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SoCal Tacos

A fresh new Mexi joint for Surfers Paradise.

We know you feel us when we say Mexi Monday should be a more regular occurrence (except for the Monday part obviously).

The flavours, the colours, the tequila, oh my. Maybe we’ll move to Mexico.

Anywho. Enter SoCal Tacos, who have moved into Surfers Paradise to bring more Mexi love into your life. The little space on Beach Rd is serving up big flavours that you may previously have sampled from the likes of their big, black, market-attending taco truck.

Cal and the gang started out in a caravan style situation slinging tasty, tasty tacos to their adoring fans. Because there’s clearly isn’t enough Mexi in the lives of the people, just last week they opened their shopfront and while we will never tire of Mexican foods, theirs is particularly flavour-filled.

Clearly there are tacos, both of the hard and soft varieties, with fillings like Chipotle Pulled Pork, Smoked Chicken, Slow Cooked Beef, Tempura Barramundi and Soft Shell Crab.

The pulled pork is marinated in all the flavours for many hours and the chicken is smoked in-house. In fact, everything is done in house INCLUDING hand cut corn chips made from tortillas, made in Burleigh. Woah.

Of course you can get the regulars; burritos, bowls, nachos, corn chips, guacamole etc. and it’s all very yummy with a little Southern California twist and quite the authentic flavours.

There’s also a dish called Seasoned Chicken Ribs and oh sweet mother of Mexico, they are somehow the most delicious, moreish little things there has ever been.

Jalapeno poppers with what aren’t, but look to be, Cornflakes on the outside are a must-try too, because these little babies are one of our favourite things in the world and you get FOUR and they’re big. Sourced from a local farm no less.

Thank you life for jalapenos.

Soon the SoCal team will be delivering within a 2km radius so if you’re a Surfers dweller, keep an eye out for that good time.

Mexi-food hey, the one thing you can always count on in life.

The end.

LOCATION: 13/9 Beach Rd, Surfers Paradise
HOURS: Tuesday to Friday 11am until late, 12pm to 2am Friday and Saturday and 12pm to 9pm Sunday

Words and photos by Kirra Smith.

© 2024 All Rights Reserved.