Yes Sir Noceur

With an outer space-esque sound that refuses to be pigeon holed, Gold Coast man band Yes Sir Noceur have taken the music scene by storm.

Made up of two born and bred brothers and a couple of Canadians, the boys have notched up plenty of sold out gigs of late and with a debut EP in the works, there’s no doubt they’re going to make us proud(er).

We chat with the boys about magpie inspiration, $1 cappucinos and what’s coming up for them this year.

You guys have played a few local gigs lately, what do you love about playing on the Coast?

The fact that our own beds are within reach after a show.

What are your thoughts on the Gold Coast’s music scene in general?

It’s an amazingly supportive scene for bands and punters alike, just a lack of local venues providing opportunities to showcase original live music.

How does the Coast inspire your music?

We steal most of our songs hooks from the local birds. Wouldn’t have a single song without our hometown magpies.

Your sound is quite unique, how do you guys describe it?

Psychedelic surf and turf.

Where do you get your inspiration for new tunes?

We take inspiration from life on the coast, new tunes we hear and old tunes we love! It all comes down to who has the mojo flowing at any certain time – you can pick out who in the band has had a good week or day when they come to play with a new riff or melody that they’ve pulled from their happy place and are super pumped to jam it out! Vice versa you can tell who’s had a bastard of a day and the creative juices aren’t flowing.

How and when did the band come together in the beginning?

We started a couple of years back now, Ell picked up Marc while he was playing a few acoustic songs at the local bar and the bromance started from there. Rosco lived with Marc and Harry is Ell’s legit brother so it all fit and stuff.

Most fun gig you’ve played lately?

Hands down Bleach* Festival! It was a ripper set up, rad crew and just all round good times.

What have you got coming up this year?

This year we’ve really taken a step back to have a look at what we’re doing in terms of writing, releasing and touring. In the past we’ve just said yes to any and every gig because we love a beer and love to play to people, now we’re putting more thought into all aspects of what we’re doing and working with a few outside agencies to make sure everything we produce comes out puuurrrrrffffeeeecccttt. We’ve got enough songs to fill a new E.P, we’re just sussing which songs fit the vibe, what needs to be culled or fine tuned and then it’s release time.

Favourite piece of life advice?

Never wear white after Labour Day

You’re not a Gold Coast local if you haven’t…

Been to a Yes Sir Noceur show!


Beach…Nobby’s because we live there

Restaurant… Hooters (for the wings only you dirtbags)

Bar… Hooters- for the wide selection of beers and excellent service they provide

Coffee shop…7/11’s dirty dollar capps




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