Do the downward dog with actual dogs

Yogaventures Puppy Yoga (image supplied)
Yogaventures Puppy Yoga (image supplied)

We’ve long established that dogs are a substantial part of the lifestyle we have here on the Gold Coast. And with doggos remaining firmly in the position of ‘mans best friend’, we doubt that this is going to change any time soon!

Yoga is another important facet of many Gold Coasters’ lives, making for a vital daily/weekly routine to check in with your body — and basically, get yourself stretchy as hell.

So, what if somebody decided that it might be a good idea to combine both? Well, stop what you are doing, because Yogaventures on Coolangatta’s Griffith Street have gone and done it.

Join in the fun for a playful morning of yoga and puppy licks with a number of furry friends from the Animal Welfare League QLD — and best of all, it’s for a good cause!

100% of the profits from the class cost will be donated to Animal Welfare League QLD, a non-profit organisation dedicated to creating brighter futures for animals in need.

Yogaventures Puppy Yoga (image supplied)
Yogaventures Puppy Yoga with Puppies from Animal Welfare League Queensland (image supplied)

What could possibly be stopping you from going to practice your downward-facing dog with some cute little shelter pups? If this isn’t the most adorable thing we’ve heard of in a while, we don’t know what is! This event does come with a little warning: you may receive the odd toe slobber, face sniff, or even witness a minor accident…but who cares when they’re this cute?!

As you might have already guessed; some of these sweet little pals will be up for adoption if you feel torn about parting ways after class. Going to yoga and coming back with a pupper isn’t your everyday kind of occurrence, but after the year we’ve just had, we think you’re entitled.

Spots are limited, meaning bookings are essential — yoga mat hire is also provided.

Cost: $39 donation to Animal Welfare League QLD
When: Saturday 22nd May 2021 10am – 10:45am (45 mins)
Where: Yogaventures – Level 1A/40 Griffith St, Coolangatta

Words by Alex Mitcheson.

Yogaventures Puppy Yoga (image supplied)
Yogaventures Puppy Yoga (image supplied)



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