Renee Saville

How long have you been a Gold Coast local?
I lived on the Gold Coast (which I felt like I became a local very quickly haha) for two years. I became quite the James Street local and spent my time working with the incredible peeps at Edwards & Co. in Budds Beach.

What do you love most about the Goldie?
I love the atmosphere! It goes from vibing weekends amongst Burleigh to this beautiful, peaceful coastline where you get the beach to yourself (or nearly). The different suburbs give you a taste of it all. Currumbin being an absolute favourite. The walks on the coast are to die for.

Tell us about Renee Saville Hair.
After spending 18 years in the industry, working internationally abroad, across Australia and amongst my favourite hairdressers, I gained a lot of knowledge in the field. After I decided to move home to the Sunshine Coast to be amongst my nearest and dearest, I hadn’t lived there long-term for nearly six or more years, I decided what better time to create my own brand, Renee Saville Hair. I like to create an experience of 5-star service and friendliness where I get to drive my passion to my clients.
Even since my early days, it’s always been about creating effortless hair to make you feel new again. I spend most of my time in Salon, though I have a strong passion for styling. I service wedding hair from Byron Bay to Gold Coast alongside my new wedding team. Whilst also working on creative shoots. It’s been just under two years since I started ‘Renee Saville Hair‘ and the growth baffles me. I feel incredibly flattered by the response to my work. There are some new exciting things to come for the brand this year, watch this space….

Should I wash my hair everyday?
If you like to wash your hair daily, go right ahead, though it needs to be done with great quality shampoo to do so, to ensure you don’t create a chemical build up. Ask your stylist for their recommend.

How can I maintain great hair at home?
To maintain great hair at home, I ask all my clients to use Olaplex Step 3 at home weekly, also a moisture masque weekly. High quality shampoo, conditioner & leave in treatment. Heat tools only once a week on your hair at home. 🙂

Is there an easy way to fix my fringe myself?
If you can’t make it to your stylist I suggest trying a cheek bang blowdry, you can see a tutorial for this on my page!

My roots are starting to show, is there a quick fix?
If you are grey, there are so many salon quick fix touch up root sprays you can use. If you are blonde, a good quality blonde shampoo will help lift & brighten the tone, it won’t fix your roots though, it’ll feel fresh until you do 🙂

Can I stop my colour from fading or extend the life of my colour?
Yes!!! Big yes!! Like I mentioned above, using Olaplex at home repairs the bonds in your hair cuticle, healthy hair cuticle allows the colour to attach to your hair which prevents your colour from fading. This also goes for the hydration and shampoo you use. Colour shampoos and treatments are also perfect to maintain the colour.

What’s the best option for getting rid of split ends?
Regular trims, Olaplex & stay away from heat tools!!

My hair looks dull and lifeless, anything I can use around the house to add some shine?
My favourites are ‘Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine’, or ‘Iles’ Leave-In Serum. My absolute favourites!!!!!

With all this time on my hands, what’s the best mask I can put in my hair?
I have a few I love, though I am a big fan of Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with prickly pear oil, and I love Young Again by Kevin Murphy.

Tell us your favourites on the Gold Coast:
Coffee spot: Paddock
Café for breakfast: Commune
Restaurant for dinner: Soooo many. I do love Rick Shores and Jimmy Wah’s.
How does your weekend usually look : Surf, yoga, sun, play with my pooch, give my mum a hug, finished with a bev with the besty.



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