11 Gold Coast Valentine’s Day gifts

It’s that time again folks, the one day of the year when you’re obliged to shower the love of your life in gifts and Facebook declarations of your undying affection.

Some say it’s simply a Hallmark holiday designed to guilt you out of your hard earned cash but we say those people should be quiet because love is nice and presents are also nice.

Anywho. Here’s a list of local gifts you could purchase your person should you not be into researching and keen to #supportlocal.


Chalmers Pyjamas
If your girl is all about cruisy Sundays and caffeinated Mondays (and let’s face it, what girl isn’t), a pair of Chalmers Pyjamas is for her. They come in crazy colour combos, and also some chill ones and they’re soft and comfy AF.

Salty Soul Surfwear
For the sandiest of surfer girls, Salty Soul is sustainable surfwear made in Australia and in the prettiest of patterns. Choose from one pieces, bikinis, long arms, short arms, you name it, they’ve made it and your lady love will dig them all. 

Eco Sisters
Eco friendly is always a good way to go, it shows you care you know. Luckily, Eco Sisters make the perfect gifts for your gal along the lines of beauty gift packs (to enhance her natural beauty guys), bath soak gifts packs and face rollers to soothe that tired face of hers. Don’t say that though. 

Eyes of Love Photography
So, NEWSFLASH, ladies love to feel beautiful and how better to make that happen for your lady than with some pretty pics she can keep forever. Michelle from Eyes of Love has a magical knack for bringing out the sparkliest side of everyone she shoots so this one will definitely win you some brownie points boys. 

JBK Designs
If jewellery is your tried and tested fave, look no further than Jewellery by Kim. Unique, colourful and reminiscent of our laidback local vibes, JBK is for the gal who doesn’t mind standing out from the crowd. All sterling silver products are handmade and you can choose to have something custom made if you’re feeling brave.


D’Arcy Surfboards
With 25 years of shaping expertise, the gang at D’Arcy clearly know what they’re doing. Your mate will love their custom shapes (and you, as chooser of the gift) and you may never need to buy him anything again. From beginners to big guns, D’Arcy builds boards for all.

Ribs & Dust
I think we can all agree that chunky, silver jewellery is a delightful thing to behold on the fingers of a man. That’s a strange sentence isn’t it. Anyway. Simon Goodburn’s locally crafted pieces are unique, made with love and can be custom designed. A good choice gals.

The Undercurrent
Dudes are generally quite patriotic creatures and particularly around these parts. What better gift then than a t-shirt designed by a local artist representing their suburb of residence (or just the GC in general). The Undercurrent creates exactly that along with a recently released trucker cap because dudes also dig those. 

The Sunday Co.
All brands that include the word Sunday are a good time and The Sunday Co. is no exception. They’re all about sweet (and actually affordable) sunnies and little enamel pins that’ll fancy up all his outfits. Cute and quirky.

Gold Coast Longboards
If your man has always wanted to give skateboarding a try but isn’t so keen on getting up close and personal with the pavement, get him an easy-to-ride longboard from these local legends. Nab yourself one while you’re at it and ride off into the sunset together. Romance.


Bam Bam Bakehouse
The local baking connoisseurs have created a Lovers Croissant because, of course they have. It’s choc-dipped, strawberries and cream flavoured and no matter what your partner’s into, or not into, they will definitely be into this guy. Pre-order now to make sure you don’t miss out on the 643 you’ll want to eat.

Words by Kirra Smith



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