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Founder of Patriot Campers and Gold Coast local, Justin Montesalvo, talks about the impressive camper trailers that’ll make your outdoor experience that much more enjoyable.

If someone were to walk into Patriot Campers, what would they find?
Patriot Campers produce the best family touring and camping products in the country. Our Camper trailer range is our core business but we also produce top end tow vehicles based on the Landcruiser 79 and 200 series.

What was your motivation behind starting Patriot Campers?
We struggled for years to find a camper trailer that would accomodate the entire family without towing massive weight and lengths that all of our now competitors produce. We already had a business with state of the art sheetmetal equipment and engineers, we focused on producing an extremely compact and lightweight design with all the mod cons.

What’s the most important thing first time buyers should take into consideration?
Really working out what style of camping suits you makes all the difference when deciding on a camper trailer. Are you into touring, moving night after night or long stays at a favourite destination? This should be the major factor considered when buying or optioning a camper.

Best Patriot Campers product?
Our number 1 seller is our X1. We have won the Australian Camper Trailer of the Year the past 3 years in a row and are competing this month for our 4th title.

Why Patriot Campers? What makes it different to the others?
Patriot Campers has won the Australian Camper Trailer of the Year the past 3 years in a row. We manufacture using technologies and materials that are state of the art. Our designs just work, we practice what we preach and are constantly refining our designs based on real life use through our RnD.

Off road?
Our compact and lightweight designs ensure maximum off road ability by minimising the stress put on the tow vehicle. Our trailers come standard with high clearance independent suspension, mud terrain tyres and dual shock absorbers.

Are the Patriot Campers family friendly ? What are the creature comforts that are going to make the lady of your life think that this is a suitable item on Santa’s list?
Family is our focus, all our products revolve around family lifestyle. The trailers feature hot water, king size mattresses, plumbed sink, shower, living areas and even an option for a heated tent for maximum comfort.

Anything exciting that we can expect from Patriot Campers?
Every year we introduce a new model so yes, we are constantly coming up with new products, but we have to keep them top secret!

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By Amy Merridan



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