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Tom Loud aka. Hot Dub Time Machine

Catch his epic set Sunday night!

He’s renowned the world over for his mish-mash of old school beats and, excitingly for us, he’s playing a show on the Gold Coast this weekend!

We sat down for a chat with Tom Loud, aka Hot Dub Time Machine, about his Festival 2018 (the first ever Gold Coast) show and his wife Lulu Loud’s kid-friendly version.

How’s your time on the Gold Coast been, got any favourite hangouts?
We love the Gold Coast! I think people forget just what a magnificent beach it is. My 5 year old daughter loves the Putt Putt although I have to say she wasn’t much competition, I beat her convincingly.

Have you had a chance to see much of the Commonwealth Games/Festival 2018?
We only got here on Wednesday and have been busy, but we really love the Kurrawa Park spot where Kid/Dub is. We have our two girls here who are 5 and 2, so it’s lovely to see so many other young families out enjoying themselves.

How do you feel about playing at the Commonwealth Games?
We are stoked! It’s lovely to do three days of free Kid/Dub parties, and then to finish it off with a massive beach Hot Dub party, which will be amazing.

What can people expect from your show?
Hot Dub time Machine is every great song ever played in chronological order, mixed and mashed live from turntables. It’s a massive international festival hit and this is the first proper Gold Coast show ever. Kid/Dub is the kid’s version, which is DJed by my wife Lulu Loud, and it’s the same concept but shaped to appeal to kids 3-10.

What else is happening for you guys this year?
Our usual routine is to tour in Australia until about May, and then work in the UK and USA until October. So that means lots of flights, lots of time apart, so it’s lovely to have gigs like this where we can all come together as a family.

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