Glow Worm Caves


Welcome to the Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves! Go underground as your guided through a purpose-built cave, filled with thousands of glowing glow worms!

You are offered the only opportunity in Queensland to see glow worms during the day, and over the course of 30 minutes, you’ll see a glow worm up close and learn all about their life cycle and behaviour. The cave features a colony of native Mt. Tamborine glow worms, and your admission helps support and ensure the survival of the species in South East Queensland for future generations!

The caves consist of two large chambers interlinked by tunnels. The first chamber is the “presentation cave” where you’ll be shown an audio-visual display on the Glow Worms. This chamber is complete with very realistic formations such as stalagmites and stalactites, water features and flow stone. From this stunning cave, you will be guided through the magical glow worm cave!

The cave has been designed to maintain ideal conditions for the delicate glow worms throughout the year, providing the perfect environment for a healthy colony. This means you are guaranteed to see THOUSANDS of glow worms inside the cave all year round.

Visiting the Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves gives visitors the wholy unique opportunity to see glow worms glow during the daytime, and be surrounded by living lights.


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