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Start your day with a five-star breakfast overlooking the ocean

At Nineteen at The Star.

Nineteen at The Star (image supplied)
Nineteen at The Star (image supplied)

Breakfast is the very best meal of the day. So many mouth-watering options. How about breakfast you don’t have to make yourself with a side of ocean views from 19 storeys up?

Even better and something you can absolutely do at The Star Gold Coast’s stunning rooftop restaurant Nineteen at The Star.

Every day from 7am until 10am, Chef Uday Huja is serving up all your favourite breakfast dishes with his signature sophisticated spin of course, and a few southern favourites thrown in for good measure.

Ever sampled a Southern Buttermilk Biscuit? If not, Chef Uday needs you to know that it’s not a scone. Although similar in method and preparation, it is savoury rather than sweet. They are light and fluffy and they’re offered as a first taste, paired with a homemade jam featuring in-season produce like peach and vanilla bean, huckleberry, and cinnamon blueberry.


Eggs Benedict, Dill Ocean Trout, Poached Eggs, Brown Butter Hollandaise at Nineteen at The Star Gold Coast (image supplied)
Eggs Benedict, Dill Ocean Trout, Poached Eggs, Brown Butter Hollandaise at Nineteen at The Star Gold Coast (image supplied)

Of course, once you’re done with that delight, you’ll want to sample something along the lines of the Crab Omelette with Blue Swimmer Crab, tarragon and tomato fondue or perhaps a Ratatouille Tart with provincial vegetables, goat’s cheese and a 6-minute egg.

There’s also a Croque Madame, which is a ham and Gruyere sandwich with a sunny-side up egg and Bechamel, and Grandma’s Breakfast Bread Pudding with egg cream, bacon and cheddar cheese. Love you Grandma.

Oh, and you absolutely must sample the Brown Butter Rosti Potato on the side, no matter what you order.

Ratatouille Tart, Provencal Vegetables, Goat’s Cheese, 6-Minute Egg (image supplied)

You can now also enjoy the ultimate breakfast experience with the Luxury Breakfast Package at The Darling Hotel. It includes accommodation in a beautiful suite of your choice and The Darling Breakfast, crafted exclusively for guests. Begin with a fresh juice and your choice of coffee or tea, followed by fresh Southern Buttermilk Biscuits, then you’ll select one dish from the bakery or mains section to complete your order.

If you’re keen to start your day with the best view on the Gold Coast and some five-star food, treat yourself to a morning at Nineteen at The Star.

Bookings are essential. Book online or call 07 5592 8757 to make a reservation.

LOCATION: Nineteen at The Star, The Darling, Casino Drive, Broadbeach
WHEN: Daily from 7am until 10am


Grandma’s Breakfast Bread Pudding, Egg Cream, Bacon & Cheddar Cheese (image supplied)

Nineteen at The Star launches boozy Sunday brunch

Nineteen at The Star interior (image supplied)

If there is a fancier thing to do than sip mimosas on a Sunday morning overlooking the ocean on the top floor of The Darling at The Star Gold Coast, we have not heard about it.

Throw in some exceptional brunch eats, followed by a poolside sipping session and you’ve got yourself the perfect day in our (very well researched) opinion.

Well Gold Coasters, that’s exactly what’s on offer at Nineteen at The Star as of right now with the introduction of their new Sunday Brunch menu, followed by Sunday Poolside Sessions that is sure to be a good time.

The Coast’s most sophisticated rooftop venue has gone above and beyond to offer a stunning brunch menu including of course, beloved Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s and a Breakfast Martini plus a menu meticulously created by Head Chef Uday Huja that’s going to blow your brunch-loving mind.

Souffle Pancakes, Sunday Brunch, Nineteen at The Star (image supplied)
Souffle Pancakes, Sunday Brunch, Nineteen at The Star (image supplied)

You’ll be able to sample decadent Souffle Pancakes served with seasonal berries, chantilly cream and maple syrup, a delicate Blue Swimmer Crab Omelettes with tarragon and tomato fondue or the robust Ratatouille Tart with goats cheese and poached egg.

Nineteen at The Star’s signature Oyster Journey also graces the brunch menu, allowing you to embark on an oyster-sampling experience spanning the New South Wales coastline.

If you’re after something a little heavier (ie hangover friendly), we suggest the hearty Steak & Eggs featuring a Scotch Fillet Wagyu 5+ Steak or our French favourite, the Croque Madame, a ham & Gruyere sandwich, sunny side up egg and bechamel sauce (cheese and butter come at me).

Ratatouille Tart, Sunday Brunch, Nineteen at The Star (image supplied)

You may (and absolutely should) pair your brunch with a premium two-hour champagne package, but the hardest part is choosing which one… Moet & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot or Ruinart?

Alternatively, delight in the one of the bars signature cocktails – the Orange Blossom Mimosa, Pineapple, Peach or Grapefruit Bellini should do the trick.

There are two brunch seatings to choose from – 11am – 1pm or 1.15pm – 3.15pm – and if you’re keen to keep the party going you can pop on outside to the pool for a Sunday Poolside Session.

Sunday Brunch, Nineteen at The Star (image supplied)

The After Brunch Party will take off from 12pm every Sunday with a disco vibe complete with luxury day beds and magical 180 degree views of the sea and the cityscape beyond.

Sip on Nineteen’s epic range of cocktails while dipping your feet in the sparkly infinity pool and thank your lucky stars you live on the Gold Coast.

In true Nineteen at The Star style, you’re encouraged to pack your bikini and throw on your favourite oversized sunnies and soak up those summer on the GC vibes.

What a time.

Make sure you book for brunch, it’s definitely going to be a popular event.

WHERE: Nineteen at The Star, The Star Gold Coast, Broadbeach
WHEN: Every Sunday at 11am and 1.15pm

Nineteen at The Star poolside (image supplied)
Nineteen at The Star poolside (image supplied)

Embark on an indulgent Oyster Journey at Nineteen at The Star

Grande Fruits De Mer, Nineteen at The Star (Image © 2020 The Star Gold Coast)

Exceptional seafood is something we in Australia are very lucky to be able to indulge in any time we wish. Across the country there are many regions specialising in different varieties of seafood, all of which are unique to their environment.

As lovers of edible ocean creatures, something perhaps you didn’t know is that certain types of seafood grow and taste different depending on the climate in which they are cultivated. We certainly weren’t aware.

Until we visited the very knowledgeable and talented crew at Nineteen at The Star that is. Led by Executive Chef Uday Huja, who hails from the US originally, the team at the sky-high rooftop restaurant have put together a stunning offer so we can all sample an array of oysters from across Australia and learn about how and why they’re unique depending on the region they’re from. Like you would a wine sampling, but with oysters.

Oyster Journey, Nineteen at The Star (Image © 2020 The Star Gold Coast)

It’s called the Oyster Journey and it’s a delightful experience you can and should try for yourself at the next available opportunity, all while sipping something sparkling overlooking the Gold Coast skyline.

For $32, you (and your lucky plus one) will taste three oysters each from various locations (dependent on the season) and find out exactly how different each regions’ oysters taste.

Wallis Lake in NSW for example, produces an oyster that has what is called a ‘umami’ flavour, meaning it’s neither salty or sweet but perfectly balanced, while Pambula in southern NSW offers a sweet, briney oyster and Shoalhaven, also in NSW is producing a sweet, creamy oyster and let us tell you, the difference is obvious once you taste them all in succession.

The oysters are dressed with Ruinart Blanc de Blancs Champagne Mignonette and it is one of the absolute most beautiful tastes we’ve ever sampled.

Oyster Journey, Nineteen at The Star (Image © 2020 The Star Gold Coast)

Of course, all of this will be explained to you upon delivery of your dish and you’ll be given cards with more information so you can share everything you know with your friends. We’re big fans of learning about where our food comes from, particularly when it’s of this calibre so we were very excited when Nineteen at The Star launched the Oyster Journey.

If fresh oysters aren’t your jam, delight in one of the two Roasted Oyster options straight from the charcoal oven. Never tried roasted oysters before? Neither had we, but if there’s bacon on it (which there is), we’re in.

Once you’re done with oysters, you’ll probably want to continue indulging in five star dishes and staring out at the ocean, so we highly recommend going for the Fruits De Mer, which is a chilled selection of the season’s finest seafood. And fine it is Gold Coasters.

You can choose from the Petite or Grande options with everything presented on the exquisite platter (think Moreton Bay Bugs, oysters, scallops, prawns and more) is such a flavour sensation, you’ll wonder where it’s been hiding all your life.

Executive Chef Uday Huja, Nineteen at The Star (Image © 2020 The Star Gold Coast)

The next time you’re in the market for fresh Australian seafood of the highest possible quality, look no further than Nineteen at The Star. You’ll be more than satisfied and you’ll learn a thing or two while you’re at it.

Win, win.

LOCATION: Nineteen at The Star, The Star Gold Coast, Broadbeach
HOURS: Dinner from 5.30pm Wednesday to Sunday and Lunch from 12pm to 3.15pm Friday to Sunday


Roasted Oysters, Nineteen at The Star (Image © 2020 The Star Gold Coast)

Nineteen at The Star Bar

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