Spend a night in Australia’s smartest, travelling pop-up hotel

Sometimes we get a little bit caught up in our Gold Coast bubble and forget that elsewhere in the big, wide world things are moving at a rapid pace.

We’re talking technology-wise and in particular the vast array of gadgets now available for our homes and our cars and our ears and like, microchips inserted into our skin for some reason. That may or may not be a thing.

The point is if you can think of a way to make your life simpler via some sort of technological advancement, somebody else has already created it.

Which brings us to the point of this long-winded tale; a shipping container turned futuristic hotel has landed on the Gold Coast, packed with all the latest technology and innovations, so you can pretend you’re a New York billionaire living it up in absolute luxury for a little while.

And guys, it’s on a 5G network – did anyone even know that was a thing or what that is?

Let’s discuss the mind-blowing technology you can expect from the 40ft OPPO Hotel now living at HOTA for the month of August.

First (and most importantly for some of us) there is a smart mirror, which no, unfortunately does not make you look 35 years younger but does connect to your smart device, so you can watch the latest news, get updates on stocks, read the morning newspaper, watch movies or get the ideal light for the perfect mirror selfie.

The hotel’s 5G device is of course, connected to a Google Home Hub along with an array of smart home features so you can use your voice to control the lighting, play your fave tunes AND ask questions and get visual, immersive answers from Google.

Endless hours of entertainment right there.

Next up, and this is our favourite part, there are a number of immersive augmented reality apps on show including an AR wardrobe that allows guests to preview different outfits on a virtual runway. Um, how good!

Of course, you may also download, stream and watch things to your little Netflix and chill-loving hearts content on a wide screen TV no less.

So how’s that for some fancy, futuristic biz right here on the Gold Coast hey?

The OPPO 5G Hotel can be found on-ground at HOTA (Home of the Arts) in Bundall and is available to book on its tour around Australia.

Which means you get to do all those epic things, plus kick back inside the beautifully decked out container with views out over the city skyline and while you’re at it, attend any of the epic array of shows currently on offer at HOTA.

It’s the best staycation money can buy.

Did you book yet?


LOCATION: Home of the Arts, 135 Bundall Rd, Bundall

Words by Kirra Smith



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