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Don’t miss a stellar performance by Ella Fence

Five minutes with the local electro-pop musician.

She’s the Gold Coast songwriter and musician making waves in the music world and earlier this year Ella Fence received rave reviews for her performance in the Bleach* Festival production, Hotelling.

On Saturday (April 14th), the talented gal will perform alongside Kate Miller-Heidke as part of Festival 2018.

We sat down for a chat about performing with one of her music idols and creating live music venues inside hotel rooms.

How long have you been a Gold Coast local?
I’ve lived here my whole life, I was born in Pindara Hospital. I’ve travelled a lot and have some family in Melbourne so I’m back and forth between here and there but the Gold Coast is such a beautiful place, I love coming home.

What do you love most about our city?
I love the people, being able to walk on the beach and say hello to everyone. There’s such a friendly culture on the Gold Coast and I love being able to feel connected to everyone. You can meet new people and everyone is always really open, kind and generous.

How does it feel to be performing at the Commonwealth Games?
It’s a dream come true. I watched Kate (Miller-Heidke) perform at HOTA (Home of the Arts) five years ago and admired her so much. This was before I was touring and I saw the live show and it was a huge driving force for me in understanding what I wanted to do. I met her afterwards and it was such a fan girl moment. To be playing such an incredible event on the Gold Coast for the Gold Coast and supporting someone I admire, who has such talent and showmanship is incredible, I’m very excited.

How did the gig come about?
Bleach* Festival have been hugely supportive of me for quite a few years.
Last year I created a show I took to Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We took over motel rooms and made a live music venue, like a private party, with champagne and revealed all my new songs. Bleach* was invited, and so were all my fans, and we’ve done a few things together since then, including performing with them in Hotelling – a production that took place in the Penthouse of the Soul building in Surfers Paradise. It’s really just about getting out there and getting to know amazing people.

What do you think of Festival 2018 so far?
It’s been incredible. In terms of culturally for the Gold Coast, I think it triggers ideas for other people. They’re activating spaces that aren’t normally utilised for the arts plus it’s all free and it’s such high calibre programming. They have really been engaging with local artists and putting local people in front of international crowds.

The Gold Coast is very much a holiday destination for people to come to the beach but the more art we can offer in the city, the more we can make it a destination for that kind of thing too.

What’s do you have on for the rest of the year?
I’ll be working on new music. I have a single coming out within the next month, which is exciting. It’s called Hurricane and I’m completely wrapped about it. Other than that, we’ll just be working on the stage show and writing heaps of music. I plan to tour mid-year and hopefully travel, write and play some shows overseas.

How would you describe your music?
It’s an electro, pop rock project that’s ever changing. There’s huge bass and crazy, dirty synthesizer sounds and the guys in my band sing too so there’s a beautiful vocal melody with some edgy, glam, electro sounds.

Tell us your favourites on the Coast…
Beach: My friends and I always go to Burleigh to hang out and have a drink but on the Coast we’re also so close to beaches down south where there aren’t that many other people so I love it down there too.
Cafe: Third Base Espresso in Palm Beach. Shout out to Rhys, my favourite barista of all time.
Restaurant: One of my favourite cuisines is Turkish food and if I could eat pita all day every day I would. There’s a place in Harbour Town that’s incredible called Real Adana Chargrill, that’s my favourite.
How does your weekend usually look? My life in general revolves around music so I’m normally rehearsing, writing or performing. On days where it doesn’t look like that, I love going and finding new places and doing things that are a bit different. The other weekend someone suggested I go to a koala sanctuary so I do different things like that to find inspiration. I also love to go or dancing and party, see live music, go to the beach.


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