Don’t miss grabbing a coffee from next door coffee shop Roller Door Espresso!
Where: 2/85 Ashmore Rd, Bundall

Kira & Kira
A game changer to the Gold Coast homewares store game is Kira & Kira (so nice they named it twice) in Miami. The absolutely stunning store is a workshop and retail space dedicated to the design and development of furniture and interior pieces. Each piece is made with the highest quality materials and inspired by a mid-century modern aesthetic, celebrating functionality, clean lines and beautiful finishes. We absolutely love every single thing in there and would very much appreciate being stylish enough to include them all in our home. Please.
Where: Cnr Gold Coast Highway and Kratzman Avenue, Miami 

Trader Trove

Trader Trove
Oh Moroccan-inspired homewares, how you have our hearts (and a lot of our money) with thanks, in no small part, to the impeccably styled space that is Trader Trove. With new and vintage wares, sourced both locally and from around the globe, it is the homewares store of our dreams and there is not a thing in there we would not love to own. Brightly coloured Turkish cushions are artfully placed next to Moroccan grass baskets and beside intricately woven rugs and it’s all absolute perfection.
Where: 22 Christine Avenue, Miami

Maison & Maison
A bohemian-inspired beauty you’ve no doubt wandered past in your travels around Burleigh, Maison & Maison is filled with an eclectic range of tapestry cushions, leather pouffes, carved buffalo skulls and throw rugs. The pieces here are also inspired by the beauty of the world and sure to ignite some wanderlust within your holiday-hungry soul. They want you to imagine meandering through the streets of Istanbul, with a cocktail in hand and tropical living on your mind. But in Burleigh. Don’t mind if we do.
Where: 53 James Street, Burleigh Heads

Emporium on James
Expect to find all the delightful things at Emporium on James. There’s beautiful wicker furniture, Mongolian sheepskin throws, hanging chairs, Maison Blanche candles and the loveliest gifts. All of which will definitely tickle your fancy. There’s also a pretzel shaped bottle opener that we simply must have. If quirky, unique pieces in natural colours and textures are your thing, Emporium on James is the one for you.
Where: 1/50 James Street, Burleigh Heads 

Gather Store
Gather is a beautiful little home goods and gallery store filled with thoughtfully curated goodies with a strong emphasis on raw, crafted and botanical. The gals are passionate about supporting local artisans and brands AND they even have a micro nursery with a hand-picked selection of indoor and patio plants. We absolutely LOVE the range of handmade ceramics on offer and may have quite the collection in our house already. It’s the perfect place to find an incredible gift for a loved one or, of course, to treat yo’self. Located next to Dust Temple, pop in for your art gallery fix too!
Where: Shop 1, 56 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin

Salt Living
Perfectly representative of the coastal life we know and love, Salt Living has been filling the homes of Gold Coasters since 2014. With a love of relaxed, beachside vibes and high quality, handmade and ethically produced pieces from around the world, the space itself is all white, shades of blue and golden accents and it’s as pretty as you could ever hope your house to be. The store also stocks some incredible artworks, slides from everyone’s (our) fave brand St. Agni and swimwear by local brand peony. So all the best things. Love this place.
Where: The Strand, 72 Marine Parade, Coolangatta

Words by Kirra Smith

Three Balls Red

Next Door Espresso moves into St Barts new Burleigh space

We are people who are quite passionate about several things in life but at the very top of that list is good coffee, mouthwatering eats and life-changing homewares (probably in that order honestly).

Which is why it brings us great pleasure to report on the latest Gold Coast happening, this weeks’ opening of Next Door Espresso slash St Barts homewares and interior design showroom in Burleigh Heads.

If there is a dream-come-true combination on the Coast, it is this one friends because you can both peruse the absolutely mind-blowing art, furniture and general homewares goodness the team at St Barts are famous for curating, then sit yourself down for one of the best coffees around while also sampling fresh, delicious eats and congratulating yourself on a day well spent.

Perfect, no?

Found on Junction Rd in Burleigh, the new space opened on Monday September 16th and if you’ve ever visited Next Door Espresso’s Tweed Heads venue, you’ll know you’re in for a treat.

The eatery section of the space is surrounded by white, Bessel block walls and decked out with timber tables, rattan lounge chairs, a beautiful concrete coffee bar and dotted with greenery, making it the perfect post-shopping relaxation zone.

On the menu you’ll find brunch goodies along the lines of Spiced Bircher, the prettiest of Acai bowls, Avo Toast, a Field of Greens bowl filled with yes, greens but also quinoa, avocado, lemon, seeds and feta (so yummy) and toasties (love you).

The coffee is organic by Federal brewers Moonshine who are really very good at what they do. One of the best cuppas around.

There’s also a seven-spice Chai you should definitely taste, cold-pressed juices and organic Mayde Tea (local too).


St Barts
St Barts

Now let’s talk homewares because St Barts have created something very special that you’ve no doubt experienced at their flagship store at The Brickworks. The new Burleigh space is a double storey masterpiece filled with luxury homewares, furniture, fashion and artworks. All of which will have you wandering around in wide-eyed awe.

Upstairs, St Barts sister brand FINEPRINT co are showcasing limited edition prints alongside art by local creatives and we would like one of everything for our homes please.

It’s the perfect place to go should you need to fill your home with stunning pieces that last a lifetime (which you obviously do) or pick out the prettiest of gifts for a friend.

Speaking of perfect, how good is this collaboration between Next Door Espresso and St Barts, we see lots of both in our futures friends.

Pop in and show them some love, prepare to stay awhile.

LOCATION: 24 Junction Rd, Burleigh Heads
HOURS: Next Door Espresso – 7am until 3pm daily, St Barts – 9am to 5pm weekdays and 9am to 2pm Saturday

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

Trader Trove

4 reasons you need to have Trader Trove on your radar..

This isn’t your stock standard homewares store, it’s so much more than that.. A creative space, full of positive vibes and happy energy. Avalon Beban has created your ultimate zen den, open for all to share and all to enjoy. Here’s why Trader Trove should be on your treasure map…

1. Your “jungalow glow”

If you’ve been eager to create that Bohemian vibe in your own home, this is your one stop shop. Furnishings, homewares, artwork and greenery guaranteed to create the ideal boheme vibe. Papasans, Mamasans couches, hanging chairs, rattan furniture, throws and rugs are just a few of the specialty treasures you can find here. Trader Trove’s delightful products are sourced from all over the world including India, Africa, Turkey, Morocco and even the sunny Gold Coast 🙂

2. Workshops

Trader Trove has been cleverly designed to enable the most use of this inviting space. Owner, Avalon Beban is excited for the space to be shared by like-minded people. She anticipates the likes of yoga, art exhibitions (check out point 3!), craft, book clubs and essential oil workshops just to name a few. The entire space can be rented after hours, or smaller areas can be utilised during the day.

3. Mitch Gobel’s first ever art exhibition!

The exhibition launch party for “Paradise Valley” will be held on Saturday 12th November from 6pm – 9pm, with the artwork on display at Trader Trove until 19th November. Byron Bay local Mitch Gobel, who has just moved to Noosa with his sensual sidekick Sally Mustang; creates some amazing pieces of resin art. Be sure to get your tickets to this, limited numbers available.

Get your tickets here: http://www.mitchgobelresinart.com/prints/paradise-valley-opening-party

Instagram: @mitchgobel_resinart & @ sallymustang

4. Support Local Business

Still only in their first week of opening, Trader Trove are passionate about supporting local business and are aiming to get more local suppliers on board. They currently stock some gorgeous local Gold Coast soy candles and are continuing to unpack boxes of the good stuff sourced from our own backyard.

Make sure you drop in and say hi!

Open Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm

22 Christine Ave, Miami QLD


By Amy Merridan

Stock up on stunning, locally-made homewares

There comes a time in life when the things that matter most are beautiful homewares, good wine and a comfortable bed in a room filled with said homewares to ensure we get (the very necessary these days) eight hours of sleep every night.

For us, that time is now Gold Coasters and we suspect you might feel the same which is why it gives us great pleasure to bring you news of a new homewares and lifestyle store that is probably (definitely) our new favourite place to be.

The newbie is the work of the one and only Jasmine Potter along with design extraordinaire Charlotte Barnes and it’s the third ball in a trio of lifestyle arms (tiles, lighting, lifestyle) that make up Jas’ boutique interior design company, Three Balls Red.

Now, perhaps you’re thinking that all homewares slash lifestyle stores are created equal. Stop that. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

The magic of this particular space, and the reason for this tale, is that the majority of pieces on offer are by Gold Coast makers and the rest, from other incredible Aussie folks.

Which is amazing for many reasons, the first of which is that we now have another way to support local talent, the second of which is that we can get to know some mind-blowing local artists and the third of which (bear with us), is that we can put these goodies in our very own homes.

The goodies we speak of are many and varied and all, of course, absolutely stunning.

There’s luxe linen bedding from Moss Living, beautiful beach umbrellas from Salty Shadows, bespoke furniture by Lobo (an incredible business down Tumbulgum way), the most beautiful stoneware from Jas and Charlotte’s wholesale brand Ukuba, one off art pieces by Wabi Projects (LOVE) plus of course, tiles, bathrooms fittings, lighting, rugs, anything you could possibly want for your home, the girls have you covered. And then some.

Every single piece is unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else and we’re in love with all of it. If you’re thinking about what to buy us for Christmas, look no further.

One of the most exciting pieces within the store is a chair (that deserves a far more impressive name than that) by local artist CJ Anderson, called Soigné, that was selected to be exhibited by the Milan Design Fair and it’s not hard to see why.

It’s a work of architectural genius, made with heavy-duty leather and brass detailing and it’s the new love of our lives. Look up CJ’s work and prepare to give away all your dollars (for good reason).

As mentioned, Christmas is about 14 seconds away and we’re all about treating oneself (not just at Christmas) and this stunning little spot is just the place to do it.

Good luck choosing what to buy.

Sleep well in your newly fabulous home friends, we know we will.

LOCATION: 2/85 Bundall Rd, Ashmore
HOURS: 8.30am until 5pm Monday to Friday and 9am until 1pm Saturday

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

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