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New Gold Coast local & Co-Founder Tim Jones, chats to Inside Gold Coast about the creation and story behind the next holiday essential, “Travelshoot”.

For those that aren’t in the know, can you tell us exactly what “Travelshoot” is?

Travelshoot connects travelers with a network of local, professional photographers in over 70 destinations around the world to capture those once in a life time memories. We have worked with local photographers in each destination to create various 1, 2 & 4 hour experiences that best capture the city with a focus on candid, natural images. The longer the experience, the more locations and photos that are captured.

What was the inspiration behind Travelshoot & did you have any help starting up? 

My business partner Sarah, who is also my entrepreneurial older sister, went to New York with her partner and they connected with a good friend of ours who was a photographer in New York at the time. They did a photoshoot with him and the images that came back were amazing and now feature all over their home and that was the light bulb that spawned Travelshoot. Since then, Sarah has featured on a Channel 10/Optus My Shark Tank episode which she won as well as taking out a position in BRW’s top 20 under 40 changing the face of QLD business. We have since partnered with Flight Centre Travel Group where you are able to buy our experiences today and more recently with Helloworld Travel which will be operational early next year.

What is the most popular “Travelshoot” destination so far?

Unsurprisingly, New York has been the most popular destination so far followed by Paris and Bali.

Travelshoot destinations on the Gold Coast? 

We currently have Main Beach and Coolangatta as options however we are working on a number of others including Currumbin and the hinterlands. We have a great network of photographers down here and as the process is fairly dynamic, we are always happy to work in with customers and where they are wanting to have their experience take place.

Who can use travel shoot & why? 

It genuinely is a product for almost anyone without sounding like a gimmicky salesman. We have had a real mix of customers from solo travelers, families, honeymooners, multi generation families, bucket list holidays, girls’ trips and surprise proposals.

What do you guys look for when selecting your photographers?

Its finding that perfect mix of great, natural photography and someone who has a friendly fun nature. We want our customers to not only get amazing photos but also to have a fun, comfortable experience with a local who knows how to have a good time. I’ve been fortunate to do a few Travelshoot’s now both here on the coast and also in New York and laughed all the way through them with our photographers, got some great insights into the city and also had a coffee or beer with them afterwards which tends to happen a lot!

You’re favourite thing about being a part of Travelshoot?

The anticipation waiting for a new album to come in. Getting to be the first person after the photographer to see the amazing images of a surprise proposal in Paris or of a family having the best time on an island in Fiji always makes the day pretty special.

You’ve moved from Brivegas to the Gold Coast, why? 

After Travelshoot got up and running, both my sister and I both left our corporate, city jobs for the lifestyle the coast has to offer and the affinity with our brand. The beaches are the best in the world and the food options down here seem to get better by the day with a new place opening every other week its hard to keep up! From a business perspective, the tourism industry down here is massive and having a great airport only a 10-minute drive away allows me to travel interstate without any issue.

Your top travel tip?

Noise cancelling headphones are an absolute must. My sister bought me a great pair of Bose headphones last year and I’ll never go back.

Tim’s Top 5’s

Coffee Shops

  • Feather & Docks
  • Burleigh Social
  • Espresso Motto
  • Warehouse No. 5
  • All Time


  • Lester & Earl
  • Rick Shores
  • Peter’s Fish Market
  • Canteen
  • Barefoot Barista

Spots for a beverage or two

  • Kirra Surf Club
  • Balter Brewery
  • Garden Bar
  • Justin Lane
  • Bon Bon


  • Palm Beach
  • Burleigh
  • Currumbin
  • Miami
  • Cooly

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By Amy Merridan



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