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Meet Sabbi, the GC’s hot new clothing brand

We chatted with Jase and Ash, the creatives behind our fave resort wear.

Sabbi Clothing, Gold Coast (image supplied)
Sabbi Clothing, Gold Coast (image supplied)

Last week, a few Inside Gold Coast team members expressed their love for a fantastic shirt they’d stumbled upon. Sporting the catchy slogan “This Senorita needs a Margarita,” the apparel struck a chord. Upon learning this fabulous creation was the brainchild of Gold Coast locals, we wasted no time reaching out for an interview. Welcome to the vibrant world of Sabbi Clothing, where Jase and Ash blend art, fashion, and a dash of their quirky personalities. Read on to learn about the masterminds of the covetable brand and how the Gold Coast lifestyle heavily influences Sabbi, translating into versatile, fun, and beach-to-bar wearable art.

Jase and Ash, owners of Sabbi Clothing, Gold Coast (image supplied)
Jase and Ash, owners of Sabbi Clothing, Gold Coast (image supplied)

How long have you been Gold Coast locals?
Jase is a vintage Gold Coast boy and has been here for 30 years. Ash moved over from Perth about 12 years ago, the weather was too hard to resist.

What do you love the most about the Gold Coast?
Jase loves the surf and the laid-back lifestyle. Also, that he can wear Crocs all year round and for every occasion. He’s a water boy so anything on the water is up his alley.

Ash: I love the weather. I’m an early riser, so love that it’s so light so early in the mornings in summer. I also love that you never have to get too dressed up fancy to go anywhere.

Sabbi Clothing, Gold Coast (image supplied)
Sabbi Clothing, Gold Coast (image supplied)

Tell us a little bit about yourselves.
Jase has been in fashion since he was a kid. He was born into fashion working for his Dad from age 15. He’s worked all over the world as a buyer. He lived in China for 5 years, 2 of which were spent sleeping on fabric rolls while he and his best friend Billy set up their own factory. He has many crazy stories from those years, one involving a street poo and using his socks as toilet paper. Jase is so laid-back he is horizontal. He lives in Crocs and is big believer in Karma.

Ash: I have nothing exciting to tell you professionally, I studied design and textiles when I graduated school. I designed school uniforms for 3 years where I spent my days looking at polo shirts and check shirts day in and day out. Then I left work to travel Australia in a van for 6 months, moved to the Goldie, then pumped out a set of (VERY unexpected) twins. I’ve always been drawn to anything creative, dodgy dance floors and dogs. Having twins taught me that if you can’t laugh at yourself, then you won’t make it out alive. It also taught me that those Huggies ads were a big fat lie!

Sabbi Clothing, Gold Coast (image supplied)
Sabbi Clothing, Gold Coast (image supplied)

What inspired you to start Sabbi?
Jase left a brand he and his family started 10 years ago and took 6 months off to paint. Jase can’t sit still so after 6 months at home we decided to combine our love of fashion and art into one crazy little brand. Fashion seems to be so serious so we wanted to bring some fun back to fashion. We wanted to make clothes that we wanted to wear with a side of our crazy personalities added.

Tell us about the process of creating your unique prints.
Jase finds a theme or a sketch or a colourway. Ash then finds a saying to match. Something funny or positive and then we both work out a print that we think works.

Sometimes this can take half an hour or sometimes Jase (drives Ash crazy) and will spend 3 weeks finetuning one print.

Jase and Ash and the twins (image supplied)
Jase and Ash and the twins (image supplied)

What sets Sabbi apart from other fashion brands?
We guess maybe our artwork. It’s all hand painted on the Gold Coast by us. We don’t buy our prints in. We then oversee the whole process from design to shipping the orders to our customers.

We’d also say maybe showing the craziness that goes on behind the scenes. We both have other jobs, we have 7 year old twins half the time and throw in two dogs, all living under one roof…the roof also happens to be our warehouse.

Sometimes I look around the house and see the twins eating breakfast at the island table next to a HUGE pile of Sabbi returns on the table, boxes of Sabbi stock stacked up around the TV and it sets off my anxiety. Jase just says, “it’s all part of the journey, baby”.

Sabbi Clothing, Gold Coast (image supplied)
Sabbi Clothing, Gold Coast (image supplied)

How would you describe the Sabbi community, and what kind of person do you envision wearing your designs?
The Sabbi community are bloody legends! The support we have received is just mind-blowing. We can’t believe that all these people are cheering for two absolute bogans from Palmy. It still blows our minds that so many people are wearing our clothes when we have only just kicked it off.

The kind of people wearing our clothes love art, know how to have a good time and are all about positive vibes…also love a bloody cold margarita. we didn’t realise there were so many margie lovers out there! IGC.

As Gold Coast locals, how has the local culture and lifestyle influenced the style and ethos of Sabbi?
Here on the Gold Coast, it’s all about lifestyle. Going from the beach to the shops to a cheeky margie with the gals, so we wanted to create something you could wear everywhere but also feel like a solid 10 wearing it!

Sabbi Clothing, Gold Coast (image supplied)
Sabbi Clothing, Gold Coast (image supplied)

What’s next for Sabbi?
We have big plans baby so strap in!

We have a killer winter range in the works. We have a men’s range dropping soon and we want to continue to make fashion-forward prints and designs that make people feel good.

We want people to love what they’re wearing and we want to promote positive energy through our clothes. If we can make a few people laugh along the way then we are winning.

Jase and Ash, owners of Sabbi Clothing, Gold Coast (image supplied)
Jase and Ash, owners of Sabbi Clothing, Gold Coast (image supplied)

What are your Gold Coast favourites?
Favourite café: Don’t hate us. but we love a 7/11 coffee. When we were starting up Sabbi we had to sell everything so our budget was TIGHT AS…7/11 coffee grew on us haha. If we aren’t 7/11ing then Well Bread and Pastry in Palmy.
Favourite restaurant: Deli by Peppi…Cheese wheel Wednesdays are something else!
Favourite bar: Scott’s in Palm Beach for a delicious Pet Nat
Favourite beach: Palmy Ave

How do you choose to spend your days off?
Hanging out with the twins, Taking Allen and Merv to the dog park. When we get some alone time we love nothing more than to get a bottle of Pet Nat and sit on the couch in our jammies watching really really sh*t TV (Housewives of Beverly Hills, Southern Charm, Below Deck to name a few) while talking…Jase usually falls asleep and is snoring an hour in.

9 Gold Coast boutiques supporting Aussie labels

Halo & Grace, Mermaid Beach (image supplied)
Halo & Grace, Mermaid Beach (image supplied)

There are many things we Gold Coasters are fond of. A new beachside eggs benny brunch spot. Bottomless long lunches. Farmers Markets. Finding the last park at Burleigh Hill on a Sunday. Heading out on the town in a brand new ‘fit #thanksitsnew.

We’re pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to local boutiques frilled to the brim with incredible Aussie designers and labels #luckyus. Plus, we get the added warm and fuzzy feels of supporting local small biz #winwin. So, we’ve rounded up 9 of our fave GC boutiques for your spending pleasure. We’re not sure what’s harder, narrowing this list down to just 9, or walking out of any of the below empty handed.

Halo & Grace, Mermaid Beach (image supplied)
Halo & Grace, Mermaid Beach (image supplied)


Halo & Grace
Creating a boutique that both appeals to and attracts women of all ages is quite the undertaking, but Halo & Grace have done just that. Nailing that sweet spot of timeless, luxe slow fashion from fancy trackside frocks through to your fave new farmers market ‘fit – their brand new, and downright stunning Mermaid digs are chock full of goodies for you and your abode.
Where: 43 Alfred Street, Mermaid Beach

What could bring a better night’s sleep than your fave pjs? Perhaps knowing they were consciously created right here on the GC (oh, and the fact that they’re cute AF sure doesn’t hurt). Making their debut in 2012 with luxe bridal loungewear, and Homebodii has been keeping us chic, cute and cosy ever since, with their range quickly expanding to sleepwear, intimates and effortless basics. Weekend sleep ins never looked so good.
Where: Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, Shop 2708, Hooker Blvd, Broadbeach

Homebodii, Pacific Fair (image supplied)
Homebodii, Pacific Fair (image supplied)

About a Girl
About a Girl boutique is all about YOU! They always have the cutest threads for every occasion AND if there’s anything you can’t find or a product or label you’re dying to get your hands on, let them know and they will try their best to track it down for you. Extra good.
Where: 2/2211-2215 Gold Coast Highway, Nobby Beach

The Freedom State
The Freedom State is a women’s clothing store that is inspired by bohemian creativity (because boho is life y’all) with a gypsy attitude of freedom. The team has carefully curated labels to offer a stunning selection of women’s fashion inspiring you to show off your very best self.
Where: Shop 12/50 James St, Burleigh Heads

Bird on a Wire
Bird on a Wire is set amongst the exceptional coffee shops on the Lower Gold Coast Highway in Burleigh. The chic boho boutique offers a diverse range of beautiful but affordable fashion and homewares and is the perfect stop after a swim and a coffee.
Where: 5/1840 Lower Gold Coast Hwy, Burleigh Heads

Aussie labels Fazeek and Mr Consistent available at emte, Burleigh (image supplied)
Aussie labels Fazeek and Mr Consistent available at emte, Burleigh (image supplied)

A must visit store in the Burleigh area, Emte Boutique was founded by a Gold Coast girl who felt that there was a gap to be filled for fashion jewellery and accessories that are cutting edge, stylish, on trend and affordable. We concur. And also spend a lot of dollars here.
Where: 3 James St, Burleigh Heads

White Bohemian
As the name suggests, White Bohemian is all about boho style. Clothing, accessories, bohemian inspired homewares and the very best gifts for the free spirited gypsy wanderer. Love all the things.
Where: 1160 Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach

Alfreds Apartment, Nobby Beach (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
Alfreds Apartment, Nobby Beach (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)


Alfred’s Apartment
While we’re still sad Alfred’s Diner is no more, the lads are still providing our local men with an ever growing range of curated fashion and accessories. Plus they do serve great coffee and Milkman’s cookies, so we mostly forgive them #beingbacktheburrito. Even the fussiest of men will love their limited-release tees.
Where: 2225 Gold Coast Hwy, Mermaid Beach


Sean Scott Boutique
A fave little boutique in James Street, the space showcases Sean Scott’s breathtaking photography as well as clothing and accessories for the fashion forward folks. You can also find one of the biggest displays of (local legends) Valley Eyewear sunnies here on the Coast.
Where: 21c James St, Burleigh Heads

Alfreds Apartment, Nobby Beach (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)
Alfreds Apartment, Nobby Beach (Image: © 2022 Inside Gold Coast)

Meet Good Intentions Co.

Aaron and Adrian touring the Food bank Queensland Food Distribution Centre in Brisbane (image supplied)
Aaron and Adrian touring the Food bank Queensland Food Distribution Centre in Brisbane (image supplied)

In honour of R U OK Day, we connected with the inspiring duo behind Good Intentions Co. Aaron and Adrian are two Gold Coast brothers who started a clothing brand with a purpose. They’ve pledged to donate 10% of their sales to incredible charities like Beyond Blue, FoodBank, and RizeUp. We chatted to one Aaron about what inspired Good Intentions Co. and how they’re making a positive impact, one tee at a time.

How long have you been a Gold Coast local?
Adrian and I moved from Sydney to the Gold Coast back in 2000, almost 23 years ago! So we feel we are Gold Coasters through and through!

Good Intentions Co. t-shirt (image supplied)
Good Intentions Co. t-shirt (image supplied)

What do you love the most about the Gold Coast?
Besides our amazing family and friends that also call the Gold Coast home, it would definitely have to be the world-class beaches. As an avid surfer I find nothing beats spending time out in the ocean after a day’s work to clear my head. If the points are busy, I usually try my luck on one of the beach breaks. I feel so lucky to have had these beaches as my playground growing up and find it is the thing I miss most whenever I’m away from home.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m Aaron. Prior to launching the clothing brand with my brother, I dedicated much of my early adulthood to chasing winter. I traded the coastline for mountain ranges and developed a deep passion for snowboarding. After a few years of pursuing winter adventures, I came back home with a strong desire to create and build something meaningful.

Good Intentions Co. t-shirt (image supplied)
Good Intentions Co. t-shirt (image supplied)

For those that don’t know, what is Good Intentions Co.?
Good Intentions Co. is a Gold Coast based clothing brand intent on celebrating coastal living and giving back to our community. We focus on creating quality, minimally designed pieces people feel good in and can feel good about. Drawing inspiration from the beautiful surrounds of the Gold Coast you’ll find a lot of earthy tones within our range.

Good Intentions Co. t-shirt (image supplied)
Good Intentions Co. t-shirt (image supplied)

How did Good Intentions Co. come about?
Upon arriving home from my overseas travels Adrian and I sat down and began talking about building something together, something special. This sparked a re-evaluation of what brought purpose and meaning to our lives.
After many late-night brainstorming sessions and long car trips with ideas bouncing through the air, our clothing brand was born! Inspired by purposeful living and sunny days on the beach, our business was in need of a name. One day, I was walking down the street and saw a woman wearing a yellow dress. Upon seeing her in that bright yellow dress I thought to myself ‘This lady does not look like she is about to rob a bank, she looks like she has good intentions’. From there we set about turning Good Intentions Co. into a project we could call our own.

Good Intentions Co. t-shirt (image supplied)
Good Intentions Co. t-shirt (image supplied)

Tell us about your Giving Back Initiative.
When we started Good Intentions Co. we decided to create a brand that did not just give our customers quality clothing, but build a brand that had a positive impact on the community. In the beginning, we had no designs, website, or sales, just a business name and a dream of doing better. This is when we made the decision that we would pay it forward.

Through our Giving Back Initiative we give 10% of each shirt sold to a charity/organisation to help with varying social injustices/challenges ranging from food scarcity to domestic violence and mental health.

Good Intentions Co. t-shirt (image supplied)
Good Intentions Co. t-shirt (image supplied)

Why did you choose RizeUp, Beyond Blue and Foodbank as your charities to get behind?
Like everyone else, we rode the wave of uncertainty that was 2020 and watched firsthand how mental health, home and social safety and resource scarcity affected those around us. What we also observed however was a strong sense of community.

Previously we had planted a tree for every shirt sold. The changing way of living made us sit and contemplate who would be most affected by these challenging times.

After deliberation, Adrian and I chose Beyond Blue, RizeUp and Foodbank as these charities targeted the pressing challenges. We feel so proud to support these charities and every day admire the amazing work they do and the incredible changes they are making in people’s lives. To date we have raised over $40,000 for Beyond Blue, RizeUp and Foodbank and look forward to continuing to contribute more as our business grows.

Good Intentions Co. t-shirt (image supplied)
Good Intentions Co. t-shirt (image supplied)

What are your Gold Coast Favourites:
Favourite café: Quade and Co. the coffee there is fantastic! If you haven’t been, it’s worth a visit!
Favourite restaurant: Temple of Spices in Mermaid Beach for sure.
Favourite bar: This is an ongoing debate between Adrian and I. He is a Mars bar fan but I am adamant that Snickers bars are the way to go haha.
Favourite beach: Currumbin Alley!

How do you choose to spend your days off?
What are they? haha. We generally keep pretty busy. I try to exercise a few times a week which helps me unwind and has many other benefits as well. In my downtime I will catch up with family and friends or get a coffee and read a book down at the beach.

Shop at the best Friday, Saturday & Sunday Gold Coast markets

The Village Markets, Burleigh (image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)
The Village Markets, Burleigh (image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)

Ah markets, how we love thee. Temporarily transforming all our very favourite sun-soaked haunts into stall-laden shopping meccas so that we can get amongst the good vibes, gather fresh provisions and snap up meticulously crafted unique creations from talented local makers.

And for our troubles? Top it all of by refuelling with a hot coffee, fresh smoothie, or the obligatory extra-large serve of Poffertjes.

There’s something (or many somethings…) for everyone and best of all, you’re supporting local – and isn’t that what it’s all about!

Here is a who’s who list of our fabulous local weekday, Saturday and Sunday markets here on our beloved Gold Coast.

The Village Markets (image supplied)
The Village Markets (image supplied)

The Village Markets
An award-winning platform for small creative businesses, The Village Markets host curated markets encouraging collaboration, creativity and good vibes. With clothing from the coolest designers, jewellery and accessories, homewares, rack sales and amazing food, these curated lifestyle markets are run like a well-oiled machine.

After 16 years TVM have announced the Gold Coast icon will no longer trade at Burleigh Heads State School but will be popping up with a series of events at Robina Town Centre as well as hosting Pop-up Rack Sales around the Gold Coast.
Where: Robina Town Centre, Robina
When: Check their instagram for the latest

Farmers Markets around the lake at HOTA, Home of the Arts (image supplied)
Farmers Markets around the lake at HOTA, Home of the Arts (image supplied)

HOTA Farmers & Artisan Markets
The stunning HOTA grounds offer an equally picturesque and conveniently central spot to convene and soak up some #sundayfunday good vibes and a whole lot of local goodies. Thanks to a little transformation into vibrant (literally and figuratively) cultural hub, the Bundall site is also home to a hotted up weekly market offering which has become one of the Gold Coast’s numero ono community events.

They’re passionate about local farmers, makers, bakers and growers, with in-season farm-fresh produce, delicious artisan foods, boutique fashion, handcrafted treasures and live music. Nestled against the backdrop of Evendale Lake and the surrounding parklands, the kids can take a dip while you sit back and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere (read: eat fresh pastries and sip hot coffee). Bliss!
Where: HOTA, 135 Bundall Road, Surfers Paradise
When: Every Sunday 6am – 11.30am

Farmers Markets
There are options aplenty when it comes to farmers markets around the Coast to source your fruit, veggies, locally made goods, plants and of course, brekky and caffeine. Supporting local farmers with both organic and conventional produce, you’ll get the feel-good factor as well as the taste-good factor! A ritual for many locals on weekends, it sure beats hitting the mainstream grocery retailers. Plus, the best thing is, you’re spoilt for choice with a number of different locations to hit up.
Where & When: Helensvale State High School – every Saturday from 6am – 11am at 243 Discovery Drive, Helensvale; Marina Mirage Farmers Markets – every Saturday from 6.30am – 12pm at Marina Mirage, 74 Seaworld Dr, Main Beach; Palm Beach Currumbin High School – every Saturday morning from 6am – 11.30am at PBC, Thrower Drive, Palm Beach; Burleigh Farmers Markets – every Saturday morning from 7am – 12 noon at Burleigh Heads State School, Cnr West Burleigh Rd &, Lower Gold Coast Hwy, Burleigh Heads.

Carrara Markets (image supplied)
Carrara Markets (image supplied)

Carrara Markets
Still the biggest market in Oz, Carrara Markets house over 300 stalls. Discount shopping at its best, there is literally nothing you can’t find from fresh produce, fashion, homewares, pots, plants, bric a brac, cars, souvenirs, arts and crafts and everything in between. Perfect for the family, there’s buskers, pony rides, a baby animal farm, bungy trampolines, mini golf, face painters, and even a new walk-in Butterfly House.
Where: Gooding Drive, Carrara
When: Every Saturday and Sunday, 7am – 3pm

Emerald Lakes Gourmet Food and Craft Markets
Feeling a bit fancy? Described as a complete alfresco gourmet shopping experience with an international ambiance, head to Emerald Lakes for some of our region’s best street food and fresh produce. It’s also one of the few markets available for a mid-week meander to replenish the larder with quality essentials – with Australian seafood, grain fed and hormone free meats, free range eggs and home-baked goodies all on offer. Plus stock up on gorgeous candles, melts and a myriad of unique crafts, all handmade with love and arguably, still *somewhat* essential.. bc vibes are important too.
Where: Emerald Lakes Complex, The Boulevard, Carrara
When: Every Thursday, 3pm – 7pm

Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets (image supplied)
Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets (image supplied)

Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets
No prizes for guessing where these markets are located. Mere footsteps from the sand, they’ve been an iconic Gold Coast shopping and cultural experience since the mid-90s. Featuring artisan and traditional Aussie goods, fresh produce, gourmet provisions, handmade wares and more, they showcase our best growers, makers, characters and creators. When you’re done, Surfers’ melting pot of restaurants and bars are a hop, skip and a jump over the road.
Where: The Esplanade, Surfers Paradise
When: Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday nights, 4pm – 9pm

Gold Coast Art & Craft Sunday Markets
Lining the beachfront at four beautiful GC locations (Broadbeach, Coolangatta, Burleigh Heads and now Paradise Point), these markets have been a local fave for over three decades. Whether you’re shopping for gifts, souvenirs, art, craft, the ingenious or the weird and the wonderful, it’s here. A-buzz with atmosphere, there are over 150 stalls showcasing original Australian-made products, fresh produce, yummy food and live entertainment.
Where & When: Kurrawa Park – The first and third Sunday of every month from 8am – 2pm at 155 Old Burleigh Road, Broadbeach; Queen Elizabeth Park – The second and fourth Sunday of every month from 8am – 2pm at 60 Marine Parade, Coolangatta; Justin Park – The last Sunday of every month from 8am – 2pm at Burleigh Heads; Esplanade North Park – The fourth Sunday of every month from 8am – 2pm at Paradise Point.

Gold Coast Arts & Craft Sunday Market (image supplied)
Gold Coast Arts & Craft Sunday Market (image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)

The Sanctuary Markets
On The Village Green at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, you’ll find these popular markets. A nod to the GC’s multi-culturalism with local and international foods plus cool arts and crafts, you’ll also be wowed by our best homegrown entertainers. The venue is fully licensed (translation: let’s wine), featuring craft beers exclusively from Burleigh Brewing Co, and vinos courtesy of Sirromet Wines.
Where: On The Village Green, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, 28 Tomewin Street, Currumbin
When: Every Friday, 4pm – 9pm

The Organic Gold Coast Farmers Market 
Every Sunday morning you can get your fill of organic, spray-free fruit, veggies, ready-made eats (we’re all about easy eats), organic cosmetics, organic clothing…basically, if it’s organic and it exists, it’s here! It’s the perfect place to spend a sunny Sunday morning and load up your basket with treats that will not only make you feel good, but help the planet too!
Where: Merrimac State High School, 3 Dunlop Ct, Mermaid Waters
When: Every Sunday, 6am – 11.30am

Hide & Seek Children's Market (image supplied)
Hide & Seek Children's Market (image supplied)

Hide & Seek Children’s Market
Those familiar with the Hide & Seek Children’s Market from its former Elanora and Robina locations will be thrilled to learn the concept lives on thanks to a new home in Upper Coomera – with the same signature blend of unique and skilfully hand-crafted creations, all designed with parents and mini-me’s in mind.

The curation of clever local creatives and artisans brings us cute clothing, accessories, toys, décor, furnishings and more. Bop along to all-day live music, grab some bites from local food trucks and wear the kids out with a range of activities. If you love on-trend goodies, rare finds and spoiling your little loves, you won’t be disappointed.
Where: The Well, 58 Highland Way, Upper Coomera
When: Third Saturday of every month from
8am – 12pm.

Miami Marketta
There’s only one thing better than a market and that’s a vibin’ night market. The Coast’s OG laneway dining experience hosts food vendors of all nationalities in the one space, take your entrée from Spain, your main from Thailand, and sweets from France. How multicultural of you! With farshon (fashion – but we just like saying FARSHON) and accessories from local designers, these markets have cool factor for days.
Where: 23 Hillcrest Parade, Miami
When: Every Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, 5pm – 10pm

Miami Marketta (image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)
Miami Marketta (image supplied by Destination Gold Coast)

Broadwater Pavilion Markets
A newer in-stall-ment to the GC’s market scene, Southport’s open air market by the sea is quickly establishing itself as a fave among Northern residents with stacks of fun for the whole family. There’s plenty of entertainment for the kiddos, with face painting, henna, hair braiding, character appearances all frequenting the lineup.

While those who have aged out of face-paint demographic (#tear) can hunt for some hand-crafted wares with all manner of scented, ceramic, and sewn goodies on rotation from local stallholders. Bonus for paw-rents: they’re pet friendly (on lead), so bring your pup along for a paw-some day out.
Where: Bathing Pavilion Lawn, Marine Parade, Southport
When: The third Saturday of every second month, 8am – 2pm

Jack Evans Boat Harbour Waterfront Markets
Another one of the newer kids on the proverbial market block, the picturesque Tweed promenade snaking by the Boat Harbour waterfront was just begging for local stallholders and their crafty creations to set up shop and complement our leisurely Saturday strolls.

A stunner of a spot for the Southern GC (four-legged friends invited also!) to congregate with live music, artisan food vendors, hand crafted treasures and boutique fashion stalls a plenty. After you’ve shopped up a storm, cool off with a spot of paddle boarding as the glistening water beckons.

And if that hasn’t worn out the kiddos, the fortuitously placed new foreshore playground should do the trick.
When: Jack Evans Boat Harbour Market: first Saturday of every month, 8am – 1pm. Night Market: second & fourth Friday of every month, 4pm – 8pm
Where: Wharf St, Tweed Heads

Words by Bianca Trathen and Kellie Leader

© 2024 All Rights Reserved.