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The Productive GC

A pet friendly co-working space for Bundall.

According to a stat we either read or made up, 40% of people will be working in freelance or work from home roles at some point in the not too distant future. The 40% part is real, the rest, unsure.

But, unless you’re the most motivated person on earth and Netflix has yet to take over your life (congrats, liar) working from home may not be as peachy as it sounds.

Enter, co-working spaces. Pretty little office-like areas, made to look and feel lovely by someone else, where you can set up shop for the day, make new friends and maybe send off an email or two.

The Gold Coast is home to a few down south but guess what people in and around Bundall? You get a cute co-working space too.

The Productive GC opened recently and it’s all white walls with plants in every corner, lolly jars on every surface and the very best part is… YOU CAN BYO PETS.

Yep, furry friends are welcome and everybody knows animals in offices enhance productivity and moods and general feelings of happiness (also a manipulated stat).

The Productive GC can be found on Upton Street and there is parking for days, which is quite convenient in most life situations but definitely when you’re running late because you didn’t set your alarm because you’re a freelancer and you don’t have too. Lucky you.

There are two sections of the office space, both with sweet artwork, coffee stations, fridges etc. a meeting room and plenty of smiling faces. Soon there’ll be an alfresco area so you can conduct your business in the sunshine and that is a thing we can get behind.

The premise of the space is so folks in need of such a space can come together in a community-style situation and share knowledge, network and chat about whether Redskins or Milkos are the king of the lollies. That last thing might just be us.

Creators of The Productive are mama and daughter team Angelique and Ash who each own a business and decided to build a space for everyone else to enjoy too.

Costs to rent a desk are $30 per day, $140 for five consecutive days, $200 for an eight day pass (to be used within a month) and $450 for a month rental including access to the private meeting room, storage and extra dog pats.

There’s also wine and beer for Friday knock offs and that’s enough of a reason to go if you ask us.

LOCATION: Unit 5/21-23 Upton St, Bundall

Words and photos by Kirra Smith

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