Jonathan Cullen & Murray Courtis

Jonathan Cullen (image supplied)
Jonathan Cullen (image supplied)

Is it just us, or does buying gifts (for any occasion, whether it be: Christmas, birthdays or Father’s Day) for the gents in our lives, often a very difficult task? Which (let’s be honest) usually results in you settling with the usual plain old socks and jocks combo or if he’s reallllly lucky perhaps a cologne of some sort. So we are pretty chuffed to say that Australian boxers and socks brand, SWAG is here to change the gift-giving game (and self-gifting game for that matter). Trust us when we say, you or the gent in your life will never look at socks and jocks the same. Think outlandish colours and your favourite characters and brands plastered all over the comfiest of materials. So naturally, a brand that decides to shake up the competition deserves our (and your) attention ahead of this gift-giving season; so we interviewed the founders of SWAG Australia – Jonathan Cullen & Murray Courtis.

Tell us about what SWAG is.
Jonathan (J): SWAG is a collection of outlandish boxers and socks made from quality materials, that offers a huge range of designs from fashion to iconic pop culture to household names. Like Kelloggs, Bubble O Bill and Sriracha just to name a few.

How did the business come about?
Murray (M): Coming from a lifetime of wholesale apparel experience we felt the market was filled with boring basics and uncool undies, dominated by a few major brands. It seemed that underwear throughout time had somehow been overlooked to include personality, fun and humour in the designs. Through this line of thinking, we developed a brand focused around not only using the world’s most comfortable fabric, infused with features and benefits, but also adding the fun, nostalgia and humour that our prints bring to each and every style.  Our undies are anything but basic.

SWAG Australia Socks (image supplied)
SWAG Australia Socks (image supplied)

How did you both meet?
J: Murray and I worked together in sales & design for one of Australia’s largest wholesale design, import & manufacturing companies at the time, which was about 15 years ago now!

Do you have any high-profile SWAG wearers?
J: Not yet that we are aware of, we only launched our product online a little under 6 months ago so we haven’t quite cracked the celebrity market yet…
M: If there are any high-profile readers that want SWAG, feel free to give us a call LOL!

What makes SWAG better than other underwear and sock competitors?
J: Well it’s like asking what makes Netfilx better than other streaming services, because they’ve got the best and broadest range of content and you know there is something for everyone.
M: We see SWAG in the same way, we’ve got a design for everyone and the best and broadest range of globally recognised brand designs (which continues to grow).
J: We are always on the hunt to add to our portfolio. Don’t tell anyone but we’ve just signed Transformers, Monopoly, GI Joe, My Little Pony and Hungry Hungry Hippos just to name a few.

SWAG Australia Boxers (image supplied)
SWAG Australia Boxers (image supplied)

If you both had to pick one of your products, which are your favourites?
M: Mine are both the Bubble O Bill matching boxers and socks.
J: Mine without a doubt is The Simpsons: Mr Sparkle boxers and the Rick & Morty: Pickle Rick socks!

What is your favourite collab line?
M: I can’t choose just one, so for me it is the Streets Ice-Cream range & The Simpsons.
J: I can’t go past Warner Bros because they give us so many options to get creative with like Harry Potter, Scooby-Doo, DC Comics, FRIENDS, Space Jam, and well, the list goes on!

What is the process to obtaining the rights to use such big-name brands, logos/symbols?
J: How long have you got, ha! It’s essentially a process that involves a lot of pitching, negotiating, designing and trend forecasting to get to a point where all involved agree to move forward.
M: Luckily we’ve both forged very strong relationships with all of the key players over the past 20+ years, it helps when you need a favour every now and then.

SWAG Australia Socks (image supplied)
SWAG Australia Socks (image supplied)

What can we expect from SWAG in the next 12 months?
J: We can’t give too much away but let’s just say there has been a pretty big demand for women’s specific ranges as well as t-shirts… watch this space!

With Christmas fast approaching, where can we get our hands on a pair of SWAG socks or boxers?
J: You can simply head to swagboxers.com.au where you’ll find our whole range of boxers and soxers, see what we did there!

When you are on the Gold Coast, what are your favourites…
Café: J: Tarte in Burleigh
M: I second that, hard to go past it.
Coffee spot: J: Easy one for me I think Social Espresso is hands down the best coffee on the GC.
M: I’m a big fan of Blackboard Coffee in Varsity Lakes.
Restaurant: J: The North Room in Mermaid – it’s so good!
M: I don’t think you can beat Etsu for Japanese.
Bar or pub for a drink: J: I’m easy when it comes to a drink, I’m totally happy at almost any surf club having a beer whilst checking out the surf.
M: Burleigh Pavilion for a cold beer on a Sunday afternoon, great views right up the Coast.

SWAG Australia Socks (image supplied)
SWAG Australia Socks (image supplied)

How do you choose to spend your weekends?
M: For me, it is either jumping on a pushbike for exercise or a motorbike for a bit of fun around some winding roads
J: I’ve got a young family, so my weekends are taken up spending time with them either at the beach, parks or just at home.




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