Sunday Luate- Wani (LUATÈ)

Sunday Luate- Wani (image supplied)
Sunday Luate- Wani (image supplied)

Can we collectively agree Friday afternoon is the best time of the week? And what better time of the week to gather your crew at a chillaxed spot and sink a few bevvies with some soft tunes in the background. We can’t think of a better way to spend your knock-offs than at HOTA‘s Fridays on the Lawn with Inside Gold Coast. Running every Friday between 4-7pm, you can kick back on HOTA’s grassy knolls on a picnic blanket, enjoy a bev from the Lawn Bar and smooth tunes from a local muso. The artist providing the soundtrack to the official launch of Fridays on the Lawn with Inside Gold Coast is Sunday Luate- Wani, aka LUATÈ. We got to know the emerging alt-pop singer/songwriter ahead of her performance.

How long have you been a Gold Coast local?
I studied and lived on the Gold Coast for 3 years (2013-2015). I made my start as a musician here playing open mic nights at ‘The Loft’ and doing festivals like ‘Buskers By the Creek’ and ‘Bleach*’. Although I don’t live on the Coast anymore, I still absolutely love it for many reasons but above all else for the sentimentality of having started my career as an artist here.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Gosh, what do you want to know? I feel like maybe a notable thing about me (or rather the first perceivable thing about me) is that I’m an African woman. I’m South-Sudanese-Australian, I’ve only recently started properly thinking about how that particular hyphenation combo actually impacts my practice as an artist and I’ve been really enjoying exploring that. Aside from that, I sew, crochet, read, listen to pensive music and spend too much time thinking about what meaning I can create for my being in this particular place at this particular time.

LUATÈ performing (image supplied)
LUATÈ performing (image supplied)

What drew you towards music?
I started “writing songs” at 10 years old and I kind of just never stopped. In all honesty, it probably made me feel unique in a positive way at a time in my life when I only felt othered for my difference. It was also a haven I could escape to.

What do you love the most about being a musician?
I love the collaborations I get to partake in. From swapping stories with friends that turn into songs as a couple hours flow by, to taking a song to a producer and seeing something that was once so small and personal take on new life in the hands of a fellow artist. In fact, I think what I love most about music is this transcience: the same song can be so different to each new ear that it falls on and can take on so many different forms from the original lyrics and melody to the recording then also the stage performance.

Who is your music idol?
Oh, I obsess over a new artist every week honestly but the ones I tend to go back to all the time are the ones I envy. Folks like Hozier and Lorde, who write these lyrics that are so piercing in their profundity and often they write these things in a truly singular way that makes you wanna kick yourself for not having written it yourself.

How would you describe your music?
I guess the key characteristic of my music is that I sing in these melancholic keys and with my loud and wavering voice and I tend to pack in lyrics like sardines. I’d like to think that a listener would find my searching words evocative and my singing in all its breaks and cracks, honest and comforting.

LUATÈ performing (image supplied)
LUATÈ performing (image supplied)

What song are you loving at the moment?
At the moment I’m loving Otis Redding’s The Dock of the Bay. I really feel seen by it in the sentiments he shares in that song right now.

What can people expect from your upcoming performance(s) at HOTA’s Fridays on the Lawn?
Folks can expect me and my keys, doing our very best to share something resonant! I’ll be playing my debut single Cellophane, as well as some new tracks which may include the stuff I’m working hard at getting released next.

What are your Gold Coast favourites?
Broadbeach’s Cardamom Pod has always been a special spot for me. The food is always fantastic and I’m made some lovely memories there. As for my music spot, I have to say, I’ve had the chance at seeing and playing some incredible sets at Miami Marketta and it’s always a fun evening out.

How do you choose to spend your weekends?
If I have a weekend off I’m likely to spend the morning journaling, reading or falling into some kind of TikTok rabbit hole. And in the evenings, I’d try to do some writing or track some demos or just go spend time with friends and enjoy some local live music!



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