Sports Super Centre

Hello, just popping in to let you know it’s September which means it’s spring and also almost summer and you know what that means – BIKINI SEASON.

Not to alarm you but it’s true and it seems we’ve spent most of the year eating so it’s off to the gym we go. Not just any old gym though, we’re all about friendly gyms that understand we have never before lifted a weight and we’d really rather go for a leisurely swim or jump in on a not-too-difficult group class thank you very much.

Luckily, just the gym has recently come into our lives and it’s more of a sports centre than a gym, hence its’ name Sports Super Centre. Found in Runaway Bay, Sports Super Centre is not your usual sweat space.

Here’s why. Welcoming everyone from burpee fanatics (apparently that’s a type of person) to professional athletes, Mamas and marathon runners, every type of exerciser you’ve ever come across can be found sweating up a storm there.

It’s a 600sqm open air gym that was decked out with all new equipment in March of this year and not only that, there’s a running track, two pools, beach volleyball courts (now we’re talking), saunas and spas.

That’s a LOT of possibilities and very little room for excuses.

If, like us, group exercise is your thing, there are over 80 classes per week including aqua and Les Mills programs.

We used to think exercising in water would be easier because, you know, buoyancy, but HAHA at us, that could not be further from the truth.

Anyway. If the kiddies are keen to get involved, they can both exercise within the Junior Fitness program and also play in the Froggies playground. If you look really hard, you might find us there too, just quietly.

Need a little motivation? SAME. How about joining the social beach volleyball competition or the SSC Run Club? That way you’re having a good time, while also exercising and you probably won’t even notice how much it burns. Right?

Since you’re reading this story you’re entitled to a free program from one of the very talented trainers at Super Sports Super Centre and not only that, you get $100 off your joining fee if you mention this article.

So there are literally zero excuses. Sorry, not sorry.

Summer is two months away. Bye.

LOCATION: 1 Sports Drive, Runaway Bay

Words by Kirra Smith.




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