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Jude Kalman

The local filmmaker is set to premiere her new documentary at the Gold Coast Film Festival.

The Gold Coast Film Festival opens today and with it comes an exciting array of creative projects that will make us laugh, question everything and become acquainted with a flock of up and coming filmmakers.

One such filmmaker is Gold Coast local Jude Kalman whose powerful documentary premiers on Thursday April 20 at Event Cinemas Robina.

We spoke to Jude about Uncontained Love: Love > Fear and how she hopes to stimulate some much-needed conversations.

Your film Uncontained Love: Love > Fear is premiering at the Gold Coast Film Festival, why did you decide to show it here first?

 I am a proud Gold Coaster and to share this story smack bang in the middle of the GC is a dream! My goal as a story teller is to take people somewhere… so if I can take Gold Coasters to Africa I am a happy camper because most of the people I know and love (live on the GC) and have never been!

What’s the story about?

Uncontained Love is a three part doco series that follows an organisation delivering shipping containers filled with educational supplies, medical equipment and all things in between to communities throughout Africa.

It tells stories of the transformation that occurs in these African communities when the containers are delivered, and the work of partnering organisations who, in the face of great need, respond in love.

Uncontained Love: Love > Fear seeks to stimulate conversation about refugees and how we might respond to the needs of those most profoundly impacted by crisis in Africa.

How did the film come to be?

I have worked in the corporate sector for the past decade, my experience has taken me throughout the world shooting commercials, corporates, film clips and educational DVDs. One day the penny dropped! I always wanted to use my skill set to help NGO’s, the small ones doing big things.

I have known Chris Shadbolt (one of the main characters in the doco) for a long time and thought this guy does amazing work and not many people know about it, so why not do it! I love travel and I love a good story and boy were there some stories!  As I travelled with Chris the stories just kept on coming. They were uncontained!

Your documentary is self-funded, what does it take to put something like this together?

A LOT! Four things come to mind:

Willingness: I knew it would cost me, that it would take some sacrifice. Good bye sleeping and weekends… but it was worth it!

Determination: I have had so much support from my family and friends but it was always still up to me to bring it home. It was loads of hard work which I could critique but then I think, I did this pretty much on my own. On the last trip Carrie-Anne Greenbank helped interview the people (which was AWESOME!) but every shot you see, no matter how good or bad, I am standing, sitting or crouching behind the camera.

Contacts: I connected with people I knew to start me on this story telling journey. Not just the people I travelled with in Africa but also through my work. I also borrowed gear, which added to the challenge of making something out of what I had in my hand (A CANON 5D Mark III).

Humility: I needed to remind myself why I did it. Again coming from the corporate sector you become quite a harsh critic of your work. But I made this doco because I wanted to tell a story as I found it. In the moments I cringe at a shot or an edit point I don’t like… I have to get over myself and say ‘wow I did what I did with what I had in my hand’.

What do you hope people take from seeing Uncontained Love: Love > Fear?

This doco is dedicated to the 40+ million refugees in the world and those who have not forgotten them. I hope it honors them and I hope it introduces people to other people.

I hope it stimulates thought and conversation about the universal laws of love and fear, which I believe we all face.

As a Gold Coast local, how have you seen the art and culture scene grow over the years?

I have seen a massive growth and I love it. There is so much happening on the GC. I think some people underestimate the talent on the Gold Coast but that hasn’t stopped any one of us pursuing its growth.

Are you working on anything else at the moment?

Before our week in Nigeria Carrie-Anne Greenbank and I took four days out to shoot the doco that aired on Channel 9 on Easter weekend – Aussie Mum African Heart. It was a bit of hit on the weekend!

You might have also seen the latest Amy Shark film clip for her single Weekends, pretty chuffed to say I directed that!

And with all of that underway travelling and shooting for Fotomedia, next trip is classified… but it’s cool!

Your favourite piece of life advice?

Be gentle as a dove and cunning as a serpent.

You’re not a Gold Coast local if you haven’t…

Chilled on Burleigh headland.

Being a Gold Coast local we have to ask for your favourites…

Beach: Currumbin

Restaurant: Commune – it’s not a restaurant but my fave go out meal is brekky.

Bar: Wherever live music is playing

Coffee Shop: Blackboard

Cruise the cultural heart of the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is known for many things, one of which is definitely our beautiful waterways. Slightly lesser known perhaps is our rich Aboriginal history, wildlife conservation efforts and the passionate locals sharing the stories.

That’s about to change though thanks to Kayak the Gold Coast’s new ‘Heart of the Gold Coast’ half-day tour package.

Incorporating a unique spin on their original tours, ‘Heart of the Gold Coast’ takes guests on a cultural experience unlike anything the Coast has seen before.

The package begins at the Burleigh Jellurgal Cultural Centre where guests watch a short film on the Gold Coast’s Aboriginal history including ancient burial sites and the unique ways of the Yugambeh people who lived in Burleigh Heads over 4,000 years ago.

After receiving an ochre blessing, the tour heads out onto Burleigh Hill where guests are taken on a sub-tropical hike and told stories of the Aboriginal people who lived there thousands of years ago, how they lived and hunted food and how they believe the mountain was formed.

The hike comes complete with stunning views of the Coastline and a dolphin sighting if you’re lucky.

It’s both an educational and spiritual experience and you can’t help but be awe-struck by the passion with which the Indigenous tour guides share their people’s history and beliefs.

A delicious morning tea follows and then it’s sunscreen, life jackets and onto the kayaks for a leisurely cruise down the ridiculously beautiful and tranquil Tallebudgera Creek.

A quick stop over for a dip, past the (huge) local Osprey’s nest and guests pull up to the purpose built kayak ramp at David Fleay Wildlife Park.

Maybe you’ve been to Fleay’s but if not (guilty), there is a lot to learn about the man who paved the way for animal conservation in Australia.

David Fleay was passionate about keeping animals in enclosures the same as they would inhabit in the wild and after moving to the Gold Coast from Melbourne, he and his wife purchased land next to the creek and did exactly that.

With constant research and conservation techniques, he created a wildlife park resembling local wetlands.

The package includes the park’s Creatures of the Night show featuring an absolutely delightful sugar glider and a Bilby who literally buries his head in the sand.

We’re a lucky bunch here on the Coast, surrounded by enriching culture, both natural and historic and people whose passion it is to share that culture with anyone willing to listen.

‘Heart of the Gold Coast’ is an incredibly enriching tour package for both locals who may be unaware of our extensive Aboriginal history and visitors who want to experience our incredible natural wonders while also learning about how they came to be.

Package includes:

·       Pick up and drop off from your hotel

·       Indigenous history + kayak + wildlife park entry

·       Morning tea

·       Water, sunscreen & paddling lesson

·       Small groups and personal service

·       The best of Burleigh Heads

·       Toilets + café

·       Complimentary photographs of kayaking

Tour package runs from 7.30am until 12pm through Kayak the Gold Coast.

Lois Levy

Founding President of the Gold Coast & Hinterland Environment, Lois Levy has served on the committee for over 20 years such is her passion for spreading a message about community care for the environment.

Ahead of Gold Coast Green Weekend, we spoke with Lois about issues currently affecting our local environment and how we can help turn things around.

Tell us what Gold Coast Green Weekend is all about…

Gecko has been hosting Green Week for many years. This year we decided to condense it into a weekend of handpicked events or a ‘green weekend’. There are five events happening across the Coast from June 2nd to World Environment Day on June 5th. We have collaborated with the folks at Naturally GC for a Koala tree-planting day and with Gold Coast Catchment Association for a ‘Catchment Crawl’. We have also included our Wildlife Expo, which has proven to be a hugely popular event over the years. We have a Climate Change for Good action forum and we have an incredible banquet planned to celebrate World Environment Day. The aim of the weekend is to get people connecting with nature – the theme of World Environment Day 2017. However it’s also to get people thinking about environmental issues and how they can take action. The weekend concludes with our banquet, which is a chance for people to celebrate World Environment Day. The dinner has an environmental focus with an all vegan menu and entertainment by local musician Kate Leopold, who is also an environmental activist.

How can locals get involved?

There are multiple ways for locals to get involved in green weekend. The Climate Change for Good Actioneer Forum will be an excellent start to the weekend and a chance to learn how to take action on climate change at a personal and community level by engaging with the small project leaders. On Saturday you can get out and plant a tree at the koala tree planting day or book a seat on the bus for the catchment crawl and go along to see the amazing bush regeneration work in Austinville, On Sunday you can bring the whole family along to the Wildlife Expo and on Monday evening come and enjoy a vegan feast at our banquet on World Environment Day.

What are some of the major challenges facing the Gold Coast’s naturalenvironment in 2017?

The Gold Coast, like all of Queensland, faces challenges in coping with population growth and in particular the land clearing required to accommodate this growth, as well as the continued economic growth, which is often not sustainable. Our koala is under severe threat from land clearing and though the koala is the icon for our Commonwealth Games we have a huge challenge in trying to protect this unique native animal. There are also challenges in balancing the need to connect people with nature while protecting it from degradation. Protected natural areas are foremost for protection of flora and fauna and secondarily for human enjoyment and recreation.

What’s so unique about our environment here?

Many people don’t realise the Gold Coast is one of the most naturally biodiverse cities in Australia, known as a biodiversity hotspot. We have a huge variety of native flora and fauna including world heritage listed rainforests and multiple endangered species. On the Gold Coast we have world-class beaches, mountains and rainforests, all on our doorstep. There are few places in the world with the natural beauty of the Gold Coast and we must all strive to protect it.

What changes can we as individuals make to assist the environment?

Individual actions such as recycling and waste reduction as well as reducing consumption are certainly important. However, community action is essential in fighting for effective action climate change at both a government and community level as well as protecting our environment. Individuals can get involved with their local environmental organisations, bushcare groups and wildlife conservation groups. Others might like to make their gardens more biodiverse for the insects and local animals and reduce their greenhouse emissions within their household or workplace.

There are a huge number of groups on the Gold Coast working to protect our environment and we should not only be proud of this but also take actions ourselves. It’s also very important the community is informed on environmental issues and has a say in legislation at all levels. Groups like Gecko do a lot to help inform the community, but it is also up to the individual to stay informed.

How was Gecko formed and what do you do for the Gold Coast?

Gecko was formed in 1989 when representatives of six local conservation groups joined together. Since then Gecko has tirelessly advocated for the environment and the people who live on the Gold Coast. Gecko’s vision is “A vibrant Gold Coast community where people, animals, plants, water, air and earth all form a healthy, harmonious system”. Gecko’s activities include education, events, campaigns and even bush care. Gecko also provides community services such as training for jobseekers through our collaboration with Volunteering Gold Coast.

If Gold Coasters wanted to join or help out, what could they do?

Gecko is run entirely by dedicated volunteers. We are always looking for individuals with special skills and talents but most importantly people who have a passion for the environment and its protection.

What do you think is the future of our city’s environment?

As previously mentioned, the Gold Coast faces challenges due to climate change and population growth. The Gold Coast is perhaps more vulnerable than other cities due to very rapid population growth and our position as a coastal city in relation to sea level rise. We need a government that has vision when it comes to planning for the future and we need to take more action on climate change now. We also need to protect our unique flora and fauna. With some forward thinking and planning, this special place we call home can remain a beautiful place for future generations to thrive in. There are so many positive actions residents of the Gold Coast can take to protect the very aspects of this extraordinary city that brought them here in the first place. Being involved with Gecko in a small or greater way is a first step.

An art lovers guide to the Gold Coast

Wayne Sorensen Gallery (image supplied)

The Gold Coast’s local art scene has blossomed exponentially in the last few years. Galleries, installations and murals have popped up all over the Coast and local artists are making themselves known both here and on the national scene.

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend a day on the Gold Coast, we’ve got just the answer. Here’s a list of local galleries to help you get your art fix.

Wayne Sorrenson Gallery
World-renowned landscape photographer Wayne Sorrenson opened his very own gallery in Miami in 2020 so we, the lucky Gold Coasters get to peruse his breathtaking art anytime we like. Within the gallery, there’s a huge selection of framed artwork to purchase, as well as a range of gift ideas including acrylic blocks, greeting cards and calendars to name a few. It’s all absolutely magical and a lovely stand-in for the international travel we aren’t allowed to do right now.
Where: 40 Lemana Lane, Miami

Anthea Polson Art
Anthea Polson Art specialises in contemporary emerging Australian art and sculpture, including investment works. A regular exhibition programme showcases the work of emerging and established contemporary artists.
Where: 29 Tedder Avenue, Main Beach

Maverick Hair & Art Space
Maverick is a small gallery hosting community art exhibitions and events throughout the year. Headed up by artist Byron Coathup and partner Hayley, the space (also boasting a hair studio) caters for art and design lovers and offers beautiful gifts for purchase from both near and far. Don’t be afraid to head up the stairs and check out the gallery.
Where: First Floor, 1/17 Griffith Street, Coolangatta

The HIVE (Image: © 2020 Inside Gold Coast)

The Hive Burleigh Heads
The newest of the bunch, The HIVE was opened very recently by Jo Ellings, a Gold Coast artist who has been creating stunning works for over 30 years and is now sharing that talent with the likes of us. Within the gallery you’ll find an array of stunning works to take home with you or, if you’d like to stay awhile why not grab a ticket to one of their workshops and become an artist yourself. There’s also a regular meetup and music night if you want to meet some like-minded folks.
Where: 5/3 Park Avenue, Burleigh Heads

Level Up studio + gallery
The space is designed to provide access to art experiences for young people and adults within the local community and beyond, through public programs hosting a range of creative activations, such as art workshops, artist talks, school holiday workshops, networking events and an exciting monthly exhibitions program. Emerging artists can apply for space and we can all pop in there to check out the magic. So good.
Where: 72-82 Marine Parade, Coolangatta

The Walls Art Space Miami
The Walls is an interactive space that began in 2012 aiming to serve as a hub of creative practice, critical dialogue and innovative thinking around contemporary art. Their annual program focus is to curate monthly exhibitions in conjunction with their successful local artist in residence program.
Where: 4/18 Mountain View Avenue, Miami

AW Gallery (image supplied)

AW Space
Created by the good people at ArtWork Agency, AW Space is a pretty art gallery slash workshop slash event space showcasing the work of a team of folks whose names you’ve no doubt heard uttered once or twice. They are Claudio Kirac and his equally impressive partners in crime Paul Bow and Laura Strange. All talented within their own rights, the team have combined their forces to create a stunning space filled with beautiful works. Do yourself a favour and get in there.
Where: 2/53-55 Cronulla Avenue, Mermaid Beach

Café dbar
Stop in for a delicious brunch overlooking the ocean and take in the collection of local art and handmade goodies next door while you’re there! The space combines works by local artists with a new store filled with locally made homewares, clothing and creative pieces.
Where: 275 Boundary Street, Coolangatta

19Karen Contemporary Artspace
A stunning space filled with bold new art (and all for purchase!) by emerging, mid-career and established Australian and International artists. Exhibitions curated by Terri Lew rotate regularly, ranging in style and genre from pop culture, surrealism, realism, street art, abstraction and to the still undefined.
Where: 19 Karen Avenue, Mermaid Beach

HOTA Gallery (image supplied)

The Gold Coast’s premier cultural precinct, HOTA (Home of The Arts) has been showcasing visual and performing arts since 1986. With an array of exhibitions, cinemas and dining/bar facilities, there’s something for everyone throughout the entire year. In 2021, we saw the precinct increase in size with an incredible new six-level Gallery that attracts with world-class exhibitions (including Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat and more) plus a showcase of incredible local artists.
Where: 135 Bundall Road, Surfers Paradise

Dust Temple
A refurbished warehouse (a piece of art itself) in the heart of Currumbin Waters, Dust Temple and its creative space Hinge Gallery hosts local, national and international artists, musicians and poets. There’s also a fantastic café / coffee shop, so stay awhile and soak up the creative scene.
Where: 54 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin Waters

Dust Temple (image supplied)
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