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The perfect Mother’s Day gift

Mother’s Day is this weekend Gold Coasters.

Mums. The only people in the world who will love you unconditionally, still buy you Santa sacks when you’re on the other side of 30 and tell you you’re pretty after a 3am stumble in and 47 vodka sodas. Literally, the only people.

In return, we give them a lifetime of worry, maybe a grandchild or two and definitely more grey hairs than anyone needs or deserves. Oh and they get one day of the year unequivocally devoted to them.

Yes, it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday the 12th of May and you better go all out for Mum this year friends because a) she gave you life and b) we’ve got the perfect gift idea.

You know how Mum’s aren’t really around the whole ‘treat yo’self’ style of living we have somehow convinced ourselves we deserve? But really, they’re the ones who actually deserve things like saucepans made out of gold and one hundred silk scarves and tiny teacup pigs and the like. Dramatic but true.

But it’s also true, they don’t want all those things. You know what they do want? A hug from you.

And also a sweet signature scent that (as mentioned above) they would never buy for themselves but that it is now your duty to pick out for them.

Chempro Chemists have you well and truly covered with a range of perfumes Mum will absolutely adore.

Crowd (personal) favourite Marc Jacobs Daisy EDT is floral delight and you may as well get one for yourself while you’re at it.

Vera Wang Princess EDT is a vanilla-ish scent and one we used to spray with abandon back in the day. Mum will definitely love that one too.

Calvin Klein Obsession EDP spray is more of a casual, spicy perfume that’ll infinitely up Mum’s cool factor.

There are MANY more options of course and you’ll probably walk out with armfuls of perfume to dole out equally between yourself and your Mum. Or, stockpile for the next year or so of birthdays, Christmases and Mother’s Day.

You could also give them all to her at once because she obviously deserves that.

Chempro Chemists is where it’s at y’all.

Not only for Mother’s Day though, they have an extensive gift guide all year round and there’s something every single person in your life will enjoy.

How good.

Words by Kirra Smith


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