Crass vampires and hilarity and acrobatics, oh my! Prepare for start to finish, edge-of-your-seat excitement thanks to the unleashing of TerrorByte, Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant’s delightfully trashy new production. If you’ve never experienced it (RUN AWAY), expect the unexpected and prepare to have your heart jump-started at every turn.

Terrifyingly realistic vampires and spitting spiders aside, once the show begins you’ll be immersed in a spine-tingling world of energetic vampires, a live (undead) band and an impressive array of special effects.

Let’s take it from the top though. From the moment you line up outside, the craziness begins. Axe-wielding bloodsuckers and crazy-eyed girls roam the carpark, creeping up behind you and screaming at each other mid-conversation just to remind you’re alive. For now.

Upon entering, you’re immediately whisked into a coffin (what else) for a pre-show briefing and then it’s up to the bar for a much-needed cocktail (or three) to calm the nerves. Drax has recently introduced a thrilling new cocktail menu created by Mixologist extraordinaire and Sydney recruit Alex Clark. Think sipping from a giant skull and creepy Tiki cups overflowing with smoke.

Next, it’s onto the ghost train. Yes, there’s a ghost train in the middle of Broadbeach and yes, creepy corner dwellers will attempt to scare the living daylights out of you. Good luck with that.

Dinner and drinks in the theatre ensue and while somewhat less scary than the previous two hours of your life, the creepy wait staff will certainly ensure you’re kept on your toes. A three-course meal is included in the ticket price including a chicken and leek tart for entree, a choice of four options for mains and a surprisingly deadly dessert.

Audience interaction is expected throughout and you might even spot your terrified face flash up on screen if you’re (un)lucky.

In the interest of not spoiling the many surprises let’s just say the show itself is spectacular. Current affairs and the questionable state of the world are mocked mercilessly. It’s a crazy, loud, colourful combination of theatre, dance, live music, movement and comedy and it will bend your mind in more ways than one.

Well, what are you waiting for, a world of debauchery awaits.

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Arrival Time 6:30PM
Ghost Train Ride
Quality 3-Course Dinner
Full Show
Priority Entrance & Exclusive Use of the Venue at the Start of the Night
Finger Food and Sparkling Wine on Arrival
Dracula’s Souvenir VIP Necklace
Premium Seating
Complimentary Tea or Coffee
Discount on selected items in the Shop of Horror