Mint Art Studio

It seems there’s an uprising occurring on the Gold Coast. Not in a the-world-is-burning Handmaid’s Tale kind of way. It’s more of a passion-fuelled, heart-led, art and cultural kind of way.

Which is obviously far better. Over the past few years, it kind of snuck up on us, an art exhibition here, a cultural festival there and now, local Coasties are creating new spaces to live out their dreams left, right and centre.

The latest of which is Mint Art Studio, a new space found on West Burleigh Road in Burleigh Heads and bringing all of your colour-filled, Alice in Wonderland-esque dreams to life. If you’ve driven past lately, no doubt you’ll have noticed Prickles, Andrew Cullen and Dion ParkersSwell Sculpture Festival winning giant barbed wire teddy bear standing guard out the front. He’s a real eye catcher. Not a fan of hugs though.

Inside, the space is dotted with works by the talented crew who put the space together and it’s an absolute kaleidoscope of colour with artworks-in-progress tacked to the walls, sculptures and resin art stacked about and a little communal area complete with vintage lounge chairs and plenty of laidback, feel good vibes.

Mint Art Studio is the work of a few incredible locals – Nat Popovski or Nat Pop, an abstract watercolour artist, Cara Sanders an acrylic painter known as Owlet, Danni Borody, of Rustic Fig Design, a painter and resin artist.

There’s also Jillian Bradley, a painter at Jillian Bradley Art, Emily Rose, a multi-disciplinary artist who practices the art of wood burning, Jude of Made in Burleigh, a ceramicist, Dean Brockett, an experimental potter and Vicky (at a.r.t.vs) who works with oil paint, pastels and soft sculpture.

They are a diverse and extremely talented bunch of Gold Coasters whose individual searches for a space to work amongst other artists brought them together.

The group says being able to bounce ideas off one another and watching creations come to life is an incredibly inspiring way to work and having spent time in the space, we can confirm the creative vibes are well and truly swirling within.

At the moment, Mint Art Studio is a working art space made to foster connection between some of the Coast’s most talented artists but the plan is for it to become a gallery with set opening days where people are able to pop in, meet the artists and purchase the pieces on display.

There’ll also be workshops and events with each of the artists in residence and there are a lot of plans for things like art house movie nights and the like.

For now, drop in and say g’day to the gang, you might just be inspired to start creating something yourself.

So you see, an uprising of the arts. Very exciting for our little seaside city and we are 100% here for it.

LOCATION: 55 West Burleigh Rd, Burleigh Heads

Words and photos by Kirra Smith



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