The Oak Cafe

Mudgeeraba is the leafy Gold Coast suburb that, when you’re cruising through the quiet, tree laden streets, seems like it’s a million miles away. Not to ruin that vibe for the lovely locals but in reality it’s only a ten-minute drive and there are many reasons to go/move there.

Not least of which is The Oak Café which opened recently to offer both healthy and homemade eats to the people. The industrial-style space was once home to a second hand furniture store/cafe but when it came up for sale not long ago, owners Paul Horne and Hardi Ellaz jumped at the chance to take over.

Polished concrete floors, oversized leather couches and glossy white tiles set the scene while artfully placed greenery gives a splash of natural colour.

The menu is made up of tasty treats all of which are created using fresh, locally sourced and organic-where-possible produce.

Standouts include the Homemade Charred Corn Bread with grana padano (our beloved cheese), bacon, greens and chilli-fried eggs. It was one of the greatest breakfast dishes we’ve ever eaten. Big call we know.

The corn bread is made with charred corn and capsicum which is then pickled for a time and added to yeast to make the best bread EVER (there are probably other steps but ain’t nobody got time).

You might also like to sample the Soaked Flour Pancakes with banana, praline, ice cream and pure maple syrup because pancakes are life.

Paul, a chef by trade, previously worked for Mondo Organics in Brisbane which was Australia’s first licensed organic restaurant. He’s the man behind all the way-too-yummy cakes, muffins and cookies you’ll find in The Oak’s cabinet (cheers Paul).

Coffee beans are sourced from Brissie beansters (trademarking that one, back off) Cat’s Pyjamas, which is an excellent name because, you guessed it, they are in fact the cat’s pyjamas.

Our time at The Oak was topped off by a piece of lemon tart and also a piece of chocolate hazelnut tart (don’t judge us) and it would be remiss of you to drive all that way (haha) and not leave with some in your belly.

Mudgeeraba coming up with the goods hey.

LOCATION: Shop 10, 19 Robert St, Mudgeeraba
HOURS: Tuesday to Sunday 6.30am to 4pm

Words and photos by Kirra Smith


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