Marissa Bowden

Co-founder of The Village Markets Marissa Bowden is one of the Gold Coast’s most prominent business owners. As if running the much-loved designer markets doesn’t render her busy enough, Marissa is also mum to two beautiful daughters, Stevie and Pepper.

Ahead of Mother’s Day this Sunday, we sat down for a chat with Marissa on all things balance, business and babies.

This weekend is Mother’s Day, how will you celebrate with your daughters and your own mum?

My beautiful mother will be away this Mothers Day unfortunately. There is no The Village Markets that weekend, so I will be spending my day/weekend with my little family (husband Rick and my girls Stevie 5 and Pepper 3), along with my sister and her little fam and my grandmother Joan (86). We are hoping to go for a little weekend escape to a cottage in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Lots of quality family time and a few cheeky vinos no doubt. We love to getaway when we can and have started documenting our family adventures via @the_travelling_tribe_ with a website to come soon.

What do you love most about raising your family on the Gold Coast?

It’s the best! We are so incredibly lucky. We have the most beautiful beaches right on our doorstep, we can stroll up for a coffee barefoot if we wish, it’s warm most of the time so the kids are always outside (or creating masterpieces at their art desk!), we have great local schools and plenty of cultural experiences available. Our neighbourhood is so fun, we can just walk down to the beach and the girls can spend hours playing in the sand with our neighbours kids or scooting in our lane until dark. The city has really evolved and there is such an incredible culture here, I’m excited for our kids as it will only get better.

How has your mum shaped your life?

My mum has been a huge influence, she’s taught us to be humble, she’s taught us self worth and to be happy for other people and to celebrate the achievements of others, she’s compassionate and kind and a beautiful blend of strength and softness. I couldn’t have asked for a better role model, really.

What are some of things you’ve learned that you hope to pass down to your daughters?

That they are the creators of their own destiny, that they can do anything they put their hearts to. That they are perfect just the way they are. That kindness is the most important quality of all.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since becoming a mum?

Patience. Self love.

You co-own The Village Markets, how do you find balance between being a mother and running a business

Still figuring that one out as I go! It’s always a juggle and no two days are ever the same. I just feel so grateful that I have created a business that allows me to be flexible, spend lots of time with my babies and be there for my family, always.

What advice would you offer other mum’s thinking about starting a business?

Go for it!

A favourite piece of life advice you follow yourself…

It’s all about balance.

You’re not a Gold Coast local if you haven’t…

Spent your Sunday at The Village Markets!

Had a couple of beers and fish and chips at Burleigh Headland on sunset.

Surfed Currumbin Alley.

Swam at Tally Creek.

Eaten your weight in Acai bowls 😉

Tell us your favourites…

Beach Currumbin Beach

Coffee Shop: Hide N Seek (Miami), hands down the best coffee on the Coast and the friendliest most unpretentious owners, Mark and Rosie. I also love The Salt Mill at Currumbin for the same reason and their Acai bowls.

Restaurant: At the moment I am loving Rick Shores! Those bug rolls are next level, the staff are great and the view is incredible. I also love Justin Lane for pizza and vino. The Nasi Goreng at Bam Bam Bakehouse is also delicious, and I love that we can sit in the park next door with the kids and they bring it out to you!

Weekend hang: Aside from Sunday’s spent at TVM shopping, eating, chatting – oh and working 😉 – my favourite thing is waking up and going for a beach walk, coming home to our little shack for a brekkie with my fam, heading to the farmers market for our weekly produce, back home to grab the towels and brollie and we hit our local beach for a morning of sunshine and playing, then home for lunch and a family snooze, a couple of cold beers and maybe an early dinner somewhere local with friends.



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