Quade & Co.

It’s the little beachside suburb that often flies under the radar but Miami may just be the next suburb to boom. In terms of eateries and drinking holes that is (the only things we’re qualified to have opinions on here).

The latest establishment to slide open its doors is Quade & Co, a specialty coffee shop serving up Melbourne beans Locale and reminiscent of the cool little nooks you might find in the southern city.

The interior is a happy time with a Danni Simpson mural drawn on one wall and copper pipes snaking around the other. As is custom these days, greenery tumbles down from artfully placed pots, exposed bricks make up the back feature wall and the general vibe of the space is raw with a splash of city sleek.

Which isn’t surprising considering co-owner Isaac Quade, the guy whipping up your daily espresso, is quite a bit younger than your average local business owner. He came from a commercial coffee space in Robina and relocated closer to the ocean after deciding Miami needed a little something more.

For the moment, Quade and Co. are just serving up tasty cuppas but within the next few weeks we can expect all the delicious eats too.

There’ll be breakfast faves along the lines of avocado toast (because are you even a café if you don’t serve avo toast) and toasties (which suddenly got popular again).

Fresh muffins will be made on site each day and donuts will also be up for grabs (see previous brackets re: avo toast).

Oh and there’s ample car parking, so that’s an added bonus these days.

Pop in and say g’day to Isaac next time you’re cruising through Miami and mark our words, that place has got some good things going on in 2018.

LOCATION: 1/2098 Gold Coast Hwy, Miami
HOURS: 6am to 12pm Monday to Friday and 5.30am to 1pm Saturday and Sunday

Words and photos by Kirra Smith