Paris Brest

Oh French pastries how you give us life. Even more so when we don’t need to travel half way across the world to sample you.

We think you might agree Gold Coasters and, with that in mind, we bring you happy news. Paris Brest opened in Southport recently offering an absolute haul of mouthwatering French goodies that you must get around ASAP.

The chic little space can be found on Young St and it’s pretty much the Parisian café of your dreams. Glossy black tiles line the walls while beautiful decanter-style pendant lights hang from the ceiling. Tables face the street for optimal sunshine soaking and if you close your eyes and inhale a choux pastry, you might find yourself thinking you’d just stepped into a sophisticated French bistro.

Speaking of pastries. Le Paris Brests are the hero of your adventure with plenty of flavours you simply cannot go past.

The main event is a light, crispy, choux pastry filled with hazelnut praline cream but we’d also recommend the Strawberry and Almond flavour. For comparison purposes of course.

Le Paris Brests were created in 1910 by Pastry Chef Louis Durand upon request from the organiser of a bike race between Paris and the town of Brest. The cake is ring shaped representing bicycle wheels and that is the story of that. Plus, the French obviously love to make pastries and not one person has ever complained about it.

Not only those sweet little babies though, owner Virgil and the team also make La Tarte Tatin which is a French upside down apple tart complete with homemade shortbread. Be still our hearts. Have you ever tried making an upside down cake? That is a hard thing to do. Oh and there’s Steamed Chocolate Fondant too. Yes there is.

If something savoury is more your choice, we HIGHLY recommend sampling the Le Croque Madame because sweet mother of cheesy heaven (whatever that means). It’s kind of a ham and cheese toasted sandwich but with French cheese and ham and also Bechamel baked into the sourdough bread. Absolute taste sensation friends.

Of course, you may also eat all of the crepes.

French coffee, champagne and beer are also on offer so it really is an entire experience and right in the heart of Southport. What a treat.

Virgil is a delightful French man who, having lived in Australia for the past five years, saw a gap in the authentic French food market and decided to gift us with all the goodies he could possibly come up with. What a guy.

Merci beaucoup Virgil, à bientôt.

LOCATION: 18 Young Street, Southport
HOURS: 8.30am until 9pm daily

Words and photos by Kirra Smith