Treat yourself at Southport’s stunning new coffee and wine bar

It seems like every single day a stunning new Insta-worthy space opens up on the Gold Coast to fulfil our pretty picture loving needs. And not only pretty picture loving. Coffee loving, wine loving AND delicious eats loving. All of the things.

The latest spot to do exactly that is Pearl & Ash, an absolutely stunning new café and wine bar at The Brickworks in Southport that we would like to model every single room in our homes off, thank you very much.

The vibe is modern minimalism at its very best, all blush pinks, steel hardware, tiny little tiles and polished concrete with a sleek espresso machine at one end and a fully stocked wine bar at the other.

A neon sign in our new favourite font shines out from one wall, while a big, old window allows for all the natural light to pour in from the opposite side. One of our favourite fitouts in fact.

The menu is equally as exceptional, filled with breakfast, brunch and sweet goodies that’ll keep you coming back to taste test them all.

The House-Made Granola was a treat with dragonfruit, pannacotta, chia seeds, lime coconut Co Yo, kiwi, berries and toasted coconut. Pretty and delicious.

The Smashed Avo is also a winner (as always) but particularly because it comes with popped baby capers and baby capers are one of our favourite things in the whole world.

For brunch, the Roasted Spiced Cauliflower comes with pumpkin and thyme hummus, baby vegetables, tofu and avocado and it is a healthy, taste sensation.

The Green Lip Mussels are a must-taste with coconut, kaffir lime, lemongrass, chilli, ginger and organic sourdough. Amazing.

Sweets-wise, there are NUTELLA HOTCAKES and wait for it, they are banana choc-chip buttermilk hotcakes, Nutella mousse (OMG), salted peanut brittle, maple syrup, cinnamon and strawberry compote. So all the very best things in the one magical, life-changing dish.

Do not miss that one.

The coffee is made by the team at Locale Espresso so you know it’s the goods and of course, there is a perfectly curated array of wines so you may sip either delicious drink while you brunch or pop in for an after-work catch-up with the girls. Or both.

So, if perfectly put together spaces with a menu that’ll tickle your tastebuds plus coffee AND wine are your thing (and we know they are), make Pearl & Ash the next stop on your foodie tour of the Gold Coast.

You might just find it’s your new favourite.


LOCATION: The Brickworks, Ferry Rd, Southport
HOURS: 8am until 6pm daily

Words and photos by Kirra Smith



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