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Jess Rowlands

Jewellery Designer and Owner at Coyote Stone.

The Gold Coast is quickly becoming known for our many talented creative, many of whom are launching businesses and being noticed on the world.

One such creative, with definite worldwide stardom potential is Jess Rowlands, a local silversmith, jewellery designer and owner of Coyote Stone.

We sat down for a chat with Jess about finding inspiration in nature casting native flowers into silver jewels. 

How long have you been a Gold Coast local?
I’ve been living on the Goldie now for over 11 years.  

What do you love most about living here?
I love that where we are, in Currumbin Valley, it’s really relaxed. I’m in between the rainforest and waterfalls and the most beautiful beaches are really close so I get the best of both worlds.

How did you get into the jewellery making business?
At the time I was working in retail and hospitality, and was finding it hard to balance work and home life with the kids. I started thinking about what else I could do which lead me to silversmithing and I really enjoyed it. It’s grown and evolved from there.

Where do you find inspiration for your creations?
Always from nature. The greatest wisdom is always found in nature, I love finding crystals that have the ocean within them, and I’m slowly incorporating more botanical elements into my pieces.

How are your pieces unique?
I think it’s really important to always be mindful of what’s being used. So I source stones from small run mines, build relationships to know who cuts and shapes them, and try to be as waste/ plastic free as possible to lower my carbon footprint. I have recently started incorporating the lost art of wax casting to include Australian and medicinal flowers and plants into silver to add to my work. I’ll then be able to reuse and re-melt leftover silver so that’s not wasted either.

You use a lot of turquoise in your jewellery, what is it about this stone that you love?
I’ve always loved the energy of turquoise, I find it very grounding and I love working with it and similar coloured stones as they remind me of the ocean.

Where can people find Coyote Stone pieces?
You can find Coyote Stone pieces online and on Instagram page. I will also be featured on a new boutique shopping app Adzurra, which has just been released and super exciting!

What are your plans for the rest of 2018?
I’m a mum so all of my work is based around home life and the kids. I’m super focused on growing my business so it’s flowing more and working and studying alongside that. I’m hoping to get a sneaky holiday in there somewhere too.

Tell us your favourites on the Coast:
Beach: Currumbin Alley, Tugun, Kirra and Rainbow Bay
Cafe: Salt Mill and Social Espresso
Restaurant: Barefoot Barista
How does your weekend usually look? My weekends always have some form of nature in them, whether it’s the beach or the forest. I love going to see live music too. This last weekend was spent going on a road trip to check out a new waterfall, family beach and puppy hangs at Dbah, coffee catch-ups and a bit of work.

9 local brands with Afterpay you can support from home

Olas Supply Co.

The world is in quite the state of flux at the moment, we’re being encouraged to stay home so as not to spread the risk of infection which of course means, local businesses may start to struggle. Where possible though, we should still be supporting them wherever possible and a good way to do that is by using online layby service Afterpay.

If you’re not familiar, Afterpay allows you to pay off your purchases over several weeks but get your goods straight away and we’re a little bit obsessed to be honest. In the interest of supporting the many clever, local makers around these parts and because of the world we currently find ourselves in, here are 10 Gold Coast brands offering Afterpay and may the self-control be with you. Happy shopping.

Duke The Label
Activewear for women of all shapes and sizes is our kind of activewear! With a mantra of ‘accept yourself, love yourself, keep moving forward’ the business is all about empowering and encouraging women and in beautiful, comfortable clothing no less. Best of all you can stock up because, Afterpay. Plus we could all use some time out in nature at the moment.

The Undercurrent
Living local and proud of it. The Undercurrent are in the business of tee shirts representing 10 local suburbs from Surfers to Cooly. Each tee is printed with a sweet graphic representing historical aspects of the area and designed by a local artist. It’s the perfect gift for anyone passionate about being a Coastie and visitors who might need a little nudge #palmyforlife.

Moss Living
If we have to stay home, we may as well be surrounded by beautiful, comfortable things right? Moss Living offers exactly that in the form of luxuriously, cosy clothing, beautiful linen sheets and quilt covers and pillow slips and all the things and it’s all absolutely stunning. If you’re in the market for some goodies, look no further than this stunning brand.

Drift Candle. Co
Okay so again if we’re staying home, home can at least smell good right? Drift Candle Co. has us covered for that with their collection of absolutely DIVINE candles including flavours like The Hinterland (pure magic and perfect for stay at home days) and Coconut and Tahitian Lime for a bit of uplifting goodness. We’re in love with all of them.

The Undercurrent, Gold Coast Singlet (image supplied)
The Undercurrent, Gold Coast Singlet (image supplied)

Cort Jewellery
Husband and wife team Ash and Dean Butt know what’s up when it comes to silver jewels. They hand make chunky rings of the signet and gemstone variety and pendants with cute little designs like cactuses, palm trees and peace signs. Some of us around these parts may have hands stacked with their pieces. Get some for the coolest cat in your life.

Valley Eyewear
Well haven’t Valley developed a cult following over the last few years. Another husband and wife team absolutely killing it, Michael and Tenielle Crawley have created an iconic brand with the coolest of eyewear. Their shades can be seen covering the eyeballs of your boy Chris Hemsworth and many other noteworthy celebs. Buy these fellas for someone who ain’t afraid to be noticed.

Mahiya Leather
Bohemian luxe fashion has taken over the world, fact. There are a couple of Aussie brands leading the charge and one such brand is our very own Mahiya Leather. Either online or instore you can nab yourself leather handbags and wallets as well as an array of floaty floral frocks and the like.  Because you deserve pretty things now more than ever.

Cedar & Stone Botanical
Plant based skincare has become quite the thing amongst the growing number of people passionate about both the planet and the products they put into their bodies. The Cedar & Stone gals are firm believers in ditching the chemicals and their range of skincare, teas and mists both smell delightful and work wonders. Choose these if you care about healthy living.

Olas Supply Co.
Born from a love of travel and adventure, Olas Supply Co. offer mens, womens and kids shirts, tees and overalls in casual, comfortable and cool-as-a-cucumber styles. Established in the last couple of years, Olas quickly became a fave amongst locals in search of the good life. Grab some threads for when you’re stuck at home but still want to look fab.

Words by Kirra Smith.

Moss Living

10 Gold Coast designers you should know about

Olas Supply Co.

A new week means a new excuse to treat yo’self and there’s no better way to do that than with some sweet local brands. From threads to swimwear and accessories, we’ve rounded up a collection of Gold Coast goodies that we know will knock your socks off.

Happy shopping.

Olas Supply Co. 
Established in 2016, Olas Supply Co is the product of two people with a shared loved for travel and adventure, wanted to branch away from their regular Monday to Friday jobs and try something different. Inspired by the founders adventures and grown from the soul of traditional villages along the coast of Central and South America, Olas Supply Co. offer a unique style Gold Coasters love.

Violet Gray
Violet Gray is the love child of Australian Designer, Alexandra Olsen. Her pieces are simple, delicate and created from high grade metals (soon to be 100% recycled and fair trade) and genuine gemstones. The concept for each piece is deeply rooted in spirituality, connection, romanticism and symbolism, making them sacred and powerful to wear. Alex and Violet Gray started their journey at The Village Markets five years ago and since then has grown to be loved worldwide.

What started as a daydream in 2009 quickly turned into an independent Australian lifestyle brand that has since been featured in the pages of Instyle and OK! Magazines. The Gold Coast based bohemian fashion label specialises in exotic handmade leather bags, wallets and clothing inspired by local designer Brie Shinn’s love of travel and exploration. The colourful and unique pieces resemble every creative women’s wanderlust, bringing a sense of mystery and adventure into the lives of wearers.

Created by Ellie Hopley, Shuturp is a quirky fashion label that has quickly become much-loved the world over. With hand drawn art adorning t-shirts, caps and clothes for the kiddies, the brand is easily recognised and very colourful. Many of the pieces also have uplifting slash hilarious slogans on them too. Everything is part of a limited drop so get in quick.

The Lobster Shanty
Now something for the fashion-savvy men amongst us, introducing The Lobster Shanty. Jarro Dartnell is the brains behind the Australian beach-oriented fashion label and clothing store. Inspired by his Granddad Jims’ love of the sea, Jarro created his own boutique range of signature tee shirts and snapbacks while the store offers a wide array of seasonal essentials for the like-minded adventurers with brands such as Brixton, Obey and Santa Cruz.

Grace Loves Lace
For women of style, substance and originality, Grace Loves Lace specialise in unique, free-spirited and timelessly sophisticated luxe wedding dresses handmade from only the finest French and European lace and silks. When it’s time to slide on that ring and pop the champagne, you can’t be in any ordinary dress, you NEED Grace Loves Lace! Only the best on your big day, Sweetheart!

The Undercurrent

The Undercurrent
Tourism on the Gold Coast has reached a whole new level with the recent launch of The Undercurrent, a fashion label dedicated to showcasing the city through the eyes of locals. The brand made its debut with a collection representing five suburbs (Burleigh, Mermaid, Surfers, Currumbin and Coolangatta), each of which is printed with a local artists’ work depicting iconic landmarks and incorporating the things they love about their area.

Myra Swim
The Gold Coast is known as the bikini capital of Australia and for good reason with labels like Myra Swim producing the goods. Bianca Elouise launched Myra Swim in 2014 and since then she hasn’t looked back. Inspired by the sun, surf and the sea, Bianca wanted to create a swimwear line for curvier women and as such, has developed an international following including the likes of the one and only Kim Kardashian.

The Weft
The Weft is a recent addition to the Gold Coast design scene and it’s a goodie. Created by Caitlin Verall, The Weft is all about subtle, beautifully crafted pieces that transcend the seasons in natural colour palettes and fabrics. The latest range Outliers offers everything from the classic Smith ‘90s Dress to the statement Ithica Wrap Dress. It’s a beautiful range of timeless, laid-back silhouettes, with matching separates emerging for the first time.

peony swimwear
Born out of a life long love affair with the ocean, boutique Australian swimwear label peony fuses bohemian nostalgia with refined femininity to create swimwear made for chasing the sun. First making an appearance at The Village Markets and now an internationally-renowned brand, peony epitomises summer’s simple joys – diving into the ocean, the smell of coconut oil, the feeling of sand under bare feet and the first bloom of peony flowers, which signal the beginning of summer.

Get shopping.

Words by Louisa Ingelheim

6 local farms to buy fresh produce

Bananas (image from unsplash)
Bananas (image from unsplash)

Farm life is the good life – wide open skies, fresh air and of course, tasty foods straight from the ground and into your hungry face.

Because the Gold Coast is the greatest place on Earth, we are blessed with both beautiful beaches and farmland where said foods can be grown happily and healthily.

Here are six farms where you can go and grab yourself some straight-outta-the-ground-goods.

Freeman’s Organic Farm, Currumbin (image supplied)
Freeman’s Organic Farm, Currumbin (image supplied)

Freeman’s Organic Farm
An entirely family owned affair, Freeman’s Organic Farm is already much-loved amongst Gold Coasters. Established in 1915, the farm became became the largest banana farm in Australia in the 20s with over 100 acres of bananas. These days you can purchase their organic goodies from the Farm Stall but make sure to check their Instagram page first because they sell out quickly.
Where: 618 Tomewin Mountain Road, Currumbin Valley

Farm & Co., Kingscliff (image supplied)
Farm & Co., Kingscliff (image supplied)

Farm & Co. Kingscliff
No doubt your Insta feed has been flooded with pretty pics from Farm & Co.’s sunflower fields at some point in the past but did you know they also have a little shop from which you can purchase fresh produce? Yep, they do. The Farm Store is stocked with organically grown produce from the working farm and they sourced other produce fresh from other suppliers. Have a wander through the farm and then stock up on goodies before you head home.
Where: 529 Cudgen Rd, Cudgen

Ground Grocer, Currumbin (image supplied)
Ground Grocer, Currumbin (image supplied)

Ground Grocer
Ground Grocer is a family-run organic grocery store with daily deliveries of lettuce, cucumber and seasonal vegetables from their farm in the Ecovillage and a team of local growers. Their bees are also working hard to keep them stocked with beautiful honey.
Where: 4 Village Way, Currumbin Valley 

Tropical Fruit World
Tropical Fruit World is175 acres of land in the Tweed Valley which it would seem is the perfect place to grow tropical fruit. You can (and should) purchase boxes of said tropical fruit plus boxes of avocados and treats like farm honey, macadamia nuts and dried fruit. Order online and opt to get it delivered if you like.
Where: 29 Duranbah Rd, Duranbah

Tropical Fruit World (image supplied)
Tropical Fruit World (image supplied)

Blueberry Fields
Blueberry Fields is a family-owned blueberry orchard nestled in the scenic Byron hinterland of northern New South Wales. About an hour’s drive from the GC, it’s the perfect spot for a fun day out. During October, swing by on Sunday mornings to pick your very own blueberry buckets and experience the joy of farm-fresh goodness firsthand. They have a small farm gate stall set up in front of the orchard. Drop by to pick up the freshest berries. They stock the stall whenever fruit is available.
Where: 769 Fernleigh Rd, Brooklet, NSW

Strawberries (image from unsplash)
Strawberries (image from unsplash)

Chambers Flat Strawberry Farm
Chambers Flat Strawberry Farm is a family-run operation spanning generations of strawberry growers. They’ve turned their passion into a full-fledged family affair. Swing by their Farm Shop any day of the week for a taste of their farm-fresh strawberries and mouthwatering strawberry ice cream, crafted from their own strawberries and vanilla ice cream, blended right before your eyes for a truly delicious real fruit treat!

During growing season (July – December) you can PYO (pick your own) strawberries amongst the fields. Located approximately an hour’s drive from the Gold Coast.
Where: 912 Chambers Flat Rd, Chambers Flat

Words by Belinda Symons.

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