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Scott Maidment

He’s the creative genius who brought us Blanc de Blanc in 2017 and now, Scott Maidment and his production company Strut & Fret, is set to blow your minds again.

His latest production, Deluxe Deluxe, is showing at Home of the Arts until July 27th and you will not want to miss this one.

We sat down for a chat with Scott about bananas, maple syrup and bringing the Spiegeltent back to the Gold Coast.

Tell us what we can expect from Deluxe Deluxe?
Deluxe Deluxe is a crazy mashup of dance, music, cabaret, circus, comedy and good times. 

Why did you decide to debut it on the Gold Coast?
We had such a big response to Blanc de Blanc, people loved it here. We could play it again here another time I think, people keep asking about it. Because of that response we thought, let’s make a new show and let’s start it on the Gold Coast, which not many people do.

What’s the process of finding such incredible talent for the show?
Some of these people I’ve worked with for the last five or six years and some I’ve only just met. It’s kind of a mix of having people you know will be amazing and then throwing in a few new ingredients.

Do you plan the show first and then find the talent?
No, it works the other way. I choose the people and try to make a vibe and then go okay now we’ve got these people, lets make the show.

Why does creating this type of show appeal to you?
I want to make a show that really involves the audience so they’re are as much a part of the action as the performers. It’s not like a play where they’re pretending to be something else, there’s no doubt the audience are as involved in what’s happening on stage as the performers are. I think that kind of real and immediate entertainment is what people want as opposed to sitting at home watching Netflix.

What does it take to bring such an incredible production together?
There’s quite a lot of logistics obviously because people are flying in from all around the world and you’re trying to organise schedules. You have to work and fast and hard but you also want to be crazy and anarchic at the same time. So you need that structure and room to play.

Do you have a favourite act you can give us some insight into?
Somehow the show ended up having a lot to do with bananas, maple syrup and pancakes so obviously that’s very deluxe. 

You gave us Blanc de Blanc last year, how are the two shows different?
The energy is the same in terms of fun and great music but the show, the mix of characters and the entire cast is totally different. 

What’s on for the rest of 2018 for Strut & Fret?
After this we’re doing a show we’ve been touring for five years, Limbo, which is playing for Darwin Festival. The Spiegeltent will come back to the Gold Coast at some stage; I think we’re going to announce that before the end of this year.

What do you love most about the Gold Coast?
Someone sent me a message yesterday, its two degrees in Melbourne and it’s 25 here, it’s the perfect winter and it’s great for the performers to be here at this time of year. It’s deluxe.

Blanc de Blanc

After an epic introduction to the Gold Coast earlier this year, Blanc de Blanc is back in the Aurora Spiegeltent at Broadwater Parklands from the October 5th to November 5th.

A bubble-filled world of fantasy awaits with the burlesque, circus-style show bringing the finest cabaret and acrobatic talents from around the world.

Every act in the show is inspired by champagne and includes elements of comedy, audience interaction and giant balls flying through the air. Think pumping music, acrobats twisting high above the crowd, dancing, singing and a little bit of skin.

The round, circus-style tent is filled with mirrors, a stage placed in the middle of the room and the audience up close and personal.

It’s a giant party like nothing you’ve ever seen before – illuminating and exciting.

Directed by Scott Maidment, who recently worked on Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour, and choreographed by Kevin Maher (of Justin Bieber and Britney Spears fame), Blanc de Blanc has sold out around the world due to its wild, risqué moves.

In reality, words are inadequate to describe the wonder that is the world of champagne cabaret.

Without giving too much away, Blanc de Blanc is a must-see. Particularly if you need a little more excitement in your life. Tickets available here – get in quick!

LOCATION: The Aurora Spiegeltent, Broadwater Parklands
COST: From $55

HOTA announces $1,000 cash for digital artists

There is absolutely no doubt that good things come out of hard times and it’s absolutely incredible to see Gold Coast businesses rallying around one another, and the public in general at a time when we most need each other.

The latest business to come out in support of those who have lost a significant amount of potential income is Home of the Arts (HOTA), our premier art and cultural precinct who have obviously also been adversely affected by the state of the world.

Despite that though, the team at HOTA have announced a new artists support fund that will see them offering up to $1,000 cash for projects that take no more than one week to develop and deliver.

Criena Gehrke (CEO at HOTA) said that artists are the lifeblood of HOTA and without them, there is no Home of the Arts and they need to know they are supported now more than ever. True.

It’s called the Rage Against the V(irus) Fund and it’s designed to turn downtime into a spark for innovation, using digital technology.

For Gold Coast based artists, it’s the perfect opportunity to follow through on an idea they’ve had swirling around for awhile, develop something a bit left of centre or experiment with something completely new. Creativity with no bounds, what a brilliant idea.

If you’re thinking of applying, the projects must have an online outcome, which could include a podcast, audio file, Facebook live event, video content, streaming, Instagram or other digital platforms.

The opportunity is open to artists, collectives and organisations, or artists who have a strong connection to the Gold Coast, with successful applicants to be notified within seven days of applying.

What are you waiting for friends, get out there and make something while you have some time up your sleeves.

Expressions of interest for the HOTA Artist Fund – Rage Against The V(irus) are open from Friday 20 March to Friday 15 May, with all projects to be completed by Friday 29 May, 2020.

Good one HOTA.

Words by Kirra Smith

HOTA Gallery is now officially open

HOTA Gallery Exterior (image supplied)

It’s the moment the arts community, and indeed the public of the Gold Coast have been waiting a little while for (drum roll) the shiny new Home of the Arts (HOTA) Gallery is now open! And what a great complement to an already incredible arts precinct this is going to be!

While the tickets to access the gallery this weekend were already sold out, the opening weekend is set to make you excited. There will be artworks both indoors and out that celebrate the diversity, richness and ambition of the Gold Coast. Coinciding with live music across both the Saturday and Sunday daytimes, the experience — even for those without access to the gallery (for now) — is set to be a great one-off experience still.

On Saturday 8th May, the music program will serve as a vibrant soundtrack to the buzz of excitement and anticipation at the Gallery and its surroundings. Music will kick off from 11am to 3.30pm with a line up on the Outdoor Stage featuring the fiery instrumentation from Hussy Hicks, dreamy psych-pop from Echo Wave, the colourful sounds of Samba, Bossa Nova from Augusta Street, the hip hop and traditional rhythms from young First Nations band, Jarulah and Blackline Band and the funky, disco vibes from DJ Felix.

On Sunday 9th May, you’re encouraged to experience ‘Echoes of Gold’, featuring performances by: Eliza & The Delusionals, Donny Love, DENNIS. and DJ sets by VICES to name a few. All hosted by Kate Baggerson and Zac Fahey, with live on-stage interviews with artists, musos, and industry movers & shakers, the line-up will be nothing short of exciting.

HOTA Art Gallery entrance (image supplied)
HOTA Art Gallery entrance (image supplied)

And to amplify that local Gold Coast flavour, even more, The Design Collective Markets will be on-site showcasing a selection of Gold Coast and Queensland artisan makers and retailers for a pop-up market of boutique wares and gifts! Not forgetting the mix of food trucks/outlets, local beers, it’s lining up to be solid Sunday in our eyes. On a picnic blanket or standing with a cold one in hand — either way, it’s an unmissable Gold Coast event.

If you did secure tickets to the opening, in the opening exhibition, titled Solid Gold: Artists from Paradise, be sure to keep an eye out for local artist Aaron Chapman’s inclusion — we have it on good authority it will be big and bright! You simply can’t miss it.

Internationally, the Contemporary Masters from New York: Art from the Mugrabi Collection exhibition (13 November 2021 – 27 February 2022) will be showcased in the new 1000m2 main exhibition gallery a stunning space featuring approximately 70 works from some of the world’s most influential contemporary artists including Andy Warhol.

And if you decide to hold off on visiting the Gallery until after Friday 14th May, you can then check out the incredible new Palette Restaurant and Exhibitionist Bar. Both of which where you will find deftly put-together food and tantalising cocktails await with enigmatic views of our skyline and hinterland.

The Gold Coast art scene is set to flourish, folks!

Where: HOTA, 135 Bundall Road, Surfers Paradise
When: Opening weekend – Saturday 8 May & Sunday 9 May 2021

Words by Alex Mitcheson.

The Rainforest by Australian painter William Robinson, the first piece of art hung in Gallery at HOTA (image supplied)
The Rainforest by Australian painter William Robinson, the first piece of art hung in Gallery at HOTA (image supplied)
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